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  1. She scored four firsts for fourteen starts in the Solent, and three more firsts in four ex-Solent races.

  2. Beauclerk from a design by Mr. Payne won fifteen firsts in twenty-seven starts on the Solent.

  3. These two consequently pretty well monopolised the prizes, but a few being left for the other six, of which Kismet picked up two firsts and six seconds.

  4. The Florence got two firsts and one second, and we secured two seconds and one first out of the three races.

  5. She gained twenty-five firsts and four seconds, out of thirty-eight starts, and succeeded in routing three creations of the famous G.

  6. It is easier to give specifications for culls, since all grapes not firsts are culls.

  7. Grapes are more easily graded than most other fruits; for usually there are but two grades, firsts and culls.

  8. It is difficult to specify exactly what firsts are, since a number of factors must be considered which bring in play the judgment of the grader.

  9. The youths who think they'll get firsts because they know all about Beauty never get very far.

  10. Most class lists contain one or two firsts from King's and the King's eight never falls from the top division.

  11. Two firsts went to Ramsdell, who made only two errors in Protective Colouration and one error in explaining the mutations of the Evening Primrose.

  12. In pricing eggs we have first to consider the price of Western firsts in New York and secondly the quality relation of the particular grade to Western firsts and the consequent relation in price.

  13. We will consider the price of all eggs from the quotation of Western firsts in the New York market.

  14. King Edward the firsts Charter, granteth them liberty of selling their Tynne, to their best behoofe.

  15. If the rules themselves were compressed, a more complex and incomprehensible jargon of firsts and seconds and thirds, etc.

  16. We sort from bins in a light, airy shed, and pack carefully by hand into standard barrels, marked firsts and seconds, and haul to market on springs.

  17. Sell firsts in orchard; sell seconds in car lots in bulk; sell culls in bulk for cider or vinegar.

  18. Firsts and seconds have gone to wholesale dealers.

  19. Sell firsts in orchard to Ryan & Richardson; sell second and third grades to teams.

  20. The denominations of cheroots were changed in January, 1848; when the description formerly known as Thirds was and still is called Seconds, and the manufacture of a new sort known as Firsts was begun.

  21. Thirds and firsts are equally unimportant in the long run," Michael argued.

  22. You ought all to get Firsts now," said Wedderburn.

  23. In the forms of uses of the vegetable kingdom an image of creation appears in this, that from their firsts they proceed to their outmosts, and from outmosts to firsts.

  24. This return of fibers to their firsts is made through the blood vessels.

  25. From this parallelism it is plain that there is a likeness of creation in the forms of animals as well as in the forms of plants, in that there is a progression from firsts to outmosts, and from outmosts to firsts.

  26. Because of such a progression of fibers and vessels in man from firsts to outmosts, there is a similar progression of their states, which are sensations, thoughts, and affections.

  27. A like progression from firsts to outmosts, and from outmosts to firsts, is exhibited in the forms most purely organic of affections and thoughts in man.

  28. Their firsts are seeds, their outmosts are stalks clothed with bark; and by means of the bark which is the outmost of the stalk, they tend to seeds which, as was said, are their firsts.

  29. From all which it can now be seen that such as life is in first principles, such it is in derivatives; or such as it is in its firsts in the brains, such it is in the things arising therefrom in the body.

  30. Thus uses pass into forms; and forms, in their progression from firsts to outmosts and from outmosts to firsts, derive from use (which is like a soul) that each and every thing of the form is of some use.

  31. He used to get what they call firsts and double firsts every week!

  32. Schools, were viva'ed together and took our firsts in Greats together.

  33. We both expected seconds, hoped for firsts and told our friends thirds.

  34. First editions of Robert Bridges are, we notice, priced a good deal higher than the later firsts of Robert Browning.

  35. Gunnison and Jewell proved to be surprises, the former winning three firsts and the latter two firsts and one second.

  36. Meanwhile the Firsts had almost reached their goal.

  37. But the Firsts flew at them like eagle-hawks, and a neat bit of bayonet work settled the Turks for good and all.

  38. Right along the trenches and saps the Firsts fought their way, bayoneting every Turk or German who did not immediately throw down his rifle.

  39. So and so is worried because some one else has got his firsts before him.

  40. Did Frobisher get his firsts because he was worth them, or because he was in the Captain's house?

  41. He could thus be at once from firsts in lasts, and from firsts by lasts govern the whole world and so save whom He could save according to the laws of His divine providence, which are also the laws of His divine wisdom.

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