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  1. Yet if men find it too difficult to be both wage earners and housekeepers, it is surely too hard for girls.

  2. While the need for providing for dependents is thus felt, most wage earners realize that they cannot during their own lifetime lay aside enough money to provide for their children.

  3. Bureau of Labor, Report on Condition of Woman and Child Wage Earners in the United States, vol.

  4. This agrees with what we are told by contemporaries of the scarcity of wage-earners (see below, pp.

  5. But was there much of the economic helplessness, more terrible than physical distress itself, which is the normal lot of most of the propertyless wage-earners of the modern world?

  6. The wage-earners do this to some extent, but not successfully; wages do not keep pace with prices.

  7. In fact, by means of its bank the community had everyone's income in hand sooner than the earners themselves; and it was merely necessary to debit the earners with the amount and the tax was paid.

  8. The right measure of these qualities makes for charm and genuine fraternity; the excess of these qualities produces an enormous amount of human waste among the wage earners and the aristocrats impartially.

  9. Studies of American wages indicate that only a little over ten per cent of American wage earners receive enough to maintain an average family in full social efficiency.

  10. Several studies of standards of living among American workingmen within the past ten years have shown that a large proportion of American wage earners fall below a minimum efficiency standard.

  11. Whole categories of wage-earners are abruptly thrown into extreme misery by the constant introduction of new mechanisms and by the abrupt movements and transformations of industry.

  12. While the general level of wage-earners has been maintained, and while wealth has greatly increased, the poverty of the kingdom has shown little tendency to diminish.

  13. Democratic administration of the public services, national and communal; organizations of workers to take part in their administration and control; all wage-earners in all public services to have the right of forming trade-unions.

  14. Now, wage-earners are the mass of consumers.

  15. With both of them the privilege of leisure depends on the presence of servants, but the wage-earners do their own work.

  16. White wage-earners and white employers in the South speak of the negroes' efforts to get higher wages in the same words and tones as employers in the North speak of white wage-earners who have organized unions and demanded more pay.

  17. It drives out the wage-earners from the less skilled occupations, then from the more skilled, then the small manufacturers, contractors, and merchants.

  18. The wage-earners have not been so fortunate in their protestations of disinterestedness.

  19. That we have a tremendous, ever swelling crowd of wage-earners which it is our business to house decently.

  20. New York's wage-earners have no other place to live, more is the pity.

  21. XVII THE WOMEN'S NEED If, while the common was still open, very few even of the men of the village troubled about regular employment, we may well believe that there were still fewer regular wage-earners amongst the women.

  22. Owing to these same circumstances, the wage-earners of that day enjoyed what their descendants would consider a most blissful freedom from anxiety.

  23. By becoming wage-earners solely, the villagers have fallen into the disfavour of an influential section of the middle-classes, most of whom have no other desire than to keep them in a sufficient state of servility to be useful.

  24. The census of 1890 shows two hundred and twenty-four occupations followed by the wage-earners of the United States.

  25. Happily, it appears from an investigation of the conditions affecting girls as wage-earners that the knowledge which helps them to be good home-makers is necessary to their well-being in paid employment.

  26. It was one of the glories of Belgium before the war that many of her wage-earners lived in the country and grew a good part of their own food.

  27. It was believed by some that, whatever the causes of advancing social income might be, the wage system would rob the wage-earners of all share in progress.

  28. Something like this happens in the case of many protected industries; every consumer of the article pays a penny more, a few wage-earners gain, and a few enterprisers wax wealthy.

  29. Can wage-earners be shut out from all advantages in the land of the country?

  30. Here again the evil is greatest in the lowest grades of work, while the great majority of wage-earners are left a large measure of choice in the time and manner of their work.

  31. At such times the wage-earners look upon him as their evil genius, and usually blame him for lowering their wages, not the public for refusing to buy the product at the former high prices.

  32. The wage-earners in these fields of employment constitute nearly 60 per cent of the total number of persons engaged in gainful occupations and include 95 per cent of the skilled workmen in the city.

  33. About three-fourths of the total number of wage earners in the city engaged in the manufacture of metal products are found in these three industries.

  34. It is from this body of pupils that most of the wage-earners are recruited.

  35. No special provision is made for apprentices as distinct from journeymen, and the trade classes are attended by a considerable number of wage-earners employed in occupations unrelated to industrial work.

