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Example sentences for "firmness"

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firmer; firmest; firming; firmiter; firmly; firmo; firms; firmum; firmus; firn
  1. Sir, I had an uncle who died so; but such attention requires great leisure, and great firmness of mind.

  2. He told me afterwards, he liked firmness in an old man, and was pleased to see Mr M'Lean so orthodox.

  3. I had felt a return of spleen during my stay at Armidale, and had it not been that I had Dr Johnson to contemplate, I should have sunk into dejection; but his firmness supported me.

  4. I thought him in the wrong; but his firmness was, perhaps, a species of heroism.

  5. The firmness with which he spoke, and the determined expression of his noble countenance, convinced Loch-awe that he was not to be shaken; and rising from his knee, he bowed in silence.

  6. Let me in this demand," cried she, turning with collected firmness to Wallace, "satisfy the will of Edward.

  7. Helen hastily interrupted Gloucester, and with firmness said, "When I entered these walls, the world and I parted forever.

  8. It was for me to justify his touching confidence which had induced him to wish this important reading to be performed by myself, and only the firmness and clearness of my pronunciation could satisfy this condition.

  9. Helena's colour rose to her temples; but, with a firmness that surprised even Belinda, she repeated what she had said nearly in the same words.

  10. As it would be happy for half the world if they did," replied Belinda, mildly, but with a firmness of tone that her ladyship felt.

  11. She trembled excessively, but spoke and looked with all the firmness that she could command.

  12. Vent was therein given to the most energetic complaints and the most indignant protests, resolutions of great firmness were adopted, a new impulse was given to all those associations which, like that of S.

  13. He had long been aware of her firmness and courage, and the idea of her drawing back at the last moment in view of the trial never occurred to him.

  14. With holy firmness he resisted the treacherous appeal, whereupon Bardas had him put in irons, deposed, and replaced on the patriarchal chair by Photius, a creature of his own and a layman.

  15. But you acted with firmness and uprightness, and I deferred revealing to you the secret malady of your heart till, with time, peace should be restored to you.

  16. In particular instances, they have sometimes manifested a certain firmness towards its factions, but in essentials they have yielded to the inevitable pressure.

  17. Clement's firmness was so habitual that Fleurange was surprised at its failing him now, and perhaps at the moment the hidden cause of this fit of despair came over her like a momentary flash!

  18. A numerous meeting of Catholics voted to send the Archbishop of Munich an address praising him for his firmness and encouraging him in the contest which he is maintaining.

  19. Profound knowledge, excellency of speech, solidity and firmness of judgment, prudence and dexterity of conduct, are not usually the portion of one, but distributed among several ministers.

  20. When walking on the ground, it steps forward in a cautious, groping manner, seeming never to lift one foot till it is well assured of the firmness of the rest.

  21. Rationality is the permanence of the being of which we think: it is firmness of conception, stability of a law which we apply to all particulars that come under its sway.

  22. Because of this inflexible firmness the philosopher has never dreaded that boundless solitude, that thin atmosphere to which he is uplifted by thought, and where at first he has the sensation of fainting away into the rarefied air.

  23. Of course, we are assuming the firmness of the policy thus declared.

  24. Not many novels have been published in which such a character as that of the Advocate has been treated with so much firmness and command, and so much of almost startling vigor.

  25. All at once the firmness died out of his manner, and he uttered a sob.

  26. The woman is won especially by firmness of will, decision, and courage, and perhaps also by honesty and good-heartedness.

  27. There was fire in the eye of the rebellious girl, and the elastic firmness of youth in her tread, but above stairs, in her own lonely rooms, her courage faded away quickly.

  28. With modest urging, he soon overcame the Roman firmness of Mademoiselle Euphrosyne, and, wonder of wonders, was honored by an invitation to dine with the austere Genevan maiden.

  29. No,' said he, 'I am not child enough to say more than prudence tells me ought to say; this cowardly distrust of my firmness I should and will contemn.

  30. I mean that I am going to help to bring up the children,” she said, her words coming out with a firmness and decision which surprised her; but then, she had to speak in such a downright fashion because so much was at stake.

  31. She studied the outside of the letter for some time, admired the firmness of the handwriting, but did not attempt to read the contents.

  32. With this he mounted the ladder, with as much firmness and dignity as if ascending the steps of a tribune.

  33. The poor lady's firmness will be severely tested.

  34. But nerved as he was, his firmness was sorely tried when he beheld the stately pile, once his own, now gone from him and his for ever.

  35. Arnold, in regard to the increasing character of the firmness in the adhesions of the adult, with the statement of Dr.

  36. The signs for Conscience and Firmness are apparent.

  37. Jenner, but his firmness and truth at last gained the victory.

  38. True; my arms have subdued the rebellious; but not without great firmness and great valour on my part, and some assistance (however tardy) on the part of my allies.

  39. The insects have more activity than ourselves, the beasts more strength, even inert matter more firmness and stability; the gods alone more goodness.

  40. But both were helped in their good intentions by the tact and firmness of the riders in scarlet and gold.

  41. He was the first to command in the Yukon Territory, and in the early days of the gold rush his tact and firmness established the reputation of that gold camp as the most orderly in the world.

  42. The unaccountable firmness of the young woman dumbfounded me.

  43. So much firmness in so frail a being astonished me.

  44. His mind refused to leave her, her black furry slenderness, her dark trustful eyes, the sweet firmness of her perfect lips, her appealing simplicity that was yet somehow compatible with the completest self-possession.

  45. It drew lines on his cheeks, sharpened his always rather pointed nose to an extreme efficiency, greyed his hair, and gave an acquired firmness to his rather retreating mouth.

  46. Booth was a man of great firmness of mind, and he had need of it all at this instant.

  47. That Frontenac intended to act with firmness towards the Iroquois, while giving them satisfaction for the murder of their chief, is clear from his acts in 1681 no less than from his general record.

  48. A New England Calvinist could not have shown more firmness in upholding the English position.

  49. In this case, as salt forms a large source of trade in the neighbourhood of Lake Zirknitz, the fish obtained from its waters most likely partake of the firmness and good qualities of those obtained from the sea.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "firmness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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