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domanial; domat; dombe; dome; domed; domestic; domestica; domesticall; domestically; domesticate
  1. Within there was a high and large hall, ornamented with Eastern decorations, which harmonized with the domes and minarets of the exterior.

  2. It was founded in ten hundred and seventy-three, and has seven golden domes with golden spires, and chains connecting them.

  3. A group of picturesque domes marks the resting-place of some of the Seyyid and Lodi kings who in turn ruled or misruled the shrunken dominions which still owned allegiance to Delhi.

  4. Still the same lofty domes and minarets towered above the verdurous walls, where Constantine had died, and the Turk had entered the city.

  5. What this day and age of the world needs, is a phrenologist who will paw around among the intellectual domes of free-born American citizens, and search out a few men who can milk a cow in a cool and unimpassioned tone of voice.

  6. Where prosperous cities now flaunt to the sky their proud domes and floating debts, the rank jimson weed nodded in the wind and the pumpkin pie of to-day still slumbered in the bosom of the future.

  7. It was all bare,--a blank stretch of desert land, with no city in the distance; no purple domes or airy minarets on the horizon.

  8. Round the silver domes of Lucknow, Moslem mosque and Pagan shrine, Breathed the air to Britons dearest, The air of Auld Lang Syne.

  9. He preferred the mountain ridges and domes in the Yosemite regions on account of the wealth and beauty of the forests.

  10. Neither can they see how water may possibly have been the agent, for they find the same strange polish upon ridges and domes thousands of feet above the reach of any conceivable flood.

  11. The erosive energy of the latter was diffused over a wide field of sunken, boulder-like domes and ridges.

  12. The last mile of its course lies between the sides of sunken domes and swelling folds of the granite that are clustered and pressed together like a mass of bossy cumulus clouds.

  13. Then, crushing heavily against the Clouds' Rest Ridge, it bore down upon the Yosemite domes with concentrated energy.

  14. Its domes and peaks, and swelling rock-waves, however majestic in themselves, and yet submissively subordinate to the garden center.

  15. It was in the Indian summer, when the leaf colors were ripe and the great cliffs and domes were transfigured in the hazy golden air.

  16. Those porticos hanging in mid-air, those domes and pillars, dreamlike, stand before me more like a hundred fabled castles than aught real to sight or touch.

  17. Mr. World and Miss Church-Member thence walked alone and soon beheld the great Missionary College whose higher domes kissed the lower clouds of heaven.

  18. Straight ahead was the ancient city of Damascus, a straggling surface of white roofs pierced by the domes and minarets of many mosques, all in a gray whiteness, as if powdered with the dust of its four thousand years of history.

  19. After a last look, through the port-hole, at Seraglio Point and the domes of Stamboul, I passed below, hoping and expecting that when I next looked to the open air we should be clear of Turkey.

  20. They used round arches and domes more than the pointed arches and vaulted roofs of the Gothic builders.

  21. All later builders of domes and arches are their pupils.

  22. Low in the dust thy boasted beauty lies; Loud through thy princely domes the bittern cries, And the night wind in mournful cadence sighs.

  23. From boist’rous seas, The lap of ease Receives our wounded, and our old; High domes ascend!

  24. Her lofty brow more numerous turrets crown, And sacred domes on palaces look down: A noble pride of piety is shown, And temples cast a lustre on the throne.

  25. Our phase corresponds to the cosmography that was still a little divided between discs and domes and spheres and cosmic eggs; that was still a thousand years from measuring and weighing a planet.

  26. During the Romanesque era, these half domes were almost always of stone laid in horizontal courses, supported by substantial walls of semicircular or polygonal plan.

  27. The vault would stand equally well were the ribs removed and is, in structural character, very similar to the celled domes of the Villa Adriana at Tivoli and of S.

  28. Since the domes of Perigord are much heavier than the Byzantine domes and exert much more outward thrust it was essential for them to have very firm supports.

