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Example sentences for "discomforts"

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discomfiture; discomfort; discomfortable; discomforted; discomforting; discommend; discommodities; discompose; discomposed; discomposing
  1. As I travelled in the "dry season," I did not encounter many of the discomforts that beset the African wayfarer in periods of rain and tempest.

  2. The reader will readily imagine the discomforts to which I was subjected on this voyage.

  3. Above all, it must not be forgotten that lack of exercise in the open air has a very definite tendency to make people extremely sensitive to discomforts of all kinds, mental as well as physical.

  4. The principal trouble in securing such occupation of mind as will prevent exaggerated neurotic reactions to even slight discomforts in women is the creation for them of definite interests in life.

  5. A visit to this mysterious river, with its deep, dark waters and picturesque views, will repay the traveller for the discomforts of a long and expensive journey.

  6. Ogden and Bond, with their interesting conversation soon made me forget the discomforts of the last three days spent in the muddy flats among the lowland negroes.

  7. Such inconveniences had been robbed of their discomforts by the kind voices of welcome which, with few exceptions, came from every southern gentleman whose territory had been invaded by the paper canoe.

  8. A dark wet day in which few pass by and such as pass are absorbed in their own discomforts beneath their umbrellas, offers a curiously entire aloofness of seclusion.

  9. Restless excitement and spasmodic heats and discomforts prompted and ruled it.

  10. What man would not have endured such discomforts a thousand times for such a look?

  11. If we had borne great discomforts on the night before, we were suffering now.

  12. For now we were obliged to exchange the comparative comforts of a third class passenger train for the certain discomforts of a fourth class one.

  13. In a word, it was merely a caprice the domination of which depends upon ourselves, and is subject to the discomforts and regrets attendant upon repletion or indulgence.

  14. All that I shall say in its favor is, that it gives us an advantage with which any of the discomforts of life can not enter into comparison.

  15. At Paris he would have been miserable without Mr. Browning's help, in his ignorance of the language, and impatience of the discomforts which this created for him.

  16. Years ago a passing visitor to Maracaibo, mistaking the discomforts of the humidity and heat for general dissolution, pronounced the place “the graveyard of Europeans.

  17. To reach Del Norte Miss Anthony rode sixty-five miles by stage over a vast, arid tract evidently once the bed of an inland sea, but the terrible discomforts of the journey were almost overlooked in the enjoyment of the magnificent scenery.

  18. The physical discomforts could have been borne without a murmur, but it was the treachery of friends, both East and West, which brought the discouragement and heart-sickness.

  19. The people of the station were very attentive and good; but the relief party from Cooktown was hailed with thankfulness, for there were of course many discomforts and unpleasantnesses.

  20. All the discomforts and horrors put together were nothing to my suspense about your fates till then.

  21. If the preliminary discomforts from customs-officers put travellers into an ill mood at once against Spain, the inns confirmed them in it.

  22. In short, the perils and discomforts of travel made a mild prelude to the real life into which a young man must presently fight his way.

  23. We had only had the one brush with Fritzie, and the discomforts of the trenches began to get on our nerves; we would much rather have been mixed up in the real fighting.

  24. It was little things like this that won the hearts of "his boys," as he always called us, and so far from spoiling discipline it made us put up with any discomforts for the sake of pleasing him.

  25. Our next night journey was less fortunate than our first, though it should be remembered that our discomforts were partly due to our persistency in travelling second-class.

  26. The discomforts of railway travelling do not diminish.

  27. Blazing heat and a plague of flies add to the discomforts of our men, but a new glory has been added to the ever growing vocabulary of the war in "Anzac.

  28. Amid the ups and downs of their wanderings, the discomforts of shipboard and of stations in the colonies, bad servants, and unwonted sicknesses, the Captain's tenderness never failed.

  29. All minor discomforts were forgotten, however, in the glorious feed provided for us by the cook.

  30. These nights were a grand counterpoise to the petty discomforts and miseries of the day, when the discontent of their lot made the men of my watch so humpy and disagreeable that I could hardly keep out of hot water with them.

  31. We had experienced so many discomforts in our previous journeys by coach that we resolved here to have no more of it.

  32. With all the discomforts of travelling the people of Africa are great travellers, two or three hundred miles by coach or cart being considered no great journey.

  33. Ladies are quite a rarity on the fields, few of the married diggers of merchants caring to subject their wives to the discomforts of the life and the unreliable domestic help.

  34. The ladies had stood around the camp all morning, had followed the Troop into the city and to the wharf, where they had shared all the discomforts of the situation.

  35. Nothing but good-natured chaffing over the discomforts was heard however.

  36. The flag was pitched squarely upon the top of the mountain, so that it rained there continually, but the discomforts were swallowed up in a sense of the responsibility felt by all on duty there.

  37. Not one word, however, regarding the discomforts of the City Troop on the trip to Puerto Rico was written.

  38. Such a voyage can now be made with comparative ease, but in her days it was fraught with discomforts and dangers of all kinds, and one that no woman thought to venture on unless obliged to do so by stern necessity.

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