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excellencies; excellency; excellent; excellente; excellentlie; excellenza; excelleth; excelling; excels; excelsa
  1. Walgrave (physician to the Duke and Duchess) play excellently on the lute.

  2. They were all excellently clad and well disciplined, and were encamped on Blackheath with their tents: the King and Queen came to see them exercise, and the manner of their encampment, which was very neat and magnificent.

  3. A panegyric was now pronounced, describing the extraordinary piety and excellently employed life of this amiable young lady.

  4. It was a commodious mansion, standing in excellently laid-out grounds, with a large piece of ornamental water on which the prefect had been wont to paddle his pagoda-boat of an evening, feeding his swans.

  5. Then they, being all excellently well horsed, rode into the country keeping the highway; but so fast a pace and with such a resolution, that it was very hard to overtake them and would not have been easy to have stayed them.

  6. His farm is excellently improved and is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery.

  7. Although the land is all excellently adapted to wheat raising, he has found it more profitable to raise stock as well as wheat, and he has gained gratifying success along both lines.

  8. It lies in an excellently fertile plain, 6 m.

  9. The text is everywhere perfectly legible, and is excellently represented in photographs by the marquis Ranghiasci-Brancaleone, published with Breal's edition.

  10. The position for the new city was chosen at the bidding of a forest ascetic, and was excellently adapted for defence, but had no good water-supply.

  11. The Queen in truth excellently represented and incorporated in her proper person one whole set of those qualities in our national character, on which the power of her realm had been built up.

  12. For the improvement of this, their situation was most excellently adapted; and accordingly we find Thucydides, in the beginning of his history, considers the Greeks as a sett of pirates or privateers, plundering each other by sea.

  13. How excellently the editor has done his work can only be appreciated by one who has entered into his labours as closely as I have done.

  14. With bitter irony he assured Cromwell that the people were excellently disposed and full of abstinence.

  15. The vagueness of the expression will serve excellently as a definition of his condition; at the same time it plunged the child addressed into doubt.

  16. Aside from height and apparent muscularity, he very nearly realized the Byzantine ideal of Christ as seen in the cartoons excellently preserved in a mosque of Stamboul not far from the gate anciently San Romain now Top Kapoussi.

  17. It was a joy to see how excellently this was developing.

  18. Later, this book became a source of the purest and most natural pleasure for me, and I may well say that father excellently supported me in this.

  19. The strange marriage of Lord Stowell and the Marchioness of Sligo has been excellently described by Mr. Jeaffreson in his "Book of Lawyers.

  20. A few facts connected with this disastrous time will serve excellently to illustrate the effects of such reactions among the speculators in stocks.

  21. I and thou Will arrange it, o'er this household ruling excellently well.

  22. Such a measure was excellently calculated to preserve the fidelity of the Hellenic population and to prevent any renewal of disturbance.

  23. Disappointed in this quarter, the Persian prince directed his efforts to the concentration of a large army, and its rapid advance into a position where it would be excellently placed both for defence and attack.

  24. Dutch, excellently suiting the quiet taste of the middle class of the nation.

  25. Both are party papers pure and simple, and are excellently edited, so far as party politics are concerned, by clever, well educated, well read men.

  26. Earth, let not thy envious shade Dare itself to interpose; Cynthia's shining orb was made Heaven to clear when day did close: Bless us then with wished sight, Goddess excellently bright.

  27. HYMN TO DIANA Queen and Huntress, chaste and fair, Now the sun is laid to sleep, Seated in thy silver chair State in wonted manner keep: Hesperus entreats thy light, Goddess excellently bright.

  28. The illustrations are full, and excellently engraved.

  29. Then all the discussion upon Corneille and Gamier, which I imitated in Christine, is excellently appropriate.

  30. The copies are excellently designed and executed, and carefully graduated, and the books are printed on superior drawing paper.

  31. The work has been excellently done by Mr. G.

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