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Example sentences for "footbridge"

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  1. The interior of the Opera House was elaborately decorated, the footbridge connecting the auditorium with the stage being hung with festoons of revolutionary red.

  2. The footbridge on which they crossed was swept by American machine-gun fire, and rushes of American infantry forced the enemy back.

  3. At one side of the garden the pond is spanned by a stone footbridge connecting either side of the shore with the central island.

  4. The lake and its islands are monochromatic and severe, and the footbridge traditional to Sung landscape gardens is represented by three long flat stones crossing a narrow portion of the rear part of the lake.

  5. It was tied to the far end of a primitive footbridge which spans the beck in the valley but a few yards beyond.

  6. I rode to the head of the Pass, and left the horse tied up to the footbridge over the stream.

  7. The sound of naked feet and of wooden sabots pattering on the distant footbridge had caused Roger to utter the quick challenge.

  8. Their destination now was the sign-post which stands at the cross-roads, past the footbridge that leads to Courbevoie.

  9. Davidson turned without a word, and Appleby waited a minute or two watching him cross the meadow towards the narrow, one-railed footbridge that spanned the river.

  10. He took them the shortest way by lane and stile, and they came to the footbridge across the river as dusk was closing down.

  11. They were in the deep lane skirting Podgill now; just beyond the footbridge Polly and Dr.

  12. The bridge was new, built to replace the footbridge upon which Abbott and Fran had stood on the night of the tent-meeting.

  13. This is when the people of Kenilworth love to gather on the narrow footbridge at the side and smoke a quiet cigarette, waiting for the coming of the motorist who will presently be in difficulties.

  14. They stealthily managed to put a footbridge across the river, but when they started to build another across the canal, they met a hurricane of machine-gun and rifle fire, while the German guns concentrating upon them forced their retirement.

  15. Meanwhile Helen crossed the river by the quaint log footbridge which had been one of the first efforts at construction upon which Kate had embarked on arrival at Rocky Springs.

  16. Seeing that the water was cold, in spite of the warmth of the summer evening, he was reminded of the footbridge opposite the Setons' house.

  17. But, as the footbridge was approached, his purpose received a setback.

  18. The doleful sound came up to me from the direction of the stone footbridge at the southwest corner of the Hall below the chapel.

  19. Then I took them and ran to the stone footbridge where I found four Rutland men who had come in response to the message Dawson had sent by Jennie Faxton.

  20. When we returned we crossed the Wye by the stone footbridge and entered the garden below the terrace at the corner postern.

  21. John, with his stolen bride, hurriedly crossed the footbridge and ran to the men who were holding the horses.

  22. About a half mile to the south a narrow footbridge crossed the river, only wide enough for one man.

  23. The great uprooted trunk of the fir footbridge was at his elbow, and he stopped, taking breath, and sank into a half sitting position on the knuckle of one gnarled root.

  24. Once, as he approached his camp, he turned from the path and stepped out on a fallen fir that served as a footbridge to a green island, and looking up-stream saw the splendor of a northern sunset on the mighty dome.

  25. He reached the place where the footbridge had been, and stood crossing himself as he had been taught by the priest.

  26. Two sections of the footbridge held the body wedgelike, but the face and breast were awash.

  27. At the crossing to the Phiander claim the rustic footbridge was gone.

  28. Lumbe rejoined them at the footbridge which led across the meadows into the Heredith estate, and they proceeded on their way in silence.

  29. Then he caught the rhythm of the tide, breaking far down along the rocky bulkhead; and above, where a footbridge spanned a chasm, a cascade rippled in harmony.

  30. They had reached the footbridge over the cascade when he said abruptly: "After all, I am glad Lucky Banks got ahead on the irrigation project.

  31. The pair had come to the footbridge and were in the act of crossing it, when they became aware that the stream beneath them differed from all streams in their experience.

  32. The small entrance gate and the footbridge lay just beyond this angle.

  33. At the footbridge he remembered the musical box in the bushes.

  34. You approached Rilla now by a footbridge crossing the line, and thereafter by a winding pathway climbing the cliff, with here and there a few steps hewn in the living rock.

  35. Presently a woman asked what was wanted, and when we told her we could not get across the stream, she said there was a footbridge near by, which we had not seen in the dark, and told us how to find it a little higher up the stream.

  36. Luckily we found a footbridge lower down the stream.

  37. Neither the footbridge nor Mr. Jack, however, was mentioned again that afternoon.

  38. Why--yes, of course; at least, I suppose you mean the footbridge that crosses the little stream at the foot of the hill over there.

  39. Very soon, however, there arose new complications in the shape of a little gate that led to a path which, in its turn, led to a footbridge across the narrow span of the little stream.

  40. Mr. Jack came home before long, but David quite forgot to speak of the footbridge just then, chiefly because Mr. Jack got out his violin and asked David to come in and play a duet with him.

  41. He was reminded suddenly of the gate and the footbridge which Jill was forbidden to cross; but he dared not speak of it then--not when Mr. Jack looked like that.

  42. Before she reached the footbridge she was nearly breathless, and he was gaining fast upon her.

  43. You can find considerable remains of the domestic buildings of the Grey Friars' Monastery near the footbridge across the Severn, and also of the home of the Austin Friars in a builder's yard at the end of Baker Street.

  44. But we are thinking of bridges, and Bradford has two, the earlier one being a little footbridge by the abbey grange, now called Barton Farm.

  45. I expected to find a footbridge round the corner.

  46. Here the river ran more swiftly, and swollen by last nights storm of wind and rain, it had swept away the frail old footbridge which spanned it.

  47. Further on, she knew, must be the footbridge which Barry had described--probably beyond the sharp curve which lay just ahead of her.

  48. Illustration: The Footbridge over the Canal.

  49. From there they could see the whole of the footbridge and were under cover from the snipers.

  50. Opposite them, the tramps were venturing on the footbridge one by one.

  51. In foundering she had spilt on the sloping shore a deck cargo of timber, now sodden, but still sound enough to enable Rolleston's gang to build a footbridge twelve yards long across the arm of the river.

  52. After two hours of this painful but orderly progression, they arrived before the footbridge over the Yser.

  53. Now, at some fifty yards from where they stood, there was a footbridge which our sailors were at that moment crossing.

  54. The central composition of the western range was designed as an approach to a footbridge leading to the College walks across the river.

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