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Example sentences for "excelling"

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excellente; excellentlie; excellently; excellenza; excelleth; excels; excelsa; excentric; excentrically; excentricity
  1. He suffered not any one either to retire from the body, nor any of the Greeks to fight in front, excelling the others, but vigorously to stalk around for defence, and to combat in close fight.

  2. He was a popular and spirited poet, excelling even his friend Bilderdyk in the lyrical character of his verses.

  3. But the more agreeably to the will of that same God he uses these helps to be ascribed to God, and full of a certain divine fervor, and excelling in zeal for virtue and piety, the more he scatters the seeds of a doctrine truly divine, i.

  4. Among the aristocracy of this city Izdubar makes himself distinguished, being “perfect in power, like a mountain ox, excelling the heroes in might.

  5. And thus in his best works he sustains his fame in a commendable manner; at one time excelling in design those who conquer him in colour; at another time surpassing in spirit of execution those who excel him in design.

  6. He only can see them even in visions who is blessed with a superior order of light--light in power and beauty far excelling the concentrated light known to us--a light like that which was sometimes vouchsafed to your Holy Prophets!

  7. In his younger days he had been a notable athlete, excelling in vaulting and jumping, and suddenly an idea occurred to him which he thought would result in mortification to Mr. Calvert and success to himself.

  8. To one, the kingly estate is but a gift blindly bestowed; to the other, 'tis the divine right of excelling merit.

  9. Let me then Invention strain On your excelling charms to feign-- Cold is Fiction?

  10. Not to prolong a theme I thoroughly hate, I have pursued this plan with all my strength; And having failed therein most signally, Cannot object to ruin utter and drear As all-excelling would have been the prize Had fortune favored me.

  11. Love had not dar'd that form to find, Ungifted with excelling grace!

  12. Skilled men, copying this harmony with strings and voice, have opened for themselves a way back to this place, as have others who with excelling genius have cultivated divine sciences in human life.

  13. Chefren, nearly the same size, and that of Mykerinos, not half the height of the other two, but excelling them in beauty of execution.

  14. The femur is Perissodactyle rather than Artiodactyle in the presence of a third trochanter.

  15. It is, however, said not to cross in a state of nature with the Gaur.

  16. But the Christian missionaries were to show a power of a different kind--a power of beneficence, excelling and destroying the power of malignity.

  17. It is curious, by the way, that costly books of this sort seem to succeed better with the French than with us, though we do not generally give that people credit for excelling us in the outlay of money.

  18. There he was scouted for a coward, but, in the following year, he fell at Platæa, excelling all the Spartans in deeds of valour.

  19. Her native race is unique, excelling nearly all others in originality, and full of interest to the ethnological student.

  20. At all events, Alexander, who was ambitious of excelling in every pursuit, must have profited greatly in the acquisition of knowledge by the lessons of the most eminently-endowed philosopher of his age.

  21. I could get out, after peering into everything till the excelling whiteness pained my sight.

  22. There were no seats, but a narrow walk ran round, and over this the foreign plants were grouped richly, and with excelling taste.

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