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Example sentences for "firmer"

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firman; firmans; firme; firmed; firmely; firmest; firming; firmiter; firmly; firmness
  1. And the more extreme, the more painful his words are, the firmer and stronger is his voice, the slower his speech, the more challenging his tone.

  2. However, guessing that it must lead to the village, Dick struggled gamely on, keeping to the slightly firmer ground by the side of the primitive by-way.

  3. Squeezing through the trap door the lads found themselves on the floor of the chassis, which was composed of a succession of broad steps on inclined planes in order to afford a firmer footing when the battleplane was at rest.

  4. A mixture of apples and peaches, in the proportion of one third of the former to two thirds of the latter, makes a firmer jelly than peaches alone.

  5. I like my stirrup leathers very short; that gives one a much firmer seat.

  6. Because, my dear fellow, if we three hold on to one another, we are firmer on our feet and less in danger of slipping.

  7. The more I perceive a disposition to check the freedom of inquiry by extravagant and unconstitutional pretences, the firmer shall be the tone in which I shall assert, and the freer the manner in which I shall exercise it.

  8. These pieces will be firmer and more satisfactory if made of wood and finished at the lower edges like the metal head piece.

  9. It will make the box stronger and firmer to overhand a piece of rattan around the edges of the panels before joining them in the form of a box.

  10. Floor rugs of any kind can be made firmer by finishing in this way with tape of the same color.

  11. Godfrey, struggling up out of the water onto firmer ground.

  12. At last, after what seemed an endless time, the footing grew firmer and the ground began to rise.

  13. Here again it will be observed that Goethe has the fuller note, Heine the firmer outline.

  14. The shaken tree grows firmer at the roots; So love grows firmer for some blasts of doubt.

  15. It is much like the cod, only firmer grained and drier.

  16. This is a firmer and smaller-flaked fish than the cod, but varies little in flavor from it.

  17. There is no quarter in which our tracts are circulated with more entire confidence and satisfaction to ourselves, and with a firmer assurance that they will be well and wisely used, and productive of the best results.

  18. This outer layer of the stem forms the veil, and is more or less loosely connected with the firmer portion of the stem by loose threads.

  19. Others are soft when young and become firmer as they age, and some are quite hard and woody.

  20. This name is given to the genus because of the hard peridium, the wall being much firmer and harder than in Lycoperdon.

  21. These locks which fondly thus entwine, In firmer chains our hearts confine; Than all th' unmeaning protestations, Which swell with nonsense, love orations.

  22. No more we meet in yonder bowers, Perhaps my soul's too prone to roving, But older, firmer hearts than ours, Have found monotony in loving.

  23. The flowers are not so widely open as in the previous species, but retain more of the cup-shape, whilst the notched petals are firmer in consistence and oval in shape.

  24. I like that idea of yours about making the Union firmer than it was before the war.

  25. When the ground grows firmer it will give General Lee a chance to make one of his great circling swoops, and rout the Yankee army.

  26. The beautiful is lovable, and, as that which is lovable, takes hold of the affections and clings to them, binding itself firmer and firmer to them as time rolls on.

  27. A much firmer equilibrium than that which obtained in Wagner’s mind would have been infallibly disturbed by the nauseous idolatry of which Bayreuth was the shrine.

  28. The ground was firmer now, and, replacing his shoes, he walked briskly on.

  29. In the midst of this discomfiture the Spaniards suddenly broke through the gloom, just as they got out of the wood and trod upon firmer ground, and drove them back by a furious onslaught, many of them being killed and wounded.

  30. His affectionate parents tried in vain to reason him out of this gadding humour, and finding him only grow firmer and more inflexible, they desisted.

  31. But still, as if in parting life, Firmer he grasped the Cross of strife, Until the opposing bank he gained, And up the chapel pathway strained.

  32. The development of the pietistic spirit, after Ezra and Nehemiah, led to a much firmer and more logical conception.

  33. The idea that Israel was a holy people, a tribe chosen by God and bound to Him by covenant, took deeper and firmer root.

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