  36. Wage earners in printing establishments lose less time through irregularity of employment than do those in most other factory industries.

  37. In 1908, when the Bureau of Labour made its enquiry into the conditions of women wage-earners in the U.

  38. But for women wage-earners the industrial revolution does mean a certain advance in status.

  39. There must also have been a class of single women wage-earners who were probably even more easy to exploit in old times than they are now, the opportunities for domestic service being much more limited and worse paid.

  40. Still the mention of women as separate and individual earners that occurs often in eighteenth-century works on the subject must indicate that they were attaining a greater measure of individual recognition and self-determination than formerly.

  41. The employment of women as wage-earners in such work is, however, comparatively recent.

  42. In that year the tailoresses of New York formed a Union and went on strike, and from that time to the present women wage-earners have constantly formed Unions and agitated for better pay and conditions of work.

  43. The supposed apathy and lack of public spirit in women has been largely due to the lack of any visible organic connection between their industrial life as earners and their domestic life as spenders and home-makers.

  44. The fact that so many German women continue work after marriage is said to be one cause of the increasing interest taken in Unions, their position as wage-earners being not merely a temporary one, to be abandoned in a few years' time.

  45. Report on Women and Child Wage-Earners in the U.

  46. The "marginal" one thousand wage earners refuse to work for four dollars a day because they can get better compensation in some other occupation.

  47. Like all other wage earners he has a right to a sufficient share of the product to afford him a decent livelihood.

  48. The great majority of the wage earners in all lands possess no capital, and obtain no interest.

  49. Summary of the Report on Condition of Woman and Child Wage Earners in the United States," pp.

  50. The fundamental reason why the rent is so high is to be found in the economic weakness of the great mass of the tenants, who can neither emigrate to another country nor get a better living as wage earners in their own.

  51. As we saw a few pages back, the wage earners are morally free to take this course at the expense of interest.

  52. Ultimately the workers must become not merely wage earners but capitalists.

  53. I have no space to tell of the impulse he gave to art, or to educating wage-earners through Ruskin colleges and in other ways.

  54. The explanation is the poor stamina of the Warrington children, which was due most of all to the circumstance that the married women were at once wage-earners and prolific breeders.

  55. Mrs. Boyer spoke for the millions of women wage-earners and declared that the present form of government was a sex-aristocracy.

  56. Think of the number of women wage-earners in this country who are without political representation, there being no men in the family, and at present laws all made without a woman's point of view!

  57. Mrs. Robins, as always, made an unanswerable argument for giving women wage earners the protection of the ballot.

  58. Talented speakers from the ranks of wage-earners have thrilled audiences with their impetuous oratory but there has been no general rally of working women to secure the ballot for themselves.

  59. Wright in Government bulletins, that one of the leading reasons for the preference of women wage-earners to men is that they can be secured more cheaply.

  60. For comparison with the occupational groups of women wage earners in New York City in the population at large, the latest statistics available are those of the United States Census of 1900.

  61. XV of Report on Conditions of Women and Child Wage-Earners in the United States.

  62. This proportion among the wage-earners of Massachusetts is remarkably high, one working man in every four being the proprietor of the house in which he lives.

  63. Many full-time wage earners were in constant danger of destitution.

  64. The wage earners were well above the subsistence level as long as trade was good.

  65. In conformity with American ideals, wage earners look to their own movements and not to the state for protection.

  66. Long and weary experience has proved that wage earners under factory methods and machine conditions are not interested in maintaining standards of work.

  67. Stanley Hall makes the suggestion that books on the leading trades should be written to stimulate the interest and intelligence of the young who are engaged in industry or preparing to become the wage earners of the trades.

  68. In no other 10 years have farmers, businessmen, and wage earners made such great gains.

  69. The farmer can sell more food at good prices when the incomes of wage earners are high and when there is full employment.

  70. Both the male and the female wage-earners show a very large percentage employed in domestic and personal service, 40.

  71. The study of the wage-earners among the Negroes of New York City has disclosed conditions and led to conclusions in line with the foregoing inferences.

  72. But the numbers are increasing, for there is a constant struggle of Negro wage-earners to rise to these better-paid occupations.

  73. The material has been treated in two parts--that relating to wage-earners and to business undertakings.

  74. The industrial pull of Southern cities, then, is shown both by the increase in the average number of wage-earners and in the total value of manufactured products.

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