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Example sentences for "foundry"

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  1. It was reported that the enemy had a gun foundry in Molino, and General Scott determined to capture it.

  2. The attack had simply for its object the destruction of the foundry (which did not exist; at least, no boring apparatus or furnaces could be found), and the position was finally abandoned.

  3. He was employed as a labourer in an iron foundry close by.

  4. They united in building a malleable iron foundry and a knife works, so that they could use better materials at a lower cost.

  5. Who would ever dream of finding a foundry on the Isis, or a factory on the Cam?

  6. In the course of time he was encouraged to undertake the general work of an engineer, and his removal from Greyfriars Wynd to Camlachie Foundry afforded greater scope for the extension of his operations.

  7. Among his other inventions were a lift worked by compressed air, which raised and lowered the castings from the boring-mill to the level of the foundry and the canal bank.

  8. The lord to Fridolin then said: "The pathway toward the foundry tread, And of the workmen there inquire, If they have done their lord's desire.

  9. Marcus Mason, an American mechanical engineer then managing an iron foundry in Costa Rica, invented three machines that would respectively peel off the husk, remove the parchment and pulp, and winnow the light refuse from the beans.

  10. Fortifications are built and an artillery foundry established under the charge of natives.

  11. San Agustin declares the Tagal foundry to have been as large as that at Malaga.

  12. Probably on the same site where the great Tagal cannon-foundry had formerly stood, which was burned and destroyed by the Spaniards at their first arrival in Manila.

  13. He built also an artillery foundry in Manila, where, for want of expert founders, but few large pieces were turned out.

  14. The city has a cotton compress, and among its manufactures are cotton-seed oil, lumber, ice, foundry products and canned goods.

  15. On the evening of that day my husband preached at the Foundry Church, from Exodus xvii.

  16. Aunt slipping through the steps and bruised all over and you in the machinery and foundry way too only think, and never told us!

  17. At the end of the cinder path, the vast pile of the foundry rose black against the fading sky; on the left the open arches of the cast-house of the furnace glowed with molten iron that was running into pigs on the wide stretch of sand.

  18. He had come upon some boys who were throwing stones at the dust-grimed windows of an unused foundry shed.

  19. American Foundry Practice: Treating of Loam, Dry Sand, and Green Sand Moulding, and containing a Practical Treatise upon the Management of Cupolas, and the Melting of Iron.

  20. I afterward got steady work at the brass-foundry owned by Mr. Richmond.

  21. The articles produced here were mostly for ship work, and in the busy season the foundry was in operation night and day.

  22. This engine, called the Best Friend of Charleston, was built at the West Point Foundry in New York City and was shipped to Charleston in the Fall of 1830.

  23. There are also the machine and pattern shops, together with a large foundry for the manufacture of castings for cars and locomotives, having a capacity of 200 tons a day.

  24. In 1823 the arsenal and cannon foundry at Top-haneh were entirely destroyed by fire.

  25. While the Carron foundry was pursuing a career of safe prosperity, Dr.

  26. Part of the experimental couplings used were made by the Hadfield Steel Foundry Company, but the couplings used at a recent trial at Gloucester were forged by the Gloucester Wagon Company.

  27. When the casting was cold, it was thrown upon the floor of the foundry and separated into two parts, while the lace fell out uninjured, and the pattern was found to be reproduced upon each face of the casting.

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