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Example sentences for "gloomiest"

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gloire; glomeruli; gloom; gloomed; gloomier; gloomily; gloominess; glooming; glooms; gloomy
  1. But the heart of a man in Clifford's awful situation is dark and inscrutable; and often when the wildest and gloomiest external circumstances surround us, their reflection sleeps like a shadow, calm and still upon the mind.

  2. Even in the gloomiest passages of the poets, where we recognize sublimity, we do not often find melancholy.

  3. In some instances Time displays a fondness and a caprice in which the gloomiest tyranny is seen occasionally to indulge.

  4. It is, to TRUST GOD in the darkest, gloomiest night of earthly trial!

  5. Accounts of its rapid increase soon filled the public journals, and the gloomiest forebodings of the total loss of the crop of 1846, immediately took hold of the public mind.

  6. The blight did not appear in all places at once; it travelled mysteriously but steadily, and from districts where the crop was safe a few days before, the gloomiest accounts were unexpectedly received.

  7. In respect of taste it would be impossible for the gloomiest skeptic to deny that this is an exceedingly free country.

  8. All through the winter, too, its yellow twigs give it a sunny aspect which is not without a cheering influence even in the grayest and gloomiest day.

  9. These convictions filled Rainford’s mind with the gloomiest apprehensions, although he contrived to veil them from you.

  10. Nelly made no reply, not wishing to encourage, by the slightest apparent interest, the continuance on the theme which invariably suggested her father's gloomiest reveries.

  11. The gloomiest since the birth of this republic.

  12. Cyriacus Spangenberg saw in Luther a prophet, for one reason because his gloomiest predictions were being fulfilled before the eyes of all.

  13. In the midst of the great successes of those years he still gives utterance to the gloomiest of predictions for the future of his doctrine, which dissensions would eat to the very core.

  14. His view of the history of the kingdom of Christ was the gloomiest imaginable.

  15. While thus I sat brooding over my gloomiest thoughts, Mrs. Rooney, evidently affected by the subject, maintained a perfect silence.

  16. Amid the jungles of the East, Where gloomiest forms of sin are rife, Like flowerets in a desert drear, Her treasured ones had sprung to life.

  17. Her letters, arranged by Mrs. Gilman, and published several years ago, afford a panoramic view of many dark scenes at the gloomiest period of American history, and beautifully daguerreotype her own pure and patriotic heart.

  18. We shall both sleep there soon enough," said Trafford, who seemed to be in one of his gloomiest moods.

  19. It was the very height of the gloomiest period of religious fanaticism and persecution in Europe.

  20. The first half of the year 1863 witnessed what was perhaps the gloomiest and most disheartening period of the war.

  21. Heavy toiling all day, inspiring gloomiest thoughts at times.

  22. They had hastened out without breakfast: we made them cocoa and discussed the gloomiest situation.

  23. But the gloomiest moments must pass to their graves, as the brightest and best, And thus once again did fair Fiesole look o'er a valley of rest.

  24. Olive, smiling, for the little old maid was as brave as a lion among these gloomiest of all gloomy lanes, familiar to her even in dark nights, and this was a sunny spring morning.

  25. It was dreary enough to reach her journey's end alone, and have to wait some hours at the small railway station; and then, tired and worn, to be driven for miles across the country through the gloomiest of all gloomy November days.

  26. Not merely from casual expressions, but from the whole tenor of Lord Byron's feelings, I could not but conclude he was a believer in the inspiration of the Bible, and had the gloomiest Calvinistic tenets.

  27. The time when Arnold's defection was discovered, in the autumn of 1780, was the gloomiest period of the war.

  28. There is a heavy dun fog on the river and over the city to-day, the very gloomiest atmosphere that ever I was acquainted with.

  29. Then there are various passages and nooks and corners and square recesses in the stone, some of which must have been intended for dungeons, and the ugliest and gloomiest dungeons imaginable, for they could not have had any light or air.

  30. Grateful hearts can give light and colour to the gloomiest hours.

  31. Debienne and Poligny, who, seeing us pass straight from the gloomiest state of mind to one of the most insolent merriment, acted as though they thought that we had gone mad.

  32. Raoul left the building a prey to the gloomiest thoughts.

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