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Example sentences for "direst"

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direfull; direly; diremption; dirent; direr; dirge; dirges; dirham; dirhams; dirhem
  1. The direst destitution of the war had been nothing to this.

  2. This procession never takes place except in times of the direst necessity; and then, only in virtue of orders from the King, the Parliament, or the Archbishop of Paris.

  3. The Parliament of Burgundy, seeing the province in the direst necessity, wrote to the Intendant, who did not bestir himself the least in the world.

  4. This occasioned some clamour at Westminster, Grey, Fox, Sheridan and others claiming that the liberties of England were in the direst danger.

  5. British pluck and manliness were equal to the direst emergency that ever called them forth.

  6. Now it is proposed to give manhood the suffrage in all these Southern States, and to leave the poor slave woman bound under the ban of the direst curse of slavery to him who is the father of her children.

  7. But, in this hour of Great Britain's direst peril, he valiantly came forth.

  8. George told us that their flesh had saved many an Indian from starvation, and that the Indians looked upon them with a certain veneration and would kill them only in case of the direst need.

  9. This ration we had pledged ourselves to use only in case of the direst necessity, should we be compelled to make a forced retreat, and we felt we must not think of it at this time as food on hand.

  10. Even at that moment I was sensible of the ludicrousness of the situation; so extreme was it, that even at that moment of direst peril, I felt a half inclination for laughter!

  11. And I tell you, father, that were both bread and wine charged with direst poison before his holiness had consecrated them, yet after consecration I would take them both withouten fear.

  12. I have withstood this direst temptation of all long enow.

  13. She had a presentiment, she strove in vain to dissipate, that her beloved was in the direst peril.

  14. What was comedy to her was to him the direst tragedy; the enormity of his offense came home to him.

  15. Here he found his mother in the direst poverty, and with a heart still full of the deepest woe because of the death of her noble-minded husband.

  16. One evening she came as usual to see him, but instead of entering with smiling face and laughter in her eyes, she was weeping bitterly as though she were in the direst sorrow.

  17. Our casks of food and water were secured to the raft with double ropes, for we dared not run the risk of their being carried overboard, an accident that would at once have reduced us to the direst distress.

  18. After the manifold perils of the last seventy-two days' voyage all are too agitated to look forward without dismay to what in all human probability must be a time of the direst distress.

  19. She is enamoured of this accursed Christian dog who bringest the direst evil upon us.

  20. Already hath he brought the direst evil upon us," cried the Ruler of the Ennitra.

  21. And I was in direst straits for some ready cash.

  22. The march entailed endless suffering and extreme privations on the party, which was pushed to the direst extremities to preserve life.

  23. Unmoved must they remain by even the direst adversities, ungrieved by the worst of disasters.

  24. As for you, O ye lovers of God, make firm your steps in His Cause, with such resolve that ye shall not be shaken though the direst of calamities assail the world.

  25. So long as this aping of the past persisteth, just so long will the foundations of the social order be blown to the four winds, just so long will humanity be continually exposed to direst peril.

  26. It was impossible to obtain any definite information about Sharp, and it was with the direst forebodings that I started the following morning, as I knew that there was now no chance of intercepting him.

  27. As a friend in direst need the man would have been welcome.

  28. At the most--at a pinch--in case of direst need, and for a cause that all agreed on?

  29. With a single nod you will excite to the direst confusion what, with patient effort, we have so long kept in abeyance.

  30. For whose sake did he expose himself to the direst perils?

  31. When John grew prosperous and wealthy he sent home a considerable sum to Guy Waldron's sisters, the increase of the £300 which had come to him so opportunely when he was in his direst need.

  32. Man is a working animal--civilization notwithstanding; and an undecided mental condition, combined with bodily inaction, has ever produced the direst forms of misery to which our kind is subjected here below.

  33. She calls anew on the powers of hell, and threatens to pronounce the dreadful name, which cannot be articulated without consequences never to be thought of, nor without the direst necessity to be ventured upon.

  34. Dawn was at hand--the dawn of the direst day that ever Rome beheld.

  35. Of all my partisans, Saint-Vallier is the last who ought to be punished, for he endeavoured to dissuade me from my design, and yet it is on his devoted head that the tyrant seems bent on wreaking his direst vengeance.

  36. In the midst of the direst plots of his villany or the most energetic pursuit of his art, the poorest excitement, the veriest bauble would draw him aside.

  37. The direst of curses on thee for thousands of years!

  38. Gainst my will Thy gentle voice constrains me; it demands, And shall receive, a tale of direst woe.

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