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  1. Feminists will say this is because complete equality in all things has not yet been granted--has yet to be fought for.

  2. Feminists have said, however, "because it has enabled our sex to prove its worth--by enabling us to quit ourselves like men.

  3. So that the more mannish the Feminists become in mode and aim, the more womanish become the Effeminates.

  4. As Feminists demand for human babes, the Bee-mother hands over her offspring to be brought up by the State.

  5. And in a House of Commons of mixed sex, Feminists would find, to their undoing, that here as elsewhere the Ultra-Feminines would speedily outnumber and out-power themselves.

  6. That is why Masculinists have no right to impede the play of Feminism, and Feminists no right to impede the play of Masculinism.

  7. Nietzsche, however, can scarcely be regarded as in all respects an opponent to Feminism, and some prominent feminists even count themselves his disciples.

  8. The conquests of this movement have sometimes been described by rhetorical feminists as triumphs over "Man.

  9. The remarkable fact, which seems to me to make this protest and the forthcoming pages so necessary, is that the leading feminists do not recognize the all-importance of their sex in this regard.

  10. On the one hand, there are the feminists who seek to do without man,--except for the minimum physiological purpose.

  11. We conclude that any claim of biological equality of the two sexes must use the word in a figurative sense, not ignoring the differentiation of the two sexes, as extreme feminists are inclined to do.

  12. Unfortunately, feminists show a tendency to go beyond this and to minimize differentiation in their claims of equality.

  13. In this direction the feminists might find a large and profitable field for the employment of their energies.

  14. The home must not be made a subordinate interest, as some feminists desire, but it must be made a much richer, deeper, more satisfying interest than it is too frequently at present.

  15. The feminists have almost universally adopted the latter alternative.

  16. We have seen that Feminists are, in this country, at least, zealous in championing the Puritan view of sexual morality.

  17. The worn-out tag which has so long done duty with Feminists in this connection—viz.

  18. One of the points as regards the inferiority of women which Feminists are willing and even eager to concede, and it is the only point of which this can be said, is that of physical weakness.

  19. But taken as a whole, and in their practical dealings, the Political Feminists are in accord with the Sentimental Feminists in claiming female immunity on the ground of sex.

  20. If hysterical men are as common a phenomenon as certain hard-pressed Feminists would make out, what I want to know is: Where are they?

  21. We often hear it said by Feminists in answer to arguments based on the above fact: “Oh, but men can also suffer from hysteria!

  22. It never seems to strike anyone that the muscular weakness of woman has been forged by Modern Feminists into an abominable weapon of tyranny.

  23. A distorted picture, some feminists will say.

  24. Suffragists and anti-suffragists, feminists and anti-feminists have united to clear a noble term from the mists of sentimentality and to reinstate it in the vocabulary of sincere and candid speakers.

  25. Euripides, the feminist as he has been called, has shown us, as feminists ever, more of the worst side of women than his greater predecessors AEschylus and Sophocles.

  26. During the positive phases of the movement she continues to have her children, the feminists do not, or at least not to the same extent.

  27. When this happens, I trust that in the discussion we shall not heed the advice of some modern feminists and forget that we are as God made us.

  28. Out of his blindness, out of his loneliness, out of the welter of hedonists and amorists and feminists and fantasists who crowded upon him, the great, terrible egoist strikes his last blow!

  29. Nothing that is now recognized as a home could survive such an arrangement, and the Feminists don’t wish it to survive.

  30. She cannot be quite the slave that the Feminists describe.

  31. II On the one hand, we are assured by Feminists that women do not differ from men, and therefore should not be confined to a “sphere.

  32. Women are more chaste than men, and the Feminists may be right when they say that this has been forced upon woman by man, but they are mistaken when they treat this not as a gain, but as a grievance.

  33. I have written upon this question in its bearings upon the women of France more fully in another chapter; but it may be stated here that such important feminists as Madame Vérone, the eminent avocat, and Mlle.

  34. No one can be cognizant of the conviction and practice of many feminists without understanding that this is a real problem to be settled surely before the marriage ceremony.

  35. These feminists tell you constantly how badly the men manage the country; the idea being how much better the women would govern it.

  36. The introduction of the woman's rights issue into a war meeting with an antislavery program was vigorously opposed by women from Wisconsin, but the faithful feminists came to the rescue and the controversial resolution was adopted.

  37. The feminists of that day extolled freedom of speech, and their platform, like that of antislavery conventions, was open to anyone who wished to express an opinion.

  38. Feminists believe that when men and women have been leveled, this state of things will cease to prevail.

  39. In the ultimate condition, to which I refer later on, this might not be necessary, but as a temporary expedient, Feminists desire to protect woman while she is developing from the chattel condition to the free-woman condition.

  40. Therein lies the mental revolution: while the Suffragists are content to attain immediate ends, the Feminists are aiming at ultimate ends.

  41. In the main, Feminists are opposed to indissoluble Christian marriage.

  42. The Feminists are not prepared to agree that this condition is due to some inherent inferiority of woman: in their view her inferiority is transitory, is due to her inferior position.

  43. They argue that woman is not competent because she is not well paid; consequently, those Feminists who are inclined toward Radicalism in politics demand a minimum wage in all trades, which shall be the same for women and men.

  44. How this will be achieved, by what propaganda, by what struggles and by what battles, is difficult to say; but in common with many Feminists I incline to place a good deal of reliance on the ennobling of the nature of the male.

  45. To put the matter less obscurely, the Feminists base themselves on Weininger's theory, according to which the male principle may be found in woman, and the female principle in man.

  46. You called yourself a feminist, but you, and women like you, are feminists only when it's convenient.

  47. There are no real feminists except ugly women like me or old ones like Meuriot.

  48. I do not know whether the feminists are entirely right, but I feel sure that their own principles ought rather to lead them to an opposition to this breaking down of the barriers.

  49. The sincere feminists may say that some of the changes which they hope for are so great that they are ready to pay the price for them and to take in exchange a rapid increase of sexual vice and of erotic disorderliness.

  50. The feminists who see to the depths of their ideals ought to join full-heartedly the ranks of those who entirely object to this distribution of the infectious germs of sexual knowledge.

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