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  1. Lastly the genitalia of the males, though not very different, present small structural points of distinction which are enough to distinguish the two species at a glance.

  2. Again it was once believed by some that the genitalia of the Lepidoptera provided a basis of final determination--with a similar sequel.

  3. It occurred to him that this lover, this sprawled figure so near to him, was like a dog he had seen recently near Gaysorn Department Store lying on its back at the base of a Brahma statue, its genitalia an oblation to that deity.

  4. In oestrus the genitalia are enlarged and discolored and the vaginal orifice is prominent and gaping.

  5. In anoestrus the orifice is sealed, the genitalia are reduced in size and the skin in the genital region is white.

  6. Clasp-filament: in male genitalia of culicids the articulated appendage or terminal segment of side-piece or clasp; sometimes bears an articulated point or apex and then = articulated apex.

  7. Claspette: in genitalia of male culicids, the inner basal lobe of side piece; q.

  8. Prout to be a distinct species, and as the genitalia have been found, on examination by Mr. Pierce, to differ from these organs in truncata and immanata, there seems to be reason to accept it as such.

  9. Mr. Pierce finds that the male genitalia of a North Kent scrophulariae sent to him do not differ from these parts in C.

  10. Pierce has been good enough to examine the genitalia of six of the males, and of these he reports four are C.

  11. Brugh reports an instance of injury to the genitalia in a boy of eighteen who was caught in a threshing-machine.

  12. Binet speaks of a man of fifty-three whose external genitalia were of the size of those of a boy of nine.

  13. If one set of genitalia are extraordinarily developed, the other set are correspondingly atrophied.

  14. Such a condition with other associate malformations of the genitalia might easily be mistaken for an instance of hermaphroditic testicles.

  15. Postmortem a complete set of female genitalia was found, although the ovaries were very small.

  16. Fournier speaks of an individual in Lisbon in 1807 who was in the highest degree graceful, the voice feminine, the mammae well developed, The female genitalia were normal except the labia majora, which were rather diminutive.

  17. Some cases have been proved by dissection to have been true hermaphrodites, portions or even entire genitalia of both sexes having been found.

  18. There is little doubt of the possibility of spermatozoa deposited on the genitalia making progress to the seat of fertilization, as their power of motility and tenacity of life have been well demonstrated.

  19. The vulva was covered with thick hair and the external genitalia were well developed.

  20. Injuries about the genitalia would naturally be expected to exercise some active influence on the uterine contents; but there are many instances reported in which the escape of injury is marvelous.

  21. The penis and the other genitalia were normal, but the man had a female voice and absence of facial hair.

  22. No genitalia were seen on the parasite and it exhibited no active movements, the joints of both limbs being ankylosed.

  23. Recently, in cases of dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea dysmenorrhagia, and like sexual disorders, massage or gentle flagellation of the parts contiguous with the genitalia and pelvic viscera has been recommended.

  24. Avulsion of the male external genitalia is not always accompanied by serious consequences, and even in some cases the sexual power is preserved.

  25. His feeling at the time was one of disgust; the appearance and odor of the female genitalia repelled him.

  26. Macnaughton-Jones describes the case of a woman of 32 with normal sexual feelings and fully developed breasts, clitoris, and labia, but no vagina or internal genitalia could be detected even under the most thorough examination.

  27. Other atrophic changes in the genitalia are shriveling of the vulva, with prolapse of the vagina or uterus from relaxation of the ligaments and loss of the natural support afforded by the changed perineal body.

  28. Constipation irritates the genitalia directly and increases the inflammation.

  29. Hulingun usab ug apil ang ímung kinatáwu, Your genitalia will also be examined.

  30. B56] for the external genitalia of a sow that is in the heat to redden like a tambis fruit.

  31. A; c1] stitch up the genitalia after childbirth (humorous).

  32. In herpes about the genitalia cleanliness is of first importance.

  33. The lesions are more or less numerous, usually become confluent, especially about the folds of the neck, about the genitalia and buttocks; in these regions resembling somewhat erythema intertrigo.

  34. The face, hands, forearms and genitalia are favorite parts, although it may in many instances involve a greater portion of the whole surface.

  35. There were men and boys, dead or dying from excruciating pain, after having their genitalia bitten off by some nymphomaniac harlots and other erotopathic bitches -- some of who also died, choking while trying to swallow their prizes.

  36. He kissed the lips of her genitalia until a small split formed in one of her many scabs, letting a thin brownish fluid dampen his mouth, chin and eventually to soak his beard.

  37. Like the genitalia of the post-partum female, the newborn young seem to have an odor that attracts and excites the male.

  38. When he entered young men from their angles of the platform were pulling on their genitalia within dark frothy briefs of an opaque translucency that made the movements of their genitalia obvious.

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