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Example sentences for "filamentary"

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fik; fil; fila; filagree; filament; filamentous; filaments; filar; filariae; filarial
  1. This fact he utilized by the means which he has described, a lamp having a filamentary carbon burner in a nearly perfect vacuum.

  2. The eggs are oval, the chorion being prolonged into a single filamentary process or “holdfast.

  3. All are hermaphroditic, the eggs being supplied with filamentary appendages, in some only at one pole of the shell, in others at both ends.

  4. The Worms have simply an annulate body with reticular or filamentary branchiæ, but no feet; the branchiæ are supported by the body.

  5. The base of the sack in several species is furnished with inwardly projecting filamentary appendages.

  6. The filamentary appendages at the bases of the cirri, which generally contain some of the testes, have to be developed.

  7. There is not a cloud in the blue--not even one of those beautiful white filamentary things, like ghosts of silken floss, which usually swim in this most ethereal of earthly skies even in the driest weather.

  8. Filamentary Appendages, one on each side, short, tapering and pointed; seated on the posterior margin of a slight swelling beneath the basal articulation of the first cirrus; they are about equal in length to the pedicels of this cirrus.

  9. Maxillae with two tufts of fine bristles, separated by larger spines: caudal appendages uniarticulate: filamentary appendages none.

  10. In three genera, the presence of filamentary appendages on the animal's body is generic; in Pollicipes, however, they are found only on three out of the six species.

  11. Filamentary Appendages, situated beneath the basal articulation of the first cirrus, on the posterior edge of the usual enlargement; acuminated, about two thirds of the length of the shorter ramus of the first cirrus.

  12. The testes run into all the filamentary appendages, as well as more or less, into the pedicels of the cirri: the two vesiculae seminales unite within the penis, either just beyond its basal constriction, or up one third of its length.

  13. Maxillae, with the edge square and straight: caudal appendages uniarticulate: filamentary appendages, none.

  14. At this early age, I may add, the filamentary appendages were not developed.

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