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Example sentences for "gems"

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  1. Where satins shimmer not, and gems are few, save those bled from the heart of despair--frozen in flowing.

  2. You said you loved fine dresses, it became my pleasure to choose you the finest in the world--you longed for jewels, and it was my pride to search for gems to match your beauty.

  3. Theseus was aided in his escape from the dark Labyrinth by means of the light radiated by a crown of blazing gems and gold which Bacchus gave to Ariadne.

  4. Their gems invite the hand that delves; So learning's treasured jewels shine Ranged on the alcove's ordered shelves.

  5. But Paris was the gem of gems among towns.

  6. I dare say you get nothing but gems and gold,' Sophy retorted.

  7. She stripped of rings and diamond bands, And tore from braids of long black hair The gems that gleamed like starlight there; Her cross of blazing rubies, last, Down at the Russian's feet she cast.

  8. II He mounted and rode three days and nights Till he came to Vanity Fair, And 'twas easy to buy the gems and the silk, But no Singing Leaves were there.

  9. Chief among those who devoted themselves to it was George Ripley, who, in his excellent Library of Foreign Standard Literature, gave the public the choicer gems of French and German philosophy, poetry, or lighter prose.

  10. Pure gems of earth are beauteous to behold, Set in the royalty of burnished gold; But what is their dead beauty, to the glow Of living, loving glory which flowers show?

  11. A vast, mysterious country, Studded with gems and gold, Where virgin soil and forests grand Were girt by headlands bold.

  12. These graceful gems of verdure--delighting us to-day Are tender loving tokens, fresh from the living sod, Of the surpassing wisdom and boundless love of God.

  13. It is a fortune all its readers will wish it, where the gems under the gold-lettered, crimson covers will be often inspected, and the neat volume often made a Christmas or a New Year's gift.

  14. Night's gentle Queen and star gems Withdraw their gracious sway, As the sun in rose-hued splendour Kisses to life the day.

  15. Eastward and westward come they Shining like gems of light, Beneath soft, silvery moonbeams Of peaceful, silent night.

  16. Well skilled in culinary lore, Her "graham gems" kept time With all the other household gems Which in rare grace combine.

  17. Aye, Mother, the weight of it seemed to crush me with its gems and gold.

  18. As it chanced he arrived late, and requested to see the gems just as Tua, according to her custom, was playing upon her harp.

  19. Of other gems equally well engraved the following are specimens.

  20. There are some Phoenician gems which are interesting from their subject matter without being especially good as works of art.

  21. These mountains, or at any rate Casius and Amanus, are of igneous origin, and, if carefully explored, would certainly yield gems to the investigator.

  22. Gems bright as those which Eastern Monarchs wear, Hang on her breast and sparkle in her hair.

  23. A virtuoso skilled in gems or precious stones; a connoisseur of lapidary work.

  24. All was done as he desired; and, when the castle of gems was finished, it would need a pen of jasponyx dipped in rainbows to describe it.

  25. He had expected a casket of gems at least; perhaps a crown.

  26. There were green trees in the kingdom: but the leaves were hard emeralds; and the fruit, apples of gold or cherries of ruby; and these precious gems the gnomes ground to powder, and swallowed with much satisfaction.

  27. Since there are such beautiful gems in my lost home, it must lie under the earth.

  28. When the castle of gems was just completed, and not a soul was in it, Victor locked the gates with a magic key, and then dropped the key into the ocean.

  29. It was delightful to scatter my gems by the wayside; but I did not think they would all be given back to me when I reached home!

  30. RICH AND RARE WERE THE GEMS SHE WORE RICH and rare were the gems she wore, And a bright gold ring on her wand she bore; But, oh!

  31. So soon may I follow, When friendships decay, And from love's shining circle The gems drop away!

  32. Most men are like so many gems in the rough, which need polishing by contact with other and better natures, to bring out their full beauty and lustre.

  33. Among the gold ornaments and gems of emerald and ruby, with which her hair was interwoven in braids, was a large jewel of pearls, the rarest, and therefore the most precious, of trinkets in Tenochtitlan.

  34. The gems are larger than I have ever before seen.

  35. The gems were unique in size and character.

  36. The central object was the historic Emerald Throne, a wonderful golden seat so thickly encrusted with beautiful green gems as to appear entirely constructed of them.

  37. Her hair, of almost flaxen fairness, fell in profusion about her shoulders and breast, almost hiding the necklets of gold and gems encircling her slim throat.

  38. It is plain that the theft was accomplished in all haste, for there was scarce time to sort the gems that are unique from those rivalled by others.

  39. Indeed, so covered was her breast by the fiery gems that as it heaved and fell their flashing dazzled us; yet in her eyes was a cruel, crafty gleam that from the first moment I saw her roused instinctively within me fear and suspicion.

  40. One is that the wonderful ruby necklet, an ornament of matchless gems that belonged to King Karmos and is one of the talismans of the Sanoms, has been left.

  41. We stood still with pale faces and stared at each other, the lantern in the middle and the glimmering gems below, as though we were conspirators about to commit a crime, instead of being, as we thought, the most fortunate men on earth.

  42. The worth of money hoarded or spent unnecessarily, contrasted with the worth of souls as gems in the Saviour's crown.

  43. Order moulded the planets, and every star that gems the evening sky; it launched them forth in their orbits, and guides their glorious way, producing "the music of the spheres.

  44. To all the glittering gems of earth I it prefer, a thousandfold.

  45. And the lovely flowers at once arise To match the glow of the radiant skies, The sparkling dewdrops at morn are seen, Close nestling among the petals rare, Like crystal studs in a maiden's hair, Brighter then gems which adorn a queen.

  46. And then, with his back to Burton again, he took the case of gems from his pocket, opened it, and laid it on the cupboard shelf.

  47. They are very expensive; even those wrought with imitation gems cost more than we felt like expending.

  48. He twisted the string of gems about her arm, bare to the elbow, and Lena gasped with pleasure.

  49. He selected a few gems of half-forgotten eighteenth century literature--gems that deserved to be given life-preservers on that stream of oblivion into which they were too surely being sucked.

  50. Yes," he went on, "these gems we do not submit to force.

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