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Example sentences for "footballers"

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foorthwith; foos; foot; footage; football; footballs; footboard; footboy; footbridge; foote
  1. Ought professional footballers to be considered as social pariahs?

  2. He said: "If I'm not mistaken, one of the greatest modern footballers is a native of this town.

  3. Then some unfortunately-inspired parson wrote to the Signal to protest against professional footballers following the chief magistrate of the borough to church.

  4. Piper was still a bete noir to a great many of the rowing men, although with his exception the feud between oarsmen and footballers was now quite healed.

  5. The boating men had a slight advantage in numbers, but the footballers were, with some few exceptions, a heavier lot, and progress was slow.

  6. But from information received we think the police took them instruments the time they were suppressing the Manchester Martyrs beyond the Lisnan, the instruments being lent to them footballers at that time.

  7. The only suggestion the footballers had to make was that the police had taken them when suppressing the Manchester Martyrs.

  8. He said: "If I 'm not mistaken, one of the greatest modern footballers is a native of this town.

  9. Why, alcohol is the worst possible thing for footballers to have at any time, but more especially on a day like this.

  10. You might follow it up with an article pointing out that there are two abuses which footballers suffer from, viz.

  11. I do not believe a great deal in gymnastics for footballers in general, but this method of training does a goalkeeper a world of good.

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