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Example sentences for "footfalls"

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  1. We watched him across the lawn and path, and through the gate, till his footfalls died out there in the field, and his figure was lost in the black shadow of the holly hedge.

  2. It was three evenings later that we heard uncertain footfalls on the flagstones of the verandah, then a sort of brushing sound against the wood of the long, open window.

  3. Without, the night was calm and still, and through the opened casement came the measured beat of footfalls on the gravel where the outer sentry kept his watch beneath the window.

  4. It was the changing of the guard, I guessed, and so it proved, since presently I heard the clanking of the officer's sword, and double footfalls minishing into silence.

  5. He made more noise than did the other, and that is why I marked it when the footfalls ceased abruptly.

  6. They could hear his rapid footfalls descending the stairs, and John Mark was thoughtful indeed.

  7. His keen ear, trained to wonderful fineness by his years of life in the wilderness, caught the footfalls of a horse, which he knew at once was ridden by one of the Apaches.

  8. I have told how he was driven along by the norther until he passed beyond the fork in the trails, Nick Ribsam catching the faint footfalls as he applied his ear to the ground, which told him the beast was receding.

  9. The electric street lamp shone into his room and the footfalls of the last tenant, receding on the stairs, had long since died to silence.

  10. Her footfalls barely broke the dead silence as she picked her way through the crowd.

  11. Its footfalls as it remounted the stairs were rapid, heavy and loud; they shook the house.

  12. The full moon was about three hours above the eastern horizon; the entire countryside had the solemn stillness of a summer night; our footfalls and the ceaseless song of the katydids were the only sound aloof.

  13. At last it came--a soft, irregular sound of footfalls on the stairs!

  14. Quickly, indeed, we went now and the falling night favoured us; the enemy’s own noise too rendered the slight addition of our footfalls totally unobservable.

  15. The men quartered in our house were astir early, and perhaps their heavy footfalls had more to do with rousing me than my own excitability.

  16. His footfalls had scarcely ceased upon the stairway, when other sounds began to come from the same direction,--those of conflict in the entrance hall below.

  17. Tom ran quickly to his room and crawled in bed, and presently the lieutenant heard a soft, scraping sound in the basement, then light footfalls on the stairs.

  18. Footfalls preceded the traveller, the echo of his own.

  19. Before an hour had passed they heard footfalls crushing the snow, and then Penfold smiled and rose to his feet.

  20. From hard by, indeed, the sound of a thousand footfalls filled the ear; but in Richard Street itself there was neither light nor sound of human habitation.

  21. He did so gingerly, as fearing to increase her terrors; but, tread as lightly as he might, his footfalls eloquently echoed in the empty street.

  22. All the commotion had been on the roof and in the main street, and there was so much noise that the constables had not even heard the footfalls around the corner.

  23. The shouting had increased and the sound of footfalls was just behind.

  24. Our footfalls rang out crisply and loudly as we swung through the Doctors’ quarter, Wimpole Street, Harley Street, and so through Wigmore Street into Oxford Street.

  25. There was a rush, a clatter upon the stairs, the bang of a door, and the crisp rattle of running footfalls from the street.

  26. At that moment the footfalls of the returning robber and those of another sounded on the platform without.

  27. A few minutes after the last freight had gone north, and Jack had been left entirely alone in the big station, he heard light footfalls outside on the platform.

  28. As he leaned farther forward heavy footfalls sounded about the end of the house, and Big Tony, a huge Italian who had recently been discharged from the gang, appeared in the doorway.

  29. Finally snapping twigs, then heavy, stumbling footfalls allayed his anxiety, and the two men reappeared, staggering under the box containing the officer.

  30. There was a sound of muffled footfalls on the hard drive, and the vision had vanished.

  31. They went up the stairs, and reverently they walked over the bare floors, their footfalls echoing through the silent house.

  32. When the door had closed she stoke to the window, and listened to his footfalls in the snow until she heard them no more.

  33. Impassive, I heard it echoed from a score of throats, I saw men and women stampeding like frightened sheep, I heard their footfalls and their cries as they ran.

  34. The years had mellowed the good-humored, imperturbable audacity of his prime into a temper carelessly serene; and the leisurely tapping of his iron-shod stick accompanied his footfalls with a self-confident sound on the flagstones.

  35. Many passed on into the wide sidewalk, where the electric light poured its rays upon countless promenaders whose footfalls incessantly beat upon the aural sense.

  36. The footfalls of the traveller were now audible.

  37. Only the groaning of the trees and rustling of the undergrowth hid the footfalls of the man in black from the ears of the man in gray.

  38. Karr heard the elk's footfalls in the distance, as he dashed into the thickest pine wood, and straight through the brush, following no trodden path.

  39. He hadn't long to wait before he caught the sound of a familiar bell, coming from the depths of the forest, and the next moment he heard footfalls and crackling of branches--as when many animals break through the forest.

  40. The footfalls approaching the door were multiplied: it was his brother and an elderly wasted man with a vermilion sprig of geranium in the lapel of a white coat.

  41. But he had scarce taken two bites when he was fain to suspend his pleasure, for the sound of rapid footfalls came along the way he had just traversed.

  42. He listened for possible footfalls behind him, but he heard none, and so he chuckled inwardly and held his prize close to his breast with a sense of security.

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