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  1. As a rule, squares made by firms of repute are perfect, and require no adjusting; nevertheless, it is well to make a critical examination before purchasing.

  2. Squares made by any one of these firms named, may be relied upon as being as near perfect as it is possible to make them in everything that pertains to accuracy, durability and general finish.

  3. These conditions govern the character and quality of the work obtained, even the best firms being somewhat affected by the last two clauses.

  4. We read periodically of firms detected in imposing upon women, and are likely to feel that such exposure has ended their career as firms once for all.

  5. There are many firms of which this could not be said with any justice.

  6. This proved to be the case with several firms whose names represent a large business, but who find less trouble and more profit in the contract system.

  7. Steam had taken the place of foot-power, and the women must find employment with firms who were willing to keep to slower methods.

  8. Too much production; too many Jew firms competing and under-bidding; more and more foreigners coming in ready to take the work at half price.

  9. The labels are used by firms agreeing to fulfill the above requirements.

  10. There are, also, stores or firms which make a business of selling nothing but patterns.

  11. The most important firms in the lock trade are Messrs.

  12. Another typical industry was the making of door-bolts, now represented by the firms of Joseph Tipper, and Jonah Banks and Sons.

  13. Various firms received sums of money, to be paid to men ostensibly in the employ of the concerns, but who in reality were German agents working under cover.

  14. But this is not so with all firms on the Coast.

  15. Some firms have tried this method, but, I believe, without much success.

  16. There are about thirty-five firms in the Potteries making china, most of them for the home trade, and over five times that number making earthenware.

  17. Indeed, it is no uncommon occurrence for the entire furniture of royal palaces and yachts to be ordered from one of these firms by the courts of foreign potentates in every corner of the world.

  18. Most of the export firms and corporations that sprung up at this period will eventually disappear.

  19. October 22nd, closed its doors after a sensational run, many stock exchange firms being overwhelmed in the crash.

  20. He helped raise a whole block several feet high, an enterprise which was accomplished without hardly a break, discontinuing none of the business firms who occupied the building, their business being carried on uninterrupted.

  21. Any one of the old firms regarded an author with a manuscript much as a dealer in Russian sail-cloth might regard a lady who should come into his counting-room and ask him to make her a linen handkerchief.

  22. But, if a man wanted one of these firms to publish a book for him, why, they would have told him that he must pay for his plates and his printing.

  23. It is just the difference between our sterling building firms and the jerry-shanty-raisers who ought not to be called builders.

  24. This is the supplying of firms and individuals with lists of books of use in connexion with their industry or study.

  25. Many firms will not give their price lists; and it may be considered invidious to select firms, thereby suggesting favouritism and unfair advertising.

  26. The best results can only be obtained if the librarian has power to send certain classes of work to the firms best qualified to deal with them.

  27. Such cabinets are made by several firms specializing in photographic apparatus; and drawers can be obtained of a size to accommodate either slides or negatives.

  28. The work done for these firms gave him an initiation of a kind into literature, but the earlier Glasgow period was never a happy memory of his, and his true career began at the Mitchell Library.

  29. There is one consoling aspect of his perplexity, however, and that is the friendly intercourse he has with high-spirited envoys who represent real estate firms and take him voyaging to see "properties" in the country.

  30. Between twelve-thirty and closing time it is full of busy eaters, mostly the night shift from the Chestnut Street newspaper offices and printing and engraving firms in the neighbourhood.

  31. By "reliable dealers" I mean such firms as have established a reputation for honesty and fair dealing all along the line.

  32. There are many firms that advertise the best of seed at very low prices.

  33. He prophesies that the whole carpet industry of Western Asia, "from which English and other foreign firms in Smyrna now draw such enormous profits," will soon be concentrated round Urfa in German hands.

  34. It is customary to request references in order to discover how other firms regard the applicant's credit.

  35. Favourable replies from several firms showing a uniform line of credit go a great way toward reaching a safe conclusion.

  36. There are many firms which carry two or more bank accounts, and others who sell their paper to out-of-town banks.

  37. All three routes were operated by a combine of German aeronautical firms entitled the Deutsch Luft Rederie.

  38. But when one looks back on those years, the firms in question stand out as exceptions to the general run of people, who regarded aeronautics as something extremely scientific, exceedingly dangerous, and very expensive.

  39. The coach-building trade soon joined in and came in handy as propeller makers; big upholstering and furniture firms and scores of concerns that had never dreamed of engaging in aeroplane construction were busy on supplying the R.

  40. Gradually the motor-car firms came in, turning their body-building departments to plane and fuselage construction, which enabled them to turn out the complete planes engined and ready for the field.

  41. These facts were obtained as the result of a careful inquiry among 100 firms in Glasgow.

  42. In our concluding chapter we give hints on slide making and addresses of firms who supply slides.

  43. Several firms supply prepared microscope slides, and it is often useful to know where reliable preparations may be obtained.

  44. Some firms are celebrated for the good wearing qualities of their instruments, some for the delicacy--not fragility by the way--of their fine adjustments and our readers must select their maker for themselves.

  45. So the scale of prices fixed by a number of competing firms will generally be nearer to the competition prices than would be the case with the prices of a single monopolist.

  46. On the other hand, the combining firms represent themselves as the victims of circumstances, bound in self-protection to combine.

  47. A good deal of the cleansing and combing in the cloth and worsted trades is, however, done separately on commission by large firms such as Lister's.

  48. The proportion of women is, however, rapidly increasing; and I found many firms where the scale is not in operation.

  49. In some places it is possible that the dividing line between the sound firms and the unsound may not be very distinct.

  50. It is of no advantage to sound firms to prop up unsound ones.

  51. If we are to assist the sound firms and leave the others to their fate, the best way will certainly be for all alike to disclose their actual position.

  52. Do you think that Möller's failure will bring down any more firms with it-besides those we know of already, I mean?

  53. Each of the American firms mentioned makes three distinct grades, all of which libraries may use.

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