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differentiate; differentiated; differentiates; differentiating; differentiation; differently; differents; differeth; differing; differs
  1. Could there not exist some kind of a real machine in the system, which, if once set going, would result in the differentiations that are to take place?

  2. The conscious and the personal unconscious contain as personal differentiations the "parties supérieures" of the mental function, therefore the part that has been acquired and developed ontogenetically.

  3. There are neurotics who have shown their increased sensitiveness and their resistance against adaptation in the very first weeks of life, in their difficulty in taking the mother's breast, and in their exaggerated nervous reactions, &c.

  4. Words divide; thus we call this a man, that an ape, that a monkey, while they are all only differentiations of the same thing.

  5. In the same way he accounts for nearly all the differentiations of the race, among the various tribes now or formerly inhabiting the earth.

  6. Such divisions would give us no quotients, any more than their differentiations would give us a coA"fficient.

  7. In the Viking age dialectal differentiations began to appear, especially in O.

  8. For it is clear that unless the forms of judgement severally involve the categories, it will not matter whether these forms are or are not the essential differentiations of judgement.

  9. Finally, he argues that each of these differentiations involves a special conception, and that therefore these conceptions taken together constitute an exhaustive list of the conceptions which belong to the understanding.

  10. Moreover, since this list furnishes Kant with the 'clue' to the categories, provided that it expresses the essential differentiations of judgement, the particular account of judgement upon which it is based is a matter of indifference.

  11. If we understood the nature of man and could thereby apprehend either that the possession of six toes was, or that it was not, involved in one of the possible differentiations of man, we could decide the question of possibility a priori, i.

  12. For animals--and especially the higher animals--appear to depend for their specific differentiations upon such barriers much more than in the case with plants.

  13. As to what differentiations of words should be insisted on [e.

  14. But "Darwinism produces its changes and differentiations out of nothing.

  15. Doubtless the presence of other chemical constituents is necessary to a living body, to produce the various differentiations of these elements of life.

  16. But who has given the impetus to the investigation as to whence these variations and differentiations proceed?

  17. But Darwin ascribed too wide a reach to his discovery in this that he made it an exclusive means of variation in species and neglected the causes of individual differentiations from the general form.

  18. Perhaps no example can be given which more vividly illustrates the multiplicity and heterogeneity of the products that in course of time may arise by successive differentiations from a common stock.

  19. Several of the differentiations due to the gradual cooling of the Earth have been already noticed--as the formation of a crust, the solidification of sublimed elements, the precipitation of water, etc.

  20. Each of these differentiated divisions presently begins itself to exhibit some contrast of parts; and by and by these secondary differentiations become as definite as the original one.

  21. The advance from the homogeneous to the heterogeneous is displayed not only in the separation of these arts from each other and from religion, but also in the multiplied differentiations which each of them afterwards undergoes.

  22. These differentiations increased in number and degree until there was the organised group of sun, planets, and satellites, which we now know--a group which represents numerous contrasts of structure and action among its members.

  23. There is depth in the background; it is not opaque like most backgrounds but vibrant with subtle differentiations of values.

  24. If these seeds were buds their differentiations would be grouped into a common plan.

  25. Germ cells thus differ from somatic cells in the fact that their differentiations are outside the geometrical order which governs the differentiation of the somatic cells.

  26. We see differentiations occurring in the course of chemical action, in some phenomena of vibration and so forth: but where do we see anything like the spontaneous division of the living cell?

  27. As the meristic system of distribution spreads through the body, chemical differentiations follow in its track, with segmentation and pattern as the visible result.

  28. There is however one class of somatic differentiations which are exceptionally interesting from the fact that they may show a complete independence of such geometrical control.

  29. Such a distribution is characteristic of bud-sports, and of certain other differentiations in both plants and animals, which I cannot on this occasion discuss.

  30. After these changes there takes place in the embryonic layers a series of differentiations leading to the establishment of the definite organs.

  31. Secondary and tertiary segmental tubules are formed in the Chick, on the dorsal side of the primary tubules, as direct differentiations of the mesoblast.

  32. The first important differentiations in it take place, as in the case of the epiblast, in the axial dorsal line.

  33. In some cases various tissues formed by differentiations of the primary layers have been called mesoblast.

  34. Very shortly after the formation of the mesoblastic plates as lateral differentiations of the lower layer cells, an axial differentiation of the hypoblast appears, which gives rise to the notochord very much in the same way as in Amphioxus.

  35. Various differentiations may arise in the epidermis forming protective or skeletal structures, terminal sense organs, or glands.

  36. From the diffused placenta covering the whole surface of the chorion, differentiations appear to have taken place in various directions.

  37. Nerves, such as we find them in the higher types, originated from special differentiations of the nervous network, radiating from the parts of the central nervous system.

  38. It is by a series of differentiations within this septum that the above commissures originate.

  39. Very probably these may all be differentiations within the group itself from a diffused placenta, such as that found in Manis.

  40. Of its special differentiations those of a protective or skeletal nature and those of a glandular nature may be considered in this place.

  41. Thus arise differentiations of structure, a transition from a uniform to a multiform state, a passage from homogeneity to heterogeneity, and this must go on cumulatively.

  42. The advance from the simple to the complex, through a process of successive differentiations (i.

  43. And these two causes of increasing differentiations are furthered by-- 11.

  44. Segregation, which is a process tending ever to separate unlike units, and to bring together like units, so serving continually to sharpen or make definite differentiations otherwise caused.

  45. The bhûtâdi thus represents only the intermediate stage through which the differentiations and regroupings of tamas reals in the mahat proceed for the generation of the tanmâtras.

  46. The buddhi and its sattva evolutes of aha.mkâra and the senses are so related that though they are different from buddhi in their functions, they are all comprehended in the buddhi, and mark only its gradual differentiations and modes.

  47. Each of these differentiated divisions presently begins itself to exhibit some contrast of parts: and by and by these secondary differentiations become as definite as the original one.

  48. In aboriginal societies such differentiations as exist are similarly imperfect.

  49. The free-swimming embryo of an aquatic annelid, being ovate and not ciliated all over, moves with one end foremost; and its differentiations proceed in conformity with this contrast of circumstances.

  50. One of the propositions supported by evidence was that in animals the process of development is carried on, not by differentiations only, but by subordinate integrations.

  51. Evidently, then, the current statement which ascribes the developmental progress to differentiations alone, is incomplete.

  52. Without enumerating the minor differentiations which these three great classes afterwards undergo, we will merely note that throughout, they follow the same general law with the differentiations of an individual organism.

  53. These differentiations increased in number and degree until there was evolved the organized group of sun, planets, and satellites, which we now know--a group which presents numerous contrasts of structure and action among its members.

  54. Well, we need not long contemplate the facts to see that some of the predominant social differentiations are brought about in an analogous way.

  55. In the early stages of vertebrate life, while the differentiations of dermal tissue went mostly to the production of hairs or feathers or scales, sundry special differentiations went to the production of ears and eyes.

  56. I suppose it is true that these differentiations were at first only semi-conscious, but nevertheless they were real differentiations and had large influence upon the development of man.

  57. As all know, his work marked an epoch in the study of embryology; for to mark the successive differentiations in the embryos of a thousand animals was to write a thousand life histories upon correct principles.

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