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Example sentences for "dustman"

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  1. What Jo told the old woman was translated to the dustman, and when Jan came up they were introduced each to the other, the dustman with his broom bowing to the ground like some old-time court usher.

  2. An old woman's face, peering round the doorway, discovered her sitting on the doorstep, a Greek dustman gazing stupidly at her.

  3. As they turned away, the lady elevated the hem of her rather short garments a shade too high (as the delicate dustman imagined) above her ancle.

  4. In the Fifth you should go away for good the moment that the dustman makes his exit.

  5. Fire drives out fire: a third report swore positively that Clark and the Dustman were in Portsmouth, in hiding, and would run the cordon in the small hours of the morning.

  6. It represented a brute of a dustman belabouring his horse's head with the butt-end of his whip.

  7. But when the parish dustman came, His rubbish to withdraw, He found more dust within the heap Than he contracted for!

  8. And this third and last will, the one that was the true will, The Golden Dustman had long ago found himself, buried in a bottle in one of the dust heaps.

  9. The Golden Dustman declared that, no matter how the last will read, John should have the fortune for his own.

  10. Finally The Golden Dustman sold the mounds and had them carted away little by little, Wegg watching every shovelful for fear he would miss something.

  11. The Golden Dustman at first thought Mr. Venus had some underhanded plan, so he pretended he was terribly frightened for fear of Wegg and the will he had found.

  12. The Golden Dustman began the new plan that very night.

  13. That figure of the dustman has hardly been flung from heaven: that "ultimate purport" is a subject which the Immortal would hardly handle.

  14. How can I be like a dustman that rings for a Christmas-box at your hall-door?

  15. Bring out your dust, the dustman cries, Whilst ringing of his bell: If the wind blows, pray guard your eyes, To keep them clear and well.

  16. His noisy bell the dustman rings, Her dust the housemaid gladly brings: Ringing he goes from door to door, Until his cart will hold no more.

  17. Market Chorus" in the opera of Masaniello; and if the public quiet is to be protected, our sapient Town Councillors would abolish one and all of these, dustman included.

  18. Bocking, less fortunate than its neighbour, has no dustman apparently, and is left with the tin on its hands.

  19. A dustman perambulates the road on the Braintree side, and canned food becomes possible and convenient therefore.

  20. It would take years to work the thing and get down to the footing of one water supply and an ambidextrous dustman on the lines of perfect justice and satisfactoriness all round.

  21. At the back of the cart stood a fir tree, quite green still, and with tinsel on its twigs; it had been used on Christmas eve, and now it was thrown out into the street, and the dustman had stood it up at the back of his cart.

  22. The dustman was there with his cart, which was full, and looked like a sample of streets on moving-day.

  23. Well, nothing would suit, but the dustman must have a go, and pitch into the cadger.

  24. Then the Dustman very gently Takes each little dimpled hand Leads them through the sweet green shadows, Far away in slumberland.

  25. Before the dustman comes to me As in my bed I lie, All sorts of curious things I see Up in my nursery high.

  26. The wind against the window blows; The dustman comes along the street; The lamps are lit, the darkness grows; The dreams come in with noiseless feet.

  27. The Dustman and the Barge-owner They loaded barges four, And when they got to Whitstable They anchored near the shore; The Barge-owner said nothing but "Why should we voyage more?

  28. As I eyed the pile of clothes, I could see the gleam of gold and silk embroidery on it, and judged that some of these workmen had tastes akin to those of the Golden Dustman of Hammersmith.

  29. And in effect the Golden Dustman hailed us from the hall-door; so we all got up and went into the porch, before which, with a strong grey horse in the shafts, stood a carriage ready for us which I could not help noticing.

  30. There the costermonger shews the paces of his donkey, and the dustman forces his broken-kneed jade into a trot, while the knacker looks on with eye intent, selecting out such as he feels confident will have to be carried home.

  31. And, lastly, we have the dustman in love.

  32. Bring out your dust the dustman cries, Whilst ringing of his bell: If the wind blows, pray guard your eyes, To keep them clear and well.

  33. The Dustman is coming Off to bed the pets must flock.

  34. The dustman home is going soon, For there you see the rising moon.

  35. I find that the London dustman earns more than an assistant master under the Salford School Board, and, besides his wages, he picks up many trifles.

  36. Decidedly the dustman has the best of the bargain all round, for, to say the least, he does not need to labour very much harder than the professional man.

  37. It is not good to know that a dustman makes more money than hundreds of hard-worked and well-educated men, for this is a grotesque state of things brought about by imbecile Government officials.

  38. The busy Dustman hurries through the sky The kind old Dustman's coming to your eye!

  39. And when I come out she shall have some more,' answered the Dustman in a soft, thick voice; 'as much as ever she can use.

  40. The Dustman gave it to you when you were not looking, gathered from the entire Zodiac.

  41. But it may have been the old Dustman himself who sang it.

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