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  1. Fifteen foundries were built to turn out bronze cannon, and thirty for iron ones.

  2. Before the French Revolution there were but two foundries for making pieces of bronze ordnance and four for making iron gunnery; these six foundries turned out 900 cannon annually.

  3. Near by, also, we see foundries still in operation where Messrs.

  4. Another interesting use of thermit is in the great foundries where cauldrons of metal have to be kept at a very high temperature.

  5. The story was several days in the telling, for there were visits to foundries and experiments in the laboratory, besides many long talks.

  6. Ignoring the foundries and shipyards, the popular imagination recognizes but these two commodities--the powder which could blow up the obstructions to all the American harbors, and the match which could touch off the train.

  7. To properly digest these advantages, the city needs a large furnace, centrally located, to work for all the foundries and forges of the place.

  8. There are large oil mills, also iron foundries and machine shops, as well as an important trade in agricultural produce, including fruit and vegetables.

  9. Every one of them bore the mark of the fleur de lis, for they were of a pattern which the French royal foundries were turning out for the light cruisers of King Louis.

  10. The foundries of that day could not manufacture large weapons with mathematical precision.

  11. There are also iron foundries and machine factories.

  12. In some foundries there are twenty of these machines.

  13. These nicks are added very quickly and cheaply; but this necessity will soon be obviated, as the foundries are already making matrices or moulds for casting founts of type containing the distributing-nick.

  14. Half the cannon and two-thirds of the fixed ammunition used during the last two years of the war were made at these foundries and factories.

  15. There were iron works in Bibb, Shelby, Calhoun, and Jefferson counties, and in 1864 there were a dozen large furnaces with rolling-mills and foundries in the state.

  16. White; the naval foundries and the rolling mills were under the direction of Capt.

  17. There are several large iron-foundries in this place, the best one belonging to an Englishman who has been many years resident in Siberia.

  18. The workmen in the English foundries are chiefly Germans and Russians, with English foremen.

  19. With telescopes for Mars-eyes for his spirit, he walks up the skies; he expresses his soul in deep and dark mines, and in mighty foundries melting and re-moulding the world.

  20. And near by are great foundries roaring like apocalyptic lions; high chimneys belch forth their clouds of smoke and flame, and we can hear the noise of metal striking against metal.

  21. I distinctly hear a great noise of foundries in the distance.

  22. As the scoria from bronze foundries is partly composed of these silicates it is indubitable that a kind of glass was formed in the earliest metal-works where this alloy was made.

  23. But very soon the art of manufacturing bronze became prevalent in Switzerland, and foundries were established there.

  24. In order to produce objects of this magnitude it was of course necessary to have at disposal large foundries of bronze.

  25. Chemistry and metallurgy combine to inform us that as soon as bronze foundries existed glass must have been discovered.

  26. There were at that time considerable workshops for the preparation of bronze, and small foundries for melting and casting this alloy.

  27. Iron ores are found at Krusnahora and Nucic, and the principal foundries are round Kladno and Konigshof.

  28. Foundries and machine shops have been established, especially for the manufacture of railway material.

  29. There is a harbour at Castro, and steam flour-mills, foundries and tanneries have been established.

  30. Two other foundries were opened on a similar basis in Stetsonville, Ohio, and Sharon, Pennsylvania.

  31. At the close of 1869 members of the Iron Molders' International Union owned and operated many cooperative foundries chiefly in New York and Pennsylvania.

  32. The St. Louis company sent its patterns to foundries in other districts, but the union successfully prevented their use.

  33. The National Metal Trades' Association had been organized in 1899 by members of the National Founders' Association, whose foundries formed only a part of their manufacturing plants.

  34. The coal mined in the rooms in these long galleries is conveyed in a mule-drawn car to the mouth of the gallery, and if to be used by the foundries at the foot of the hill, is simply sent to its destination down an inclined plane.

  35. To one not familiar with the process by which iron is shaped into the various articles of common use among us, a visit to the foundries of Troy or Albany would be full of interest and instruction.

  36. Her iron foundries produce more than one-third of the manufactured iron of the country, and number among them some of the largest in America.

  37. The productions of these different factories and foundries amount in the aggregate to an almost incredible number and value, and embrace everything made of iron which can be used by man.

  38. Down by the banks of the swift-flowing Allegheny most of the great foundries are to be discovered.

  39. Foundries for hollow-ware and stoves constitute the leading branch of manufacture in the city of Troy.

  40. Its extensive factories and foundries give it material wealth, while its geographical situation guarantees its commercial importance.

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