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Example sentences for "fanlight"

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  1. Stealthy footsteps approached the door once, but on this occasion he contrived to push a handbag through the fanlight and had the satisfaction of knowing that Joe, the porter, received it on his head.

  2. A fanlight of modern construction gaped in one corner, but it was doubtful if a grown man could have squeezed himself through this.

  3. The city was wholly expressed by the fanlight sparkling with the shifting radiance of the blazing day.

  4. In most houses of this period, as in this, the elliptical arch of the fanlight is echoed elsewhere in the house.

  5. Entrance to the house is through a colonial porch of ample dimensions, showing dentation, which is supported by Corinthian columns; the hall is lighted by a fanlight and sidelights on either side the wide, hospitable door.

  6. Would you mind placing them against the fanlight for me?

  7. At Bell's instigation he placed the steps before the fanlight and mounted them.

  8. Holmes's cold, thin fingers closed round my wrist and led me forward down a long hall, until I dimly saw the murky fanlight over the door.

  9. The occupants had evidently retired to rest, for all was dark save for a fanlight over the hall door, which shed a single blurred circle on to the garden path.

  10. Light shone brightly from the fanlight over the front door, and less distinctly from one window upstairs and through the slats of a blind in a downstairs room.

  11. A ray came from the fanlight over the front door and a faint radiance escaped through the slats of the library blinds, but otherwise the villa was a lump of darkness in the dark.

  12. The front of the house was dark save for the fanlight He crossed over and peered down into the area and at the black door.

  13. When he returned, five minutes later, the fanlight was dark.

  14. The frame about the door is arched over, and there are side lights and an overhead fanlight in a simple style that carries out the Colonial tradition.

  15. Illustration: The Hall] Entrance to the house is through a Colonial door with a fanlight on either side.

  16. A leaded glass door that shows fanlight above opens into a broad, low-ceilinged hall.

  17. Fanlight openers for single lights, or geared for a number of sashes, may be designed to suit positions difficult of access.

  18. So was the delicate fanlight over the door, in which a bit of glass still clings, iridescent now like oil on water.

  19. The something he had seen, or fancied he had seen, was a momentary glimmer of light shining through the fanlight over the door.

  20. They think that the fanlight may have attracted me, and desire to make sure.

  21. The lower hall was also dark; but through a fanlight he caught the gleam of a street lamp.

  22. He turned on his second tube and opened for half a minute the fanlight over the door.

  23. Above the other door, which opened on to the landing, there hung a fanlight which could be drawn by a cord when some ventilation became absolutely necessary.

  24. I could see through the fanlight over the door.

  25. The door with the fanlight at the rear of the hall opened now, and a tall, angular man, thin-faced and swarthy, thrust out his head.

  26. The door entrance in the south front has framing sidelights and an elliptical fanlight with wood tracery.

  27. The keystone over the fanlight has a beaded center portion which is similar to those found in the work of nineteenth century architect Asher Benjamin.

  28. The present porch roof covers and obscures the brick arch and top of the fanlight over the entrance.

  29. The former is broad and has a six-panel door much like that at Number 5011 Germantown Avenue, but the fanlight is of simpler pattern and withal more pleasing.

  30. The latter is exceptionally narrow, with pilasters in accord and a fanlight of chaste simplicity.

  31. The door itself is unusual in having molded flat rather than raised panels, while the fanlight is of more conventional pattern than that of the Henry house.

  32. Its chief distinction lies in the rustication of the casings, jambs and soffit, simulating stonework, and the heavy fanlight sash with its openings combining the keystone and arch in outline.

  33. Tall, slender, engaged columns supporting a nicely detailed entablature frame a typical Philadelphia doorway, the paneled door itself being single with a handsome leaded fanlight above.

  34. Daintiness and simplicity characterize the fanlight pattern set in lead lines.

  35. The stoop and doorway are of simple dignity, the double doors having the appearance of being four separate, very narrow four-panel doors, and the graceful fanlight above being in accord with the round-headed windows of the lower story.

  36. But for the double doors characteristic of Philadelphia, the doorway itself, of excellent proportions and having a handsome elliptical fanlight and side lights with leaded glass, would suggest Salem design.

  37. Exceptionally broad tapering and fluted mullions lend distinction to the heavy fanlight sash with its round-ended openings.

  38. Holmes's cold, thin fingers closed round my wrist and led me forwards down a long hall, until I dimly saw the murky fanlight over the door.

  39. Across the white vapour cast outward from the fanlight he could see nothing but the crystal snowflakes falling wearily.

  40. By the light coming from a fanlight over the door in the porch he looked at his squirrel.

  41. The old white door, crowned with a fanlight and retaining its brass knocker, had suffered the indignity of an electric bell, but this was obscurely placed at the side, and he lifted the knocker's lion head.

  42. After half an hour the lights in the lower part of the house went out, save one that shone dimly through the fanlight over the door.

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