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Example sentences for "greyish"

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  1. We stood in a large, square room, evidently a dining and living-room, washed with a greyish plaster, at once warm and cool.

  2. I had reached, I think, when I left off my plain unvarnished tale and took to maundering, that precise point in it which exhibits Roger in the act of replacing his hat upon his even then slightly greyish head and striding on.

  3. It had odd touches of greyish rose, because Whistler had insisted on it.

  4. The colour of the platinum film is of a neutral greyish black, and it often shows at the same time a faint iridescence.

  5. Lagum ang linabhan ug dì iladlad, Washed clothes are greyish if they are not bleached.

  6. Páyuk ang tísirt nga way ladlad, A T-shirt comes out greyish if you don’t bleach it.

  7. It has a thin, greyish shell, growing to 3″.

  8. As they become older they take on a lighter shade and the tail changes to greyish with a black tip.

  9. Ears black at tips, fading to greyish in a month or 6 weeks.

  10. Head greyish in decided contrast to black of back, nose and ears.

  11. It is generally of a greyish colour, and sometimes sufficiently firm to be used as a building stone.

  12. Here the rock is a vesicular trachyte, of a greyish colour, solidified in vertical columns of hexagonal form, about four feet in diameter, and traversed by transverse joint planes.

  13. It consists of a light-greyish felsitic paste enclosing grains of smoke-quartz, crystals of sanidine, plagioclase and biotite, with a little magnetite and apatite.

  14. On every claim were dozens of cabins, and many high cones of greyish muck.

  15. Sometimes, where the dump had gradually arisen around man and windlass, the platform in the centre of that dark-greyish cone was twenty feet high.

  16. But although a greyish pallor showed through the tan of his skin, his eyes were feverishly bright, and there, as I knelt beside him, I thanked Heaven silently, but fervently.

  17. In the little brass bowl lay a blood-stained fragment of greyish hair attached to a tatter of skin.

  18. It was a greyish hue now, and dank with perspiration.

  19. When the road passed a farmhouse the fences there were a ghastly, speckled, greyish white; innocent of whitewash for now going on three years.

  20. The sun went behind a smooth pall of greyish cloud.

  21. The true wind mingles with the flying dust a greyish or yellowish haze, through which the sun shines hot, yet cheerless.

  22. Almost wherever one lands, some small greyish brown waders are seen running quickly to and fro, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in flocks of ten to twenty.

  23. The young whales are not white, but very light greyish brown.

  24. Napi by a sprinkling of greyish brown scales over the whole of the upper side of the wings (Fig.

  25. Those twenty days are present to my imagination as something warm, and young, and fragrant, a sort of streak of light in my dingy, greyish life.

  26. On the right in the fog were the twinkling lights, the innumerable church-spires of the immense city; on the left, two white horses were grazing in a meadow skirting the forest: before us stretched fields covered with greyish mists.

  27. While still intently watching the progress of the fight, we observed a thin column of greyish brown smoke curling up into the air from the "Juno's" consort.

  28. She wore a womanly dress of greyish green.

  29. For a moment or so they remain, greyish figures in the cool shadow, against the sunlit greenery of the gardens beyond.

  30. At the top of the hill, a thin bed of dark greyish green tile-clay is seen 1-1/2 foot thick, with casts of Nucula Deshaysiana.

  31. Middle Trias { Compact greyish limestone } With Equisetites or { with beds of dolomite and } and Calamite.

  32. The Muschelkalk consists chiefly of a compact, greyish limestone, but includes beds of dolomite in many places, together with gypsum and rock-salt.

  33. A porphyritic rock of a whitish or greyish colour, composed principally of glassy felspar, with crystals of the same, generally with some hornblende and some titaniferous iron.

  34. The greyish brown or blue marl of the Subapennine formation is very aluminous, and usually contains much calcareous matter and scales of mica.

  35. In such circumstances the sponge is of a greyish colour, but specimens of the variety minima taken by Potts on rocks and boulders in Bear Lake, Pennsylvania, were of a bright green.

  36. When growing near the surface or even if attached to a stone at the bottom in clear water, it is invariably of a pale yellowish or greyish colour.

  37. The zoarium has a greenish or greyish tinge.

  38. In a few hours the sponge will be of a bright pink colour, but if only a little carmine is used at first and no more added, it will regain its normal greyish hue in a few days.

  39. The wings are of a greyish purple and a little dentated.

  40. The anterior wings are green next the anterior edge, but along the interior one are of a greyish flesh colour.

  41. The external edges of the anterior wings are of an olive colour; the remaining parts being of a very resplendent greyish purple.

  42. Female greyish brown; beneath paler, tinged with yellowish olive on the rump and throat.

  43. The colour of its body is of a greyish brown above, and paler below; its length about fifteen feet, the saw being about a third of the whole.

  44. The colour is brown above and white beneath; but as the animal advances in age, it often becomes of a greyish white.

  45. The general colour is black, except the extremities of the feathers, which are of a greyish tint.

  46. The general colour of the plumage is a dingy white, with a greyish tinge.

  47. The Wild Goose is the original of the tame one, and differs much in colour from her, the general tint of its feathers being a greyish black.

  48. It is a stouter and more powerful animal than the domestic Cat, and is of a greyish colour with black stripes, something like an ordinary tabby.

  49. The ears of the Ass are of an uncommon length; and he is of a greyish or dun colour, with a black cross on his back and shoulders.

  50. As a compromise between these two methods they arrived at the use of a border of greyish simulated Gothic architecture to frame the central coloured figure of a window.

  51. The earlier window has all the features of the distant landscape put in with the leads, while in the later one they are delicately painted on greyish blue; especially note this in the well scene.

  52. The greyish white substance was found to consist of silica, alumina, sulphