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Example sentences for "estimations"

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estimate; estimated; estimates; estimating; estimation; estimators; estime; estimer; estin; estions
  1. I have hitherto considered the temperature of the air all the year through, and the gross estimations of heat and cold which every one makes from his own sensation.

  2. Estimations of the greatest possible development of masses will be found in Chrenberg's great work 'Die Infusionsthierchen als volkommne Organismen', 1838, s.

  3. With all his pompous soberness, the worldly man is fundamentally frivolous; with all his maxims and cant estimations he is radically inane.

  4. Such confusions become most troublesome when other estimations are added to them.

  5. In the practice of criminal law such matters will rarely arise, but estimations of temperature are frequently required and their reliability must be established.

  6. Hitherto I have considered the temperature of the air all the year through, and the gross estimations of heat and cold which every one makes from his own sensations.

  7. From the potassium estimations the following were calculated: (a) 0.

  8. However, the child has already internalized the estimations and expectations of his parents, and this tends to shape his personality for rest of his life.

  9. Professor Smyth has collected several of the estimations thus adduced by Newton as "methods of approach" to circumscribe the length of the Sacred Cubit, and omitted others.

  10. Considerable attention has been paid to this question in the last few years, and recent reports tend to confirm the former estimations which had been overlooked and forgotten.

  11. Diabella found from his comparative estimations that differences of 10% hæmoglobin (Fleischl) correspond in general to differences of 4.

  12. For these questions especially, complete estimations with the aid of the ferrometer of A.

  13. These difficult iron estimations stand out very sharply from the results of other authors and could only be accepted after the most careful confirmation.

  14. And these estimations are necessary in order to prove indisputably the active emigration of the white blood corpuscles into the exudation, and to exclude their purely mechanical passage, per rhexin, from the blood-stream.

  15. Both of these estimations are larger than those made by the inclusive and exclusive boundary-strip method (Table 3), and smaller than those calculated by using adjusted length of range as the radius.

  16. This does not imply that estimations of home range are of little value; however, calculations of density, using home ranges as a basis, tend to amplify the variance inherent in the data.

  17. Table 3 shows estimations of the home ranges of males and females of each species of Peromyscus.

  18. Notwithstanding explanations already made, the naked enunciation of this as an ultimate truth, underlying all estimations of right and wrong, will in many, if not in most, cause astonishment.

  19. Various estimations of the PbO fixed in this way have given numbers varying from 2 to 2.

  20. The process may have a certain value in estimations of 'crude fibre,' but is dismissed from further consideration in relation to cellulose.

  21. In typhoid fever we have made many estimations at various stages of the disease.

  22. Hooker and Eyster succeeded in making estimations of the venous pressure.

  23. Head Injuries= It was claimed that in fracture of the skull or in concussion much could be gained by frequent estimations of the blood pressure.

  24. Now with the auscultatory method and the correct place to read the diastolic pressure the results of blood pressure estimations should begin to have some value for statistical data.

  25. Hemorrhage lowers also the pulse pressure, and it may be possible to prognosticate internal hemorrhage by frequent estimations of the systolic and diastolic pressures (Wiggers).

  26. In all infectious diseases there is no help offered by blood pressure estimations in diagnosis.

  27. In the next place Pasteur showed by careful analyses and estimations that, whenever fermentation occurred, growth and multiplication of yeast accompanied the phenomenon.

  28. Water which has been distilled till free from ammonia should alone be used in estimations and preparations of solutions, and the alkaline permanganate should lie boiled for a short time when made to expel ammonia.

  29. From these estimations are calculated the organic carbon and nitrogen.

  30. These estimations were made in the University Park, one-half mile from the town of Bloomington.

  31. Six years later[3] he made many estimations from June to November, the average of which is 29.

  32. These results agree with estimations made within the last ten or fifteen years.

  33. The average of Claesson's[6] estimations is 27.

  34. Admitting that the quantity of carbonic acid in the air is subject to variation, yet the results of Reiset's and Schultze's estimations go to prove that the variation is within narrow limits.

  35. The average of Schultze's[4] estimations is 29 2.

  36. If our estimations and hidden desires in actual fact rise in goodness, if we find better aims to satisfy our lives than the excitements of sexual satisfaction, then this department of morality will rise.

  37. Purdy, the centrifuge offers an important means of making quantitative estimations of a number of substances in the urine.

  38. Careful estimations based on the globosity of the earth will give the best signs after all.

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