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Example sentences for "firming"

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firme; firmed; firmely; firmer; firmest; firmiter; firmly; firmness; firmo; firms
  1. This loss can usually be reduced by firming the curd in the whey or adding water rather than by stirring without either water or whey.

  2. Gardeners advise firming the earth over newly planted seeds to hasten germination.

  3. Push the sets well down into the ground and cover with soil, firming them with the feet or a roller.

  4. When seed is sown on light soils a moderate firming with the back of the spade may be desirable, but generally speaking it is sufficient to cover the seed lightly, and so leave it.

  5. Fill in over the roots, gradually firming the soil above with the feet.

  6. The firming of the soil about the roots of a newly set plant is as important as firming it over planted seeds.

  7. The breaking-plow is used to loosen the soil, and to undo the firming that has been taking place while plant roots prevented deep tillage.

  8. A growth may be plowed down in time for firming the seed-bed, or it may be cut into the surface soil with a harrow, or the time may be used in freeing inert plant-food and destroying weed seed.

  9. The jarring down of the soil should precede the firming with the thumbs, as this will compact the soil more evenly within the pot.

  10. Hold the plant or cutting in position with the left hand and press the soil in about it with the right hand--firming it as directed in the former case.

  11. Set them in firmly, by pressing down hard with the ball of the foot after firming by hand.

  12. The operations of marking the row, opening the furrow, dropping the seed at the proper depth and distance, covering immediately with fresh earth, and firming the soil, are all done at one fell swoop and as fast as you can walk.

  13. In the paddy fields I frequently noticed as many as twenty men and boys advancing in line, nearly knee-deep in mud and water, removing with their toes the weeds from the roots of the young shoots, and firming the latter in the ground.

  14. Yabel McQuhirr sat till the gloaming by the side of his dead wife, a terrible purpose firming itself in his heart.

  15. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "firming" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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