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Example sentences for "gloomily"

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glomeruli; gloom; gloomed; gloomier; gloomiest; gloominess; glooming; glooms; gloomy; glora
  1. She called Joseph, the intemperate garçon, who, while calculating the value of the flowers in petits verres, gloomily disclaimed any knowledge as to their destination.

  2. This culminated in an erratic stroll on Sunday which ended at the flower-market on the Pont au Change, began again, was gloomily extended to the morgue, and again ended at the marble bridge.

  3. I nodded, gloomily enough, I dare say, to signify assent.

  4. He could not write, but stared gloomily before him.

  5. It is all delay, delay," said Herault gloomily to young Clery.

  6. Paul sank down near the round window of the cloister and gazed gloomily out.

  7. The wearied physician gloomily took his seat on the chair pointed out to him.

  8. They scattered in all directions and the next moment, Tode's shrill voice rang out triumphantly, while his rival stalked gloomily off, meditating dire vengeance in the near future.

  9. He glanced gloomily after the two, as he spoke.

  10. He went gloomily homeward, telling himself that he had been a fool to try to do anything for Dick Hunt.

  11. Then I went gloomily down to my berth, where I kept close by myself till I fell asleep, though the gun-room steward was sent to me more than once to join the officers.

  12. No one else was afraid of assenting, and James muttered gloomily at the floor: "He's not half the man he was.

  13. Here the trees, made dark by rain, seemed to watch gloomily the progress of this whirring-wheeled red box, unreconciled even yet to such harsh intruders on their wind-scented tranquillity.

  14. His thoughts turned gloomily to the Forsytes.

  15. It was late the following afternoon when Soames stood in the dining-room window gazing gloomily into the Square.

  16. He stared gloomily through the dusk at his patent-leather boots, and every now and then he flicked his evening trousers with the letter.

  17. Her large eyes gazed gloomily into space, and her face expressed anxious, mournful weariness.

  18. The emperor looked silently and gloomily down before him.

  19. On these, perhaps, of all mountains, the characters of decay are written most clearly; around these are spread most gloomily the memorials of their pride, and the signs of their humiliation.

  20. Gloomily the count's brow wrinkled, as he asked himself this question, and his eyes flamed with fury.

  21. The Elector leaned back gloomily in the corner, thinking to himself: "If I only knew whether she wore white or black gloves!

  22. Chamberlain von Götz gazed gloomily upon the sick man, who just at this moment uttered a loud scream, and with outstretched arms and clinched hands tossed restlessly about.

  23. Solitary subalterns rode out to Miskomia, and gazed gloomily on the beautiful mistletoe which grows on all the wild pear and apple trees in these lovely valleys.

  24. Generals might be seen sitting on powder-barrels on the beach, awaiting the arrival of "divisional staff horses," or retiring gloomily within the folds of their macintoshes.

  25. Nevertheless he wrote gloomily on the same day of future relations with the United States[381].

  26. No disturbances such as the Gazette had gloomily foretold attended the event, and the tremendous majority gained by the President somewhat stunned the press.

  27. But he did neither: and, when he was sitting alone in the deserted tram, he tore his ticket into shreds and stared gloomily at the corrugated footboard.

  28. Stephen walked on beside his friend, staring gloomily at the footpath.

  29. It was not exactly to my taste, however, nor did the thought of my poor mother at home make me more sympathetic with Tom's ecstasy; so whilst he chattered I strode gloomily forward over the beach.

  30. He laughed, and ran upstairs, while I turned and gloomily sauntered down the deserted street.

  31. Bates found him staring gloomily from the window when he came into the office half an hour later, and at once put the wrong though obvious construction upon his mood.

  32. Buck up, and—" George sagged back into the chair as he gloomily interrupted the speaker.

  33. What might or might not befall me, I gloomily debated.

  34. I stammered something--dashed if I know what--and blinked a little gloomily as she drew a brisk fire from the flame I tendered.

  35. And I fixed my glass and stared gloomily at the things.

  36. I sneaked under the quiet shade in a convenient pergola, and, dropping upon a bench, gazed gloomily at the sunlight patches at my feet.

  37. But I had other things to think of as we sat out in the loggia--chiefly of her, herself; withal, wondering gloomily what her father would say when he found I had disobeyed his injunction about not speaking to her.

  38. I stood blinking after her a moment; then I fixed my attention gloomily upon the cellarette.

  39. The two sat gazing gloomily down the long street of Heart's Desire, and so intent were they that they did not see the shambling figure of Willie the sheepherder coming up the street.

  40. Surely, when God has thrown around us such beauties as these, our hearts should bid us rejoice, and enjoy them as they are sent, and we ought not to think gloomily upon the future, which may lead us insensibly into discontent and repining.

  41. He sat gloomily on a chair, with his hands in his pockets.

  42. The memory rankled, and he gloomily watched the demure progress of Ellen as she took the letters to Elizabeth.

  43. As the minutes went by I shut my eyes, and was gloomily thankful when the summons came from above.

  44. She shook her head gloomily a couple of times, but gave no answer.

  45. Methinks our governor should not be buried with as little ceremony as we perforce have showed our meanest servant," said Captain Standish gloomily to Elder Brewster the evening of Carver's death.

  46. Mowbray looked gloomily at her, and then started off.

  47. Reginald looked at him gloomily and menacingly.

  48. Wiggins said nothing, but sat looking gloomily at her.

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    Other words:
    gravely; grimly; heavily; sadly; solemnly