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  1. In addition to this they act as fluxes when the clays are heated in kilns, binding the less fusible particles together and forming a far stronger mass than would otherwise be produced.

  2. In actual practice, however, the number of sources of good stoneware clay is distinctly limited, and many manufacturers are thus compelled to add suitable fluxes to refractory clays in order to meet some of their customers' requirements.

  3. Basic compounds and fluxes cause a lowering of the melting-point and a shortening of the vitrification range.

  4. Such Fluxes we treated in the Manner to be mentioned afterwards, when we come to the History of the Dysentery.

  5. The Appearances we found after Death in the Bodies of some Patients, who died of old Fluxes at Bremen, were: In all of them the Rectum was inflamed, and partly gangrened, especially the internal Coat.

  6. In May and June, what Fluxes we had at Osnabruck, were the remaining old Cases of the Hospitals of Munster, Paderborn, Hoxter, and Niehms.

  7. Huck found the free Use of the following Emulsion, made of Bees Wax, to be of great Use after Evacuations, where there was much Pain of the Bowels, in recent Cases of Fluxes in the Hospitals in America.

  8. They have a smooth surface, and withstand the action of fluxes satisfactorily.

  9. I was given to understand that this instrument is used in the immolation to the blood-deities in case of hemorrhage and such other illnesses as are accompanied by fluxes of blood.

  10. In his character as a priest, he performs ceremonies for the cure of diseases in which fluxes of blood occur.

  11. The fluxes are substances which will mix with, melt, and separate the matters to be got rid of, the chief being charcoal, coke, and limestone.

  12. FeS2, are smelted with appropriate fluxes in a hot blast, without preliminary roasting, the sulphur and iron of the pyrites giving sufficient heat by oxidation to liquefy both slag and metal.

  13. When fluxes remain in the furnace and do not melt, they are not suitable; for this reason, accretions and slags are the most convenient for smelting, because they melt quickly.

  14. If from this poor ore, with melted pyrites alone, material for cakes cannot be made, there are added other fluxes which have not previously been melted.

  15. By skill with fire and fluxes is made that kind of iron from which steel is made, which the Greeks call [Greek: stomoma].

  16. He has nothing to say as to whether fluxes are used or not.

  17. The smelter, besides lead and cognate things, uses fluxes which combine with the ore, of which I gave a sufficient account in Book VII.

  18. That author (III, 2) is the first to describe particularly the furnace used in Saxony and the roasting prior to smelting, and the first to mention fluxes in detail.

  19. It is necessary to have an industrious and experienced smelter, who in the first place takes care not to put into the furnace more ores mixed with fluxes than it can accommodate.

  20. The compound given under this name is of quite different ingredients from the stock fluxes given in Book VII under the same term.

  21. Sufficient powder will stick on the end of the rod for all purposes, and with some fluxes too much will adhere.

  22. Those who have maintained this opinion, have erroneously imagined that the reduction of the ore could always be effected under the same circumstances, which would not be the case, even if these fluxes were ascertained and made use of.

  23. It is hardly probable that the iron obtained from all ores, could be equally good, even if the most proper fluxes could be added to these ores.

  24. Modern chemistry has placed at the disposal of colour makers new compounds which have made the preparation of fluxes comparatively easy.

  25. Lead fluxes, containing oxide of lead, are sufficiently fusible for all ordinary purposes, and are not liable to the same objection as fluxes containing borax.

  26. The bases are generally metallic oxides or highly oxidized compounds; the fluxes are vitreous substances, similar to the glazes, but softer, whose function is, to fix the colours permanently on the ware.

  27. There are some instances in which no fluxes are required; this is the case, when the ware has been coated with a glaze sufficiently fusible to allow the bases to sink in it, as soon as it begins to soften under the influence of heat.

  28. The use of very soft fluxes is attended with this inconvenience, that the boracic acid contained in them is generally acted upon by moisture and becomes hydrated, and in this condition often causes the painting to peel away.

  29. The sulphate and carbonate of barytes were the fluxes originally used to vitrify the body of the jasper ware, and on this account it ought to be classified with the stoneware.

  30. This renders the place close and humid, and probably occasioned the many fevers and fluxes we were there afflicted with.

  31. What does it care about the fluxes of reality and dynamic depths?

  32. Most of the detachment sick with fluxes and fevers, or wounded in the feet.

  33. The sepoy officer and many men ill of fluxes and fevers, and lame with swelled and sore feet.

  34. These fluxes have been found to act with considerable energy on most minerals.

  35. This pottery is composed in two ways: the first is with barytic earths, which act as fluxes upon the clays, and form enamels: thus the Wedgewood jasper ware is made.

  36. They stand saline and leaden fluxes in docimastic operations very well; are rather porous on account of the coarseness of the sand, but are thereby less apt to crack from sudden heating or cooling.

  37. But this method was eventually found to be insufficient and even fallacious, especially when volatile metals were in question, or when the fluxes could absorb them.

  38. Metallic fluxes are not the most suitable for this colour; because they always communicate a tint of greater or less force, which never fails to injure the purity of the blue.

  39. Limestone, fluor-spar, borax, and several earthy or metallic oxides are employed as fluxes in metallurgy.

  40. Formerly fluxes more or less compound were employed for these purposes, and every assay cost about fifteen pence.

  41. It may be produced directly with some preparations of silver, as the phosphate or sulphate; but this method does not always succeed, for too strong a heat or powerful fluxes readily destroy it, and nitre is particularly prejudicial.

  42. They serve mutually as fluxes to one another.

  43. In some parts of Germany garnets are so abundant as to be used as fluxes to some iron ores; in others, the garnet gravel is washed, pounded, and employed as a substitute for emery.

  44. The sea-salt employed as a flux may be replaced either by salt of tartar, by pure potash, or by soda; but each of these fluxes gives peculiar qualities to the enamel.

  45. In all Haemorrhages, all Fluxes of Blood, great Tranquillity, Ligatures, and the Use of the Drinks No.

  46. A first or second Dose of Glauber Salt has been known to succeed in the epidemical Summer Fluxes of the hotter Climates, when repeated Doses of Rhubarb and Opiates had failed.

  47. So also, and for the same reasons, are the menstrual fluxes of women, and indeed hemorrhages of every kind, controlled.

  48. A neat painted and gilded Cup made out of the Confiti di Tivoli and formed up with powder'd Egg-shells; as Nero is conceived to have made his Piscina admirabilis, singular against Fluxes to drink often therein.

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