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Example sentences for "experimentally"

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experiment; experimenta; experimental; experimentalist; experimentalists; experimentation; experimented; experimentelle; experimentellen; experimenter
  1. Of this we may judge by two criteria--experimentally by its result, or à priori by its internal aptitude for attaining its ends.

  2. Landolt has doubted and experimentally investigated the law of the conservation of weight.

  3. With the aid of this apparatus, the principal facts of electrostatics can be experimentally verified, as follows:-- Experiment I.

  4. They have been experimentally proved in two cases.

  5. Coulomb proved experimentally that the electric force just outside a conductor at any point is proportional to the electric density at that point.

  6. It has been experimentally proved that external stimuli (light, heat, pressure, &c.

  7. In many cases of fatal glycosuria the liver is found to be enlarged, or at least congested, and it is found that the disorder can be produced experimentally by agencies which produce an increased circulation through the liver.

  8. The prophylactic treatment of successive inoculations is being used on human beings, and has experimentally proved efficacious in dogs, but would be impracticable in the horse unless the conditions were quite exceptional.

  9. To demonstrate experimentally that a microscopic organism actually is the cause of a disease and the agent of contagion, I know no other way, in the present state of Science, than to subject the microbe (the new and happy term introduced by M.

  10. To measure the pressure experimentally in the bore of a gun, the crusher-gauge is used as shown in fig.

  11. In short, if we place aside the outstanding exception of tumour growth, we may say that practically all the important phenomena met with in disease may be experimentally produced by the injection of bacteria or of their toxins.

  12. It has been experimentally shown that conditions such as fatigue, starvation, exposure to cold, &c.

  13. The malformations of the limbs experimentally demonstrated to be due to ancestral infection by Charin and Gley, and to injury by Dupuy, noticeably occur in men.

  14. To succeed experimentally in bringing the molecules of a gas into the closest possible proximity, and thus to obtain its liquefaction, certain indispensable conditions are necessary, which I thus sum up: "1.

  15. Experimentally it is found that infusions of tea and coffee are strong enough when the former contains 0.

  16. The best procedure for learning the facts so that one can give them in one's own words has not yet been experimentally determined.

  17. It has been shown experimentally that a direct method of teaching spelling is more efficient than an indirect method.

  18. The ordinary parasite of the house rat is Xenopsylla cheopis, which experimentally is known to choose man as a host when starving.

  19. Now what these severall degrees are, I have not yet experimentally verified.

  20. Read appears to have never succeeded in even experimentally making his plans successful.

  21. John Smeaton, the most distinguished engineer of his time, finally, in 1769, experimentally determined proper proportions, and built several of these engines of very considerable size.

  22. Writing in 1843, he describes a system of engine and boiler construction, with which he used steam under pressures about equal to those experimentally worked by Jacob Perkins, Evans's American successor.

  23. American design, which is in extensive use in the United States and Europe, has also been experimentally placed in service on shipboard.

  24. For ever let this great principle be rooted in our minds,--the only worthy communicant is the man who is experimentally acquainted with repentance toward God, faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ, and practical love toward others.

  25. Ask yourself whether you are experimentally acquainted with Christ, and united to Him in heart.

  26. But to leave strangers, and come to declare what is experimentally knowne of the Indians, amongst whom we live: of whom in the next Chapter.

  27. Experimentally the eyeball can be made to burst by tying all the venous outlets from it.

  28. For a skilful physician knows, indeed, professionally almost all diseases; but experimentally he is ignorant of a great number which he himself has never suffered from.

  29. In domestication we vary some of the natural conditions of a species, and thus learn experimentally what changes are within the reach of varying conditions in Nature.

  30. These are scientific models or instruments designed to illustrate experimentally the dynamics of a rotating body such as the spinning-top, hoop and bicycle, and also the precession of the equinox and the rotation of the earth.

  31. G', and provided with a slight preponderance Mh, it should tilt to an angle E with the vertical, and thus demonstrate experimentally the rotation of the earth.

  32. Lord Kelvin has studied theoretically and experimentally the vibration of a chain of stretched gyrostats (Proc.

  33. In a tone singularly pleasing he was humming the air of the funeral lament, fitfully, experimentally at first, then as the haunting monotony of the strain became familiar, with a certain easy confidence.

  34. Lollie kneeling before the cage in which his pigeon fluttered experimentally was trying to force bunches of wild peas through the bars.

  35. But America designed and produced experimentally a good engine in six weeks and a great one in three months, and began delivering it in series in five months.

  36. There were several other new two-seaters designed experimentally in some instances and some of them giving brilliant promise.

  37. A material known as triplex glass had been experimentally made.

  38. Shell of this new model were built experimentally and tested.

  39. Just prior to the signing of the armistice an entirely new drying process had been experimentally tried out.

  40. A simple hand-worked machine is now being experimentally used and will, it is believed, turn out a better class of rope.

  41. Teff-grass (Eragrostis abyssinica) This has also been tried experimentally with good results and it is hoped that its cultivation will extend as it becomes more known.

  42. For the last four years the Department has had trial plots in which new varieties of cereals and fodder plants have been experimentally grown (see Plate I, fig.

  43. Moha, Sulla (Hedysarum) These have been tried for some years with success and are gradually becoming known and experimentally grown by farmers.

  44. Cassandra, or to the eyes that, like my own, had experimentally become acquainted with them as facts.

  45. For this point has also been experimentally investigated by Dr.

  46. Both the small brown and the small black Ants are to be here seen, but they occupy different positions; and not only do not seem to be on neighbourly terms with each other, but fight at once if experimentally placed together.

  47. It is to be noted that any vacuous space which we can experimentally arrange does not even approximately reproduce the conditions of true separation prevailing in interplanetary space.

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