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Example sentences for "fearfully"

Lexicographically close words:
feares; fearest; feareth; fearful; fearfull; fearfulness; fearing; fearless; fearlessly; fearlessness
  1. As fearfully as doth a galled rock O'erhang and jutty his confounded base, Swilled with the wild and wasteful ocean.

  2. The water was so fearfully cold that they were obliged to stop singing and scamper out again.

  3. Yet the cheer that burst from the ship, at parting, was answered as gayly from the hooker as though the odds had not been so fearfully against her, and no blither heart beat on board the ship than that of Barny O'Reirdon.

  4. A shriek, too fearfully distinct for doubt, had been heard within the mansion, breaking forth suddenly, and succeeded by a deep stillness, as if a heart had burst in giving it utterance.

  5. Edith groaned, as with a sudden compression of the heart; and removing her cheek from the dead youth's pillow, she stood upright, fearfully encountering the eyes of the lofty girl.

  6. Jack keeps himself so fearfully fit; he's never had a day's illness in his life.

  7. He had seemed fearfully languid, sometimes even in pain, but had always refused to talk about himself.

  8. Jon followed, wondering fearfully if he had offended her.

  9. Fleur, jumping up; "we shall be most fearfully late, and look so silly, and put them on their guard.

  10. He recognised to the full how fearfully soft the boy's heart was, how much he would suffer in this business, and in life generally.

  11. You are fearfully young, my darling, and fearfully loving.

  12. Sighs from the rack and groans re-echo loud The miseries of the earth: upon the bridge Heimdaller perch’d blows fearfully his horn To rouse all nature to th’ eternal strife; While Jormundgardur lifts his head and hisses.

  13. They are accessible to bribes, and will investigate into crime when liberally rewarded; but probably in no city in the civilised world is life so fearfully insecure.

  14. There were two men, scarcely retaining the appearance of human beings, who had been fearfully burned and injured by the explosion of an infernal machine.

  15. As said; she was nothing to look at, but I got in a fearfully excited state and made some noise at the door which alarmed her, for up she got and stood still listening.

  16. How like a cruel mockery, then, appear the splendour and beauty of all that meets the eye, unchanged as when it was in unison with our feelings, but which now jars so fearfully with them!

  17. The men waited fearfully to hear what new trouble assailed them.

  18. She's fearfully in love with me, but it's not very deep.

  19. She had a big doll of which she was fearfully proud, though not so fond.

  20. Still, however, she could find no key; but, while fearfully examining every corner, she remarked that the low door was merely latched.

  21. She fearfully enquired whether they had a spare bed?

  22. He was personally of voluptuous habits, fearfully extravagant, endowed with very few scruples and a very weak sense of right and wrong.

  23. If murder comes to Drusus he may perish, but he has friends who will fearfully avenge his death.

  24. He would not at all allow that what Charley said was law, entertained fearfully democratic principles of his own, and was not at all the gentleman.

  25. And then I did get some fortune with my wife; and what is more, I was not so fearfully in want of it as you are.

  26. Can any men so fearfully bold in appearance ever turn their backs and fly?

  27. She arose, and gazed fearfully around her; there lay the body of her murdered victim, its stony eyes turned towards her, and seeming to reproach her for the deed.

  28. Of the geese outside the gate who come waddling after me with their long necks stretched out when I go that way, I dream fearfully at night.

  29. Supper being over, Mr. Squeers yawned fearfully and was of opinion that it was high time to go to bed.

  30. The bodeful glare of the witchcraft delusion makes this fearfully clear.

  31. The minister, on the other hand, had never gone through an experience calculated to lead him beyond the scope of generally received laws; although, in a single instance, he had so fearfully transgressed one of the most sacred of them.

  32. Louise asked Adolphe if he was not attacked by a contagious affection; for since he had offered her his arm to lead her into the dining-room, her skin had felt fearfully irritable.

  33. She fearfully threw her eye over the faces of her parents.

  34. A gentleman and lady descended from the chaise; she evidently was under restraint, and looked anxiously and fearfully around.

  35. It was within those walls that I had learnt as from a page of English history, how that wicked King slept in war-time on a sofa much too short for him, and how fearfully his conscience troubled his boots.

  36. Also, that before we began, a broker who had lately cheated me fearfully in the matter of a pair of card-tables, was for the utmost rigour of the law.

  37. She was rowing with all her might, and gazing fearfully over her shoulder.

  38. He forgot the shovel, forgot the human whom he had been fearfully trying to propitiate, forgot everything except the dreadful objects which clung to him and pulled his hair.

  39. And the abyss had grown still darker--he had been driven through narrow crevices, pursued by demoniac howls which re-echoed fearfully from the bare rocky walls, and the hot breath of hell all around him.

  40. The powerful man trembled as if violent fever were shaking him; a groan broke from his breast which resounded fearfully through the gorgeous apartment.

  41. I was not afraid for myself, for my heart could not be torn more fearfully than it had been torn the night before.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fearfully" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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