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Example sentences for "greys"

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  1. Edie, now flushed and feverish, but dry of lips and erect of mien, turned the key haughtily in the door, and stalked out to the greys once more.

  2. Edie took her husband over in the pony-carriage with the two little greys she loved so well to drive herself: the very prettiest and best-matched ponies, everybody said, in the whole county of Hereford.

  3. One specially struck us: a triumph of silver greys and browns, a veritable incarnation of Autumn.

  4. The glorious sun came, and the slate-greys and blacks turned to silvers and lustrous greens, and the dank sodden boughs changed to fairy wands, trimmed with diamonds as the sun touched them.

  5. The hills of the rougher country, backed by the blue outline of distant mountains, come into view at the upper end of the bay, basking sweetly in the light, and clothed in pearly greys where their verdure falls in shadow.

  6. Nevertheless, the eye of mixed colour has always a definite character, and the mingling that looks green is quite unlike the mingling that looks grey; and among the greys there is endless difference.

  7. The clouds go under his whip, but they have kinder greys than should be the colours of his cold.

  8. But she was suddenly arrested by the appearance of a figure in the far distance, black against the pale greys of the house.

  9. The January day was closing, not in any glory of sunset, but with interwoven greys and pearls, and delicate yellow lights slipping through the clouds.

  10. Call not the Russells and the Greys Whigs: they had deserted the practices (considered apart from the professions) of their party before becoming reformers.

  11. The colouring of all the frescoes is exceedingly harmonious, the greenish greys of the background are very delicate, and the foliage in the fresco over the altar must have been most beautiful.

  12. The colour of the figures is very harmonious--the soft greys of the armour, and the dull red of the scarf against it; all the links of the chain mail executed with the dainty care of a miniature.

  13. Late in 1551, the Greys established, for some reason or other, a close intimacy with the Princess Mary, and this notwithstanding their religious differences.

  14. Here the Greys lived in great state, possibly abandoning their other residence in Whitehall for the larger and more sumptuous residence.

  15. Even Graeme laughed and clapped her hands, and the greys flew over the ground, and passed every sleigh and sledge on the road.

  16. It was a holiday of a new kind to them; and their enjoyment was crowned and completed when, in the afternoon, Mr Snow came down with his box-sleigh and his two handsome greys to give them a sleigh-ride.

  17. It was high up in the large block of buildings and its windows looked over the greys and greens and silvers of the park, the water shining in the midst, and the dim silhouettes of Whitehall rising in stately significance on the evening sky.

  18. The pale, high pinks of the sky drooped and melted into the greys and whites and buffs below, and blurred the heavy greens of the park with falling veils of rose.

  19. At times the clumps darkened and looked like splotches of blood, at others they brightened into silvery greys of the softest tones.

  20. And naturally, the crepine, the small sausages, the chitterlings, and the crumbed trotters provided me with delicate greys and browns.

  21. The greys in chin, beard, and hair must, however, be admitted to be beautiful, although they are not so full of charm as the greys in the portrait of Miss Alexander.

  22. His earliest pictures were all composed in pensive greys and violets, and exhaled the weary sadnessof tilth and grange and scant orchard trees.

  23. Light red with cobalt or ultramarine give greys somewhat less aerial for middle distance, mountains, &c.

  24. I watched the charge of the Scots Greys and 12th Lancers," writes Sergeant C.

  25. Just as the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava has been reproduced by the 9th Lancers, so the Scots Greys and 12th Lancers have reproduced the famous charge of the "Greys" at Waterloo.

  26. The Illegal Summons In the afternoon, Frank Worrell appeared before the jail with the Carthage Greys and demanded that the prisoners be delivered up to the constable to be taken before Justice R.

  27. The Carthage Greys refused to receive them by such title, and made threats against their lives, to which the governor paid little heed.

  28. It was midnight when the company arrived at that town, and while passing the public square many of the troops of the Carthage Greys made murderous threats.

  29. Justice Smith asked the governor for advice, since his mittimus was illegal, and therefore this was a false committal, when Governor Ford replied, "You have the Carthage Greys at your command!

  30. Smith, captain of the Carthage Greys and a most bitter mobocrat.

  31. I wonder where Tom McGregor is, and Pole's boy and Joe Grace, and those Greys who went diverse ways.

  32. In the autumn he brought to Grey Pine his wife, Ann Grey, of the well-known Greys of the eastern shore of Maryland.

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