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Example sentences for "filthiest"

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  1. It was also beginning in the poorest and filthiest parts of Liverpool, Bristol and Plymouth.

  2. What you now have to show is nothing but the filthiest wisdom of the flesh, that wisdom which, according to the Apostle Paul (Rom.

  3. They find the material of their metaphors in murder, they borrow them from the filthiest of sewers and dungheaps, and from places set apart for the prostitution of men and women.

  4. The galleries were worthy of such legislators: men whose frightful aspect betokened crime and poverty, and women whose shameless faces expressed the filthiest debauchery.

  5. A Murillo, who stole heaven's loveliest tints with which to paint his beautiful Madonnas, painted with the same love the filthiest creatures of this earth.

  6. Out of the filthiest literature the story told in verses 27--30 could not be paralleled, and I doubt if Holywell Street has anything fouler on its book-shelves.

  7. Little English girls are given this story to read, and it would be blasphemous to teach them that Lot and his daughters were criminals of the filthiest type.

  8. Of late, the Liverpool railway has been carried through the middle of them, over a high viaduct, and has abolished many of the filthiest nooks; but what does that avail?

  9. The clothing was piled upon the bed, which was one of the filthiest assortments of tenement-house bedding that I have ever seen--and that is saying a great deal.

  10. Think of thousands of children reared in the narrowest, filthiest quarters, who have never had a chance to make even a mud-pie out in the pure air of heaven.

  11. In my wrath I cried:—O thou foulest of harlots and filthiest of whores ever futtered by negro slaves who are hired to have at thee!

  12. My brother is a greater King among the kings than I am, yet this infamy goeth on in his very palace, and his wife is in love with that filthiest of filthy slaves.

  13. At that time the few European merchants who had settled there were confined to the Chinese town, the filthiest and most offensive of all the filthy places wherein celestials love to congregate.

  14. Tientsin, as I have said, is the filthiest of all filthy cities; and the essence of its filth is accumulated on the banks of the river, forming an excellent breakwater, which grows faster than the water can wash it away.

  15. This is only one of the many revolting customs which I unfortunately had an opportunity of studying at close quarters while at Whalen, where I came to the conclusion that the Tchuktchi race must be the filthiest in the world.

  16. It is one of the most ghastly, ill-constructed, filthiest strips of water you ever looked upon.

  17. Their eulogist, Kolben, himself was obliged to admit that they "find a peculiar pleasure in filth and stench" and "are in the matter of diet the filthiest people in the world.

  18. Since it was especially necessary to keep youth from the unspeakable filth of Catullus and Martial, who are at the same time the best writers, everything of theirs is included except the cheapest odds and ends and filthiest obscenities.

  19. Sluggards bury their wits and parts usually ten times as long in the year, as the filthiest drunkards do.

  20. The filthiest sins of lechers, and misers, and thieves, are but to please the flesh: and who serveth it more than the glutton doth?

  21. And the Wineds, which are the filthiest and worst sort of men, do keep the love of matrimony with so great a zeal, that the woman will refuse to live when her husband is dead.

  22. In my wrath I cried:--O thou foulest of harlots and filthiest of whores ever futtered by negro slaves who are hired to have at thee!

  23. There were but half-a-dozen tents in all, containing the filthiest and most repulsive beings I have ever beheld.

  24. The post-houses about here were the filthiest we had as yet come across, and saving stale eggs and sour milk, there was absolutely nothing to eat.

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