  29. Here the three western bays of the nave are covered with ordinary domes but with diagonal ribs beneath them, while the two remaining bays have regular domed up Anjou vaults.

  30. LOBED DOMES Similar domes to that just described at Avignon are quite common in Spain, where for that matter the lantern itself had a very remarkable development.

  31. Except over the crossing, where there is a high circular drum forming a lantern, the domes are not pierced with windows around their base.

  32. This is, however, a most interesting church for the domes are very segmental in section, are supported upon squinches and have transverse arches through their centers.

  33. They are covered with domes raised on a drum supported upon spherical pendentives.

  34. The explanation of all these differences lies in the material employed, for the domes of Perigord are of stone, those of Byzantine architecture are of brick or some other light material.

  35. If I remember rightly Rice Harris's glass works had one of those large old-fashioned brick domes that I fancy are not constructed nowadays.

  36. Well, I can hardly say I wonder, because I think I have been told that the way the soot is cleaned from these well-smoked domes is by firing shot at the roof, which brings down the dirt.

  37. Crowds of wild fugitives, with frantic tread, Flit thro the flames that pierce the midnight shade, Back on the burning domes revert their eyes, Where some lost friend, some perisht infant lies.

  38. As there were no houses in sight at my first glimpse I did not think it very different from any other country, but as soon as we sighted a town, and the domes and minarets of the mosques came into view, the scene was changed.

  39. There were two or three with lofty domes and minarets, quite like the mosques of Cairo.

  40. The building was a low one, of stone, with a roof in which two or three domes were set like enormous kettles inverted.

  41. There is a wonderful contrast between the flat roofs and domes and minarets of the city, and the rich green of the open country beyond.

  42. The prettiest artificial features of the landscape are the walls and domes and minarets of Cairo, and the most salient natural features are the sharp contrast of valley and desert.

  43. This is the Mount of Olives; nearer to us, and at its feet lies a city with grey walls and with domes and minarets rising above them.

  44. The dome is of wood, and, like many other domes in Cairo, is not kept in good repair.

  45. Before me lay the land of the Arabian nights--the valley of the Euphrates and of the Tigris; beyond the horizon my imagination pictured the battlemented walls of Bagdad, her white domes and arrowy minarets shining among the waving palms.

  46. We watched the sun go down, and when his rays had ceased to gild the domes and minarets of Stamboul we were ready to descend.

  47. There are half domes opening into the central one, and there are numerous pillars of marble and granite, sustaining arches at the sides and ends of the building.

  48. I had heard, and seen them, in my own country, under the domes of grand cathedrals, and in the quiet retreat of the country house, where the good wife herself had improvised the altar.

  49. Moresque-looking houses, and gayly curtained balconies, thy church-domes which carry us back in architecture a thousand years, and thy harbor thronged with shipping.

  50. Still further up and beyond, rises the mass of the Cathedral, towers, domes and pinnacles.

  51. The moment when its sombre turreted walls, minarets, and domes break, for the first time, upon the eye is one never to be forgotten.

  52. But the eye is arrested and detained by a marble platform from the centre of which rises one of the most exquisite domes in the world.

  53. Near it, to the right, is the Latin Convent and the two domes of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

  54. The cascades explain themselves readily enough, but the domes require a word of interpretation.

  55. The domes of the Winthrop Glacier measure 50 to 60 feet in height.

  56. In several places the neve rises in domes as if forced up from beneath, but caused in reality by bosses of rock over which the glacier flows.

  57. These domes are broken by radiating crevasses which intersect in their central portions, leaving pillars and castle-like masses of snow with vertical sides.

  58. I stood calling on my goddess to point a way to the other shore, on which stood templed cities with domes and towers rising high into the pearly sheen of a glorious light.

  59. During my late prowling at night about the domes and turrets of Toledo, I discovered a college of antiquarian owls, who hold their meetings in a great vaulted tower where the royal treasury is deposited.

  60. Behold those venerable domes and towers, hoary with time and clothed with legendary grandeur in which so many of my ancestors have meditated.

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