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Example sentences for "evoking"

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evocations; evocative; evoke; evoked; evokes; evolute; evoluted; evolution; evolutional; evolutionary
  1. Berlioz, like Baudelaire, has the power of evoking the shudder.

  2. Again the problem is a rhythmical one, and again the composer demonstrates his exhaustless invention and his power of evoking a single mood, viewing all its lovely contours and letting it melt away like dream magic.

  3. St. Augustine,[171] always circumspect in his decisions, dare not pronounce whether magicians possess the power of evoking the spirits of saints by the might of their enchantments.

  4. Desire and faith have no part in evoking this miracle.

  5. We may admire, as we do many another fair nature in the past; but is there any possibility of evoking anything as warm as love to an unseen person, who can have had no knowledge of or love to us?

  6. His art was the expression, not of creative instinct evoking a new type of drama merely for its beauty and romance, but of a militant, sarcastic mind, imbued with the ironical literature of the sixteenth century.

  7. He knows from Calmon that the bird alone is capable of solving the problem of his own parentage, and also of evoking Pompea from her marble immobility.

  8. By evoking the image of the wide stretch of the shore of the sea, which, making us feel our nothingness as we stand and look out upon it, has the same effect, only more poignant.

  9. Hence, finding no lodgment in the ego, and having to exist somewhere, they seek a domicile in the sounds evoking them.

  10. A moment later she was evoking half-exultant chords from the piano.

  11. She saw that her honest goodwill and admiration were evoking their best manhood and giving them as much happiness as she would ever have the power to bestow, and she felt that her scheme of life was not a false one.

  12. But prices were small, and paid mainly in kind, and when once the place was transmogrified there was nothing further to be done, the latter items of his sign-board evoking no response.

  13. This time he succeeded in evoking an indifferent monosyllable.

  14. No nation is truly great without a common ideal, capable of evoking enthusiasm and calling out its energies.

  15. But of course an agitation so widespread, so much in earnest, so capable of evoking sacrifice, even to the verge of starvation and the risk of life, must have some reason in human nature.

  16. Again satire is not poetry, except when presenting ideas and evoking ecstasy.

  17. Gavazzi was the occasion, in June, 1853, of evoking this fact in a startling manner in Canada.

  18. The most cunning man could not have crept into her confidence more successfully, evoking memories of the best times of her youth and showing sympathy with them.

  19. The Emperor's manifesto was read, evoking enthusiasm, and then all moved about discussing it.

  20. Pierre had evoked the passionate affection of the Italian merely by evoking the best side of his nature and taking a pleasure in so doing.

  21. Together with the animal factor of sexual refusal, this social fear of evoking disgust seems to me the most fundamental element in modesty.

  22. The heightening of the attraction is, indeed, a logical outcome of the fear of evoking disgust.

  23. But many boys have a distinct pleasure not only in listening to imaginations, and riding like the beetle on the engine, but in evoking and realising some little vision and creation of their own brains.

  24. The aim is not to train mere memory or logical accuracy, but to strengthen that great faculty which we loosely call imagination, which is the power of evoking mental images, and of migrating from the present into the past or the future.

  25. The assembly crowded round it, and by means of magic rods and other devices, succeeded in evoking a minute figure of a steam-ship containing the adventurers.

  26. The first act may be regarded as somewhat bizarre in character; it consisted in evoking an evil spirit to animate the skeleton, and to answer certain questions.

  27. Consideration of the material in its function of evoking thought, giving it its cue, will serve to complete the picture of the contradiction and of the real facts.

  28. Of course, by extreme mediation symbols may become conditions of evoking thought.

  29. The chief motive for this abstinence appears to be a fear of evoking the ghost, although the natural unwillingness to revive past sorrows undoubtedly operates also to draw the veil of oblivion over the names of the dead.

  30. Imagination is the power of depicting, and fancy of evoking and combining.

  31. The cranky little man, with all his soured outlook, must still have had some power of evoking sympathy, some attractive element in his composition.

  32. So Mrs Bulteel read properly religious stories, of so touching a nature that an afternoon seldom passed without her being herself dissolved in tears, and evoking sympathetic sniffs and sobs from such as wished to stand in her good books.

  33. His colorless, drawling words enveloped Yevsey tightly, evoking a timorous desire to soothe the old man and please him.

  34. Inexhaustible, stimulated by the applause, he tinkled until late at night like a little bell, evoking kindly, cheerful laughter.

  35. The delicate web he had filched lay under his burning cheek and throbbing temples; its subtle perfume intoxicated him, evoking ecstatic glamour and vivid visions of Edna's face radiant with joy and beauty.

  36. But suddenly the string from which he has been evoking these broad harmonies snaps with a snarl.

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