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  1. The feminist ideal leads us to these pipe-dreams.

  2. Or, as I am certainly neither writing an anti-feminist tract, nor claiming disproportionate privilege for the spermatozoide, for the sake of symmetry ascribe a cognate role to the ovule, though I can hardly be expected to introspect it.

  3. The factitious equality which she claims would re-establish her ancient slavery, on the day when most or all women wish to enjoy it: that is still another possible solution of the feminist crisis.

  4. Then you ought to recognise that the strong anti-feminist bias which Milton displays is exactly similar to the spirit in which you attributed the worst possible motives to Mrs. Lorimer.

  5. She was conscious of her femininity, of all the complexity of her soul, which prevented her from continuing to fight for the objects of the feminist movement.

  6. But so much glamour of colour and the past remained whirling before her eyes in the evening that it made her pamphlet seem drab and dull; and the feminist movement ceased to interest her and she did not care about Urania Hope.

  7. And she collected the scattered remnants of her feminist ideas.

  8. And she answered the letters in a feminist tone, declared her dislike of marriage and admitted that she was living with Van der Staal.

  9. But she felt a certain indifference when she read her name in connection with the feminist movement.

  10. And she spoke of the suffering which she had been through and of the feminist movement in Holland.

  11. A woman who is gonad deficient with a superior adrenal will suffer from virilism and specialize in the extreme tactics and mythology of the feminist movement.

  12. For a number of women the feminist movement has been an attempt to break away from the traditions of the wife-careerist, and to strike a line of auto-careerism.

  13. In general, the demand for political equality, in a broad sense, seems to the eugenist to be the most praiseworthy part of the feminist program.

  14. On second thoughts, she put Janet's eagerness down to the new feminist strategy.

  15. He'll turn you into a likeness of Minerva, with your wonderful raven locks metamorphosed into hissing feminist serpents.

  16. You are a fascinating instance in the flesh of the great modern feminist dilemma: the demand for independence and respectability coupled with the fatal longing to be a Cleopatra, 'one of the women of all time.

  17. There are a lot of women in the world right now, Burke, who are fighting for what they call the 'Feminist Movement'.

  18. But the clever feminist revolutionists are giving them just enough argument to make them dissatisfied.

  19. Ellen had always suspected that this woman was not quite sound on the Feminist question.

  20. Certainly my articles on the feminist pictures of my Danish friend were not calculated to please them.

  21. It was ten years before this time, during the most stormy period of my literary life, when I was raging against the feminist movement, which, with the exception of myself, everyone in Scandinavia supported.

  22. Since then his partisans are dumb and confounded before the feminist flag.

  23. The question is, here, however, obviously placed not on medical, but on humanitarian and feminist grounds.

  24. The women of the feminist sixteenth century in France, as R.

  25. But so much glamour of colour arid of the past remained whirling before her eyes in the evening that it made her pamphlet seem drab and dull; and the feminist movement ceased to interest her and she did not care about Urania Hope.

  26. A Feminist is one," explained Jeanne, "who does not think her life should be devoted to one person, but to the world.

  27. It was not he who had made the young feminist so delicious and sweet and frank and amazing.

  28. The eager feminist answered there need not be any children.

  29. Be the establishers of a revived feminist idealism, the founders of a new tradition of womanly service.

  30. This will be an unpopular statement to feminist sentiment; few women are honest in facing this question, though probably they do not know that they are dishonest.

  31. I have heard the strongest indignation expressed by feminist speakers whose sentiment bubbles from them like a pan of porridge boiling over.

  32. It is to be wished that this question also could be approached free from all falseness of modern feminist sentimentality.

  33. Nor has the feminist movement really begun as yet.

  34. Hardly a day passes, that some new manifestation of the Feminist Movement .

  35. And the leaders of the feminist movement, then particularly strong in Sweden, turned against him with a bitterness not surpassed by that which Ibsen had to face from directly opposite quarters after the publication of "A Doll's House.

  36. Its eighteen stories constituted an unmistakable protest against everything for which the feminist movement stood.

  37. It is a pity in the feminist controversies of the last hundred years or so that the "exclusion of women" did not become a more popular phrase than the "subjection of women.

  38. The extraordinary thing was that the feminist movement was never clearly defined during all the time of its maximum violence.

  39. These were the underlying processes that produced the feminist outbreak of the decade before the war.

  40. British feminist movement displayed any tendency to dissociate into its opposed and divergent strands.

  41. While observation teaches me that every woman worker may gain by adopting to a certain degree the methods of men, the feminist promise of an eventual equal productiveness is to me a promise barren, if true.

  42. It is a feminist argument accepted as axiomatic that every woman would be a man if she could be, while no man would be a woman if he could help it.

  43. Nor can I give undivided attention to the achievements of my sex as promised by the feminist millennium, when my 9 A.

  44. They are novels for the vulgarization of the feminist theory.

  45. What I want to show is that in these first novels by George Sand we have about the whole of the feminist programme of to-day.

  46. With regard to feminist claims, she says: "Women are crying out that they are slaves: let them wait until men are free!

  47. They have done nothing but take up once more the theories of the great feminist of 1832, and expose them with less lyricism but with more cynicism.

  48. This, then, is the novelty in George Sand's way of presenting feminist grievances.

  49. George Sand protested against the accusation of having aimed at attacking institutions in her feminist novels.

  50. This novel, intended to present to us the modern woman, ought to be styled a "feminist novel.

  51. She proceeded to avow her passionate interest in the feminist movement of which this agitation for the vote was merely the symbol.

  52. Buzard, the feminist writer, and a young man just down from Cambridge who had written a decadent poem, were the only men present.

  53. No, she said, there was no more ardent feminist and suffragist than herself in the room.

  54. Godley Buzard, the feminist novelist, had been the guest of some member to lunch, and the occasion was too provocative for any one about Dover's fireplace to avoid the topic.

  55. A phrase she had heard abundantly enough in current feminist discussion recurred to her mind, "the economic dependence of women," and now for the first time it was charged with meaning.

  56. The Feminist camp, further and further commandeering the intelligent and self-reliant, the worthy and purposeful of the sex, while more and more discarding the charms and the softness thereof, will be further and further deserted by men.

  57. The Feminist wife, with her intelligent grip of economics and her stern sense of citizen-duty, would fulfil her racial function (in accordance with Malthusius) during intervals of more absorbing and strenuous activities.

  58. I How now, in detail, does the Feminist creed lend itself to the biological developments and indications of Nature described in the last chapter?

  59. The Feminist fallacy that prostitution is almost entirely a product of male economics has been strikingly refuted, too, by War-conditions, which opened numerous well-remunerated employments for the sex.

  60. Nor should it be forgotten that the present Feminist leaders it was who, by their dangerous Bolshevist tactics of Militant Suffragism, proclaimed the anarchy seething in themselves and their adherents.

  61. And this is the text of the Feminist creed; the elimination of sex-differences and the abolition of sex-distinctions in every department of life and activity.

  62. Even if it were true, however, as a German Feminist has remarked, it would still be a pleasant variation from a rule we are so familiar with in the Old World.

  63. As all the time that she could spare from the neglect of her studies at the hospital was devoted to feminist rioting, and a mere rag of a thing came back at night to the uncared-for flat, the young man rebelled.

  64. And, at the same time, the cold, relentless hand of the great feminist organization got her in its grip.

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