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Example sentences for "excellency"

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excelled; excellence; excellences; excellencie; excellencies; excellent; excellente; excellentlie; excellently; excellenza
  1. And then his Excellency bows, As much as to say that he allows.

  2. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

  3. Anson Burlingame, Chief of the Embassy; His Excellency Alexander H.

  4. I replied, that if I did not return in a year or two, that his excellency could do what he pleased with it.

  5. Arriving in New Orleans, we took lodgings, and our first business was to wait on his excellency Governor Miro.

  6. Sviazhsky comically imitated the tearful discourse of the marshal, and observed, addressing Nevyedovsky, that his excellency would have to select another more complicated method of auditing the accounts than tears.

  7. General Montcalm has sent a company of men to set your Excellency right in one direction, and I am come to set you right in the other.

  8. His Excellency has many times asked Madame Jamond to dance before him,' I replied.

  9. When Monsieur Doltaire reached us, he said, his eyes resting on me with intense scrutiny, 'His Excellency will present me to his distinguished entertainer?

  10. Will not your Excellency leave an unhappy lady to her trouble and the Church's care?

  11. Your Excellency should be a better judge of trickery," she replied quietly.

  12. If the Governor would grant me leave, I would not only wear, but use one, your excellency knows well where," said I.

  13. Compassion such as your Excellency feels for me, no doubt," she said, with a slow pride.

  14. Your Excellency believes in no woman," responded the Chevalier stiffly.

  15. Doltaire's reply was smooth: "Your Excellency will pardon the liberty.

  16. If M'sieu' the General will play with me, we two will what we can do with you and his Excellency the Intendant.

  17. After much thought, he must disobey the Governor's summons, and he prayed that his Excellency would grant his consideration thereupon.

  18. There remaineth one part of judgment of great excellency which to mine understanding is so slightly touched, as I may report that also deficient; which is the application of the differing kinds of proofs to the differing kinds of subjects.

  19. The valet soon returned, and, holding up the portiere so as to admit Eugene, he said, "His excellency will receive the envoy of her royal highness the Duchess of Orleans.

  20. His excellency regrets that he cannot receive your highness's visit to-day.

  21. Your excellency is resolved to burn down the cathedral?

  22. I told your excellency that you could not trust them," replied the companion on whose arm he was leaning.

  23. His excellency begged to decline the visit of his highness the Prince of Savoy.

  24. I am superstitiouns--very; particularly as regards dreams, and I left the hospital where I was engaged in nursing the sick, on purpose to protect your excellency from secret foes.

  25. We merely advanced our seats, to hear what his excellency had to say," remarked the envoy from Bremen.

  26. Your excellency has, then, changed your mode of warfare since your soldiery devastated the towns of Hungary," said Eugene.

  27. Count Spaur has risen, and will be happy to receive his excellency Count von Crenneville," said he.

  28. Open your door before you go, and admit his excellency into the house," cried the footman, imperiously.

  29. It is more than an hour, sire, since His Excellency quitted the palace.

  30. My lord," answered the spiteful Coquerico, "Your Excellency has more than once amused himself by playing tricks at my expense.

  31. They have just been paying their respects to no less a personage than his Excellency the Governor of Santiago, in the long reception-room of whose palace, and in whose august presence they have dared to dance!

  32. The curtain may not rise till his excellency has taken his seat; the actors may not respond to a call or an encore if the president is not agreeable, and does not flutter the big play-bill before him, in token of his acquiescence.

  33. He fills his foolscap with correspondence, which he addresses to the highest authorities; the favoured recipients being His Excellency the Governor, the alcalde mayor, and members of the town council.

  34. This fortunate circumstance, aided by the laudable efforts of my consul, who works wonders with his excellency the governor, enables us to be set at liberty without further delay.

  35. The tone of this very favourite piece would, without doubt, be questioned by a Lord Chamberlain, but as it contains no political offence, it meets with the unqualified approval of his Excellency the Spanish Censor.

  36. Conscious of the presence of his Excellency the Governor, the manager is suddenly seized with misgivings as to the manner in which the expression will be received, and will not risk his Excellency's displeasure.

  37. We halt before the governor's house; but his excellency is not yet out of bed, and may not be disturbed.

  38. The stout gentleman who occupies that big box all to himself in the centre of the theatre, is his excellency the president.

  39. His Excellency the Governor, attended by his staff of officers, occupies the big stage box on the left of the proscenium, and there is a goodly sprinkling of Spaniards in every part of the theatre.

  40. But His Excellency had fled, and was coughing at the foot of the stairs, while all Peterhoff hummed like a hive.

  41. But His Excellency told the tale once too often--for Wonder.

  42. His Excellency has an hour at your disposal then," should be given to Mellish with the Fumigatory.

  43. Mellish was nervously anxious to go straight to his Fumigatory, and talked at random until tiffin was over and His Excellency asked him to smoke.

  44. Let us rather regard the dignity and excellency of knowledge and learning in that whereunto man's nature doth most aspire, which is immortality or continuance.

  45. Degrees; excellency of the virtues of Honor and Duty taught by the Chivalric, 856-u.

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    excellence; merit; perfection; quality; virtue