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Example sentences for "footfall"

Lexicographically close words:
footed; footedness; footemen; footer; footers; footfalls; footgear; foothill; foothills; foothold
  1. How awful that silent, unceasing footfall of receding days is when once we begin to watch it!

  2. Of the footfall type an example may be quoted from Moniaive.

  3. As soon as the group of stragglers round the fire heard the footfall of the Major's horse, a frenzied yell of hunger went up from them.

  4. It was at least ten minutes before she heard Kilrush leave the house, and then his footfall was so heavy that it sounded like a stranger's.

  5. With the first human footfall in this solemn untrodden recess rushed in the jarring cares and considerations of the busy world in all its whirling haste--its feverish strivings.

  6. Suddenly the faintest possible creak of a footfall on the floor behind him.

  7. Here they waited till they heard the footfall of the impi of the king's Slayers, as it came slowly along seeking them.

  8. Every footfall accelerated the completion without augmenting the certainty of evil.

  9. It is true Wolfert fancied more than once that he heard the sound of a stealthy footfall at a distance behind them; but it might have been merely the echo of their own steps along the quiet streets.

  10. The footfall came opposite the gate, and stopped there.

  11. She was listening for a footfall in a state of mental tensity which almost took away from her the power of motion.

  12. No other sound followed, however, in the silence of the night, though he strained his ears for the faintest echo of a distant footfall and the slightest noise indicating that a window or a door was about to be opened.

  13. He lost so little time, that it seemed to Vjera as though the echo of his steps had not died away upon the stairs before she heard his footfall again as he descended.

  14. Yet, when the sound of a light footfall struck among the thousand whispering noises of wind and leaf that went to make up the silence of the ruins, the glory of joy that lit up eye and lip left no room for any other impression.

  15. The vision of twenty dangerous places where one impetuous footfall might have hurled his darling into the cruel beating waves painted themselves--a hideous phantasmagory--upon Sir Adrian's brain.

  16. A footfall sounded in one of the after compartments.

  17. At the sound of a footfall or the soft creak of a plank I felt that I might lose all control and leap up and brain him with the heavy bottle in my grasp.

  18. I started violently at the sound, and in the silence that followed I thought I heard a footfall in the cabin below.

  19. Every step or bang of a trunk echoed from my room down the other three, and every footfall came back tremulously from the far walls.

  20. She gathered her treasures in her lap, and a moment later we heard her light, springy footfall upon the stair.

  21. His light footfall or his breathing may have finally given notice of his proximity, for the worker sprang round and faced him.

  22. There had been no knock, but he had just recognised the footfall coming up the stairs.

  23. When he was gone, Henriette, who had exchanged a few words in a low voice with Sandoz, disappeared; and her light footfall was heard on the first floor.

  24. But now he grows more uneasy still, for the gate goes again, and still another footfall is heard approaching through the darkness.

  25. But now there is a fresh footfall on the garden walk, a quick, rapid, decided one.

  26. I hear a gliding footfall beside the wall.

  27. Had it not been for the earnestness with which they were talking, the aunt and niece might have heard a light footfall down the passage.

  28. He was very still and quiet, and she paused as she drew near, wondering if he had not heard her light footfall upon the fallen leaves.

  29. Filled with a burning curiosity that rendered him impervious to the thought of personal risk, Cuthbert first shrank into a dark recess, and then with hushed and noiseless footfall followed the tall figure in its walk.

  30. But his footfall did not escape the quick ears of the old soldier, Estoc, who turning instantly, not only perceived who it was, but also marked the room from which he came.

  31. Swearing an oath or two in an under tone, Estoc looked up and down the passage to see if he could perceive the careless warder; but nothing was to be discovered; and no sound or footfall gave notice that he was near.

  32. His footfall was a feathery thing that carried him like a shadow to the door.

  33. Or else, in some barroom, a footfall from behind and a bullet through the back.

  34. There was something fateful and paralyzing in the regular footfall that was followed instantly by the short echo from the vault above.

  35. Dolores' heart almost stood still, as she held her breath, and heard the clumsy footfall coming nearer.

  36. Inez followed her companion's footfall exactly, keeping one step behind her by ear, and just pausing before passing out.

  37. But it is no fault of mine that you have the footfall of a bird!

  38. It would be all the same if I had the footfall of an elephant!

  39. His footfall was nothing on the soft mold.

  40. After awhile a cautious footfall sounded in the chapel, then somewhere a heavy door closed, and all was still.

  41. He paused, key in hand, before his door, when he heard behind him a light footfall on the uncarpeted floor and the swish of a woman's skirts.

  42. Almost to his goal, he heard a muffled footfall and shrank against the wall with a catlike agility, but, though the shadow fell steep and gloomy there, luck was against him.

  43. At his rush, at the sound of his heavy footfall over the rocks, the four turned with a single movement; Ufert covered him with a rifle, but Nash knocked down the boy's arm.

  44. At the sound of the heavy footfall of Drew he turned, rose, his shoulders flattened against the wall behind him like a cornered man prepared for a desperate stand.

  45. He rose now and strode across the room and back; from the wall the heavy echo of his footfall came sharply back.

  46. He was standing facing his half-open door, and outside on the stone steps he heard the soft, even footfall of slippered feet, and the gentle rustling of a woman's gown.

  47. There was no sound of any footfall in the road.

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    Other words:
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