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  1. When high summer begins to decline we have stately groups of Gladioli and many beautiful Lilies in the shrubbery borders.

  2. As the corms of these Gladioli are small, several may be placed in a 32-sized pot.

  3. Gladioli are peculiarly liable to injury from wind, so that a sheltered, but not a shaded, position should, if possible, be chosen for them.

  4. The corms of these Gladioli are small, and a 32-sized pot will accommodate several.

  5. The autumn-flowering Gladioli are grown in the open ground, and preparations should begin well in advance of planting time.

  6. The Childsi gladioli first appeared in 1882, having been raised at Baden-Baden by Herr Max Leichtlin from the best forms of G.

  7. The modern varieties of gladioli have almost completely driven the natural species out of gardens, except in botanical collections.

  8. The stately habit and rich glowing colours of the modern gladioli render them exceedingly valuable as decorative plants during the late summer months.

  9. Orr's recommendation that the chaparral (brush) be cut back 45 feet from the gladioli plantings was reluctantly followed and proved to be effective.

  10. The great race of hybrid Gladioli derived from G.

  11. Gladioli are easily grown from seed also, but this method cannot be depended on to perpetuate desirable varieties, which can be reproduced only by the cormels.

  12. Early-flowering varieties of gladioli may be forced for late winter or spring bloom.

  13. No more is our garden the husband of light, whence the phlox were seen springing towards their glory; our fiery gladioli are mingled with the earth, and have lain down in their length to die.

  14. Most species of gladioli in their wild state are small and lacking in beauty.

  15. Most of the species of gladioli are native in the temperate zone of Southern Africa, where they have grown for so long a time that they will reproduce themselves in a marked degree from seeds.

  16. Many charming effects may also be produced by planting Gladioli in beds, with a groundwork formed by a low plant of contrasting or harmonising colours.

  17. Gladioli should be staked early, and it is desirable to put in sticks when the corms are planted, unless they are in a position where the long stakes will look unsightly.

  18. Gladioli are also raised from seeds, sown in pans, or in the open ground in spring.

  19. The corms should be planted in spring, and treated like Gladioli in pots.

  20. Then the varieties of the early-flowering Gladioli named in catalogues may be accounted almost hardy on light dry soils, especially if protected for a winter after being planted.

  21. The leading section of Gladioli is that formed by the gandavensis varieties, charming hybrids, which through a long period have been constantly improved until their almost perfect flowers have been produced.

  22. The general cultivation of Gladioli is very simple.

  23. Moreover, when the tulips were all planted there were gladioli to be sorted and put away.

  24. Back in the sunlight, they were dazzled by the savage color of the gladioli in the hot August noon, and found them rather gaudy after the fronded half-light where nothing had disturbed the outspread vision of a future triumphantly attainable.

  25. Back in the sunlight, they were dazzled by the savage colour of the gladioli in the hot August noon and found them rather gaudy after the fronded half-light where nothing had disturbed the outspread vision of a future triumphantly attainable.

  26. Moreover when the tulips were all planted, there were gladioli to be sorted and put away.

  27. The rose-coloured wild gladioli among the young green corn were a dream of beauty, the morning of the world.

  28. She went down to Ciccio where he was weeding armfuls of rose-red gladioli from the half-grown wheat, and cutting the lushness of the first weedy herbage.

  29. To thoroughly understand what these thick-ringed roots are for, the reader will remember what has been said at page 13 about the way in which the old corms of Crocuses and Gladioli disappear, or are surmounted in autumn by new ones.

  30. Where space will permit, the following natural species of Gladioli may also be grown:--G.

  31. The kinds of Gladioli just mentioned may be grown to perfection in a well-drained loamy soil, which has been deeply dug and well manured the autumn previous to planting.

  32. There is great satisfaction in growing the finest gladioli that have ever been produced in all the world.

  33. The next great improvement in garden gladioli was brought about by Max Leichtlin, Baden Baden, Germany, who extensively hybridized the best Gandavensis varieties with G.

  34. One grower never plants gladioli the second time in succession on the same land.

  35. Planting gladioli after potato or tomato crops is said to incur risk of scabby stock.

  36. This latter suggestion probably applies to all gladioli and not alone to America, as it is practiced by a good many of the best growers.

  37. The America requires a longer growing season than most other gladioli and continues its growth well up to severe frosts.

  38. I hope you will include sweet peas, dahlias, and gladioli in your selection.

  39. Gladioli and most dahlias you will not raise from seeds.

  40. After a hard frost has killed the tops, the Dahlias, Cannas and Gladioli should be taken up, the tops cut off, the roots well dried, and then stored in a cellar that does not freeze.

  41. Pansies, however, can be grown in the Rose beds, as I have elsewhere described; Gladioli can also be planted among them without detriment to either.

  42. Illustration: Lilium speciosum rubrum September fifteenth] Excellent Gladioli can be bought for a dollar and fifty cents a hundred, and these will be most satisfactory if planted in the border about May fifteenth in groups of six to ten.

  43. I said, coming to Bart's rescue, "for Aunt Lavinia Cortright wrote me last week that she was sending me some of her prize pink Dahlias, and some gladioli bulbs!

  44. A small, slender, bronze-hued, half-nude figure among the ruby hues of the gladioli and the pure snowlike whiteness of the lilies.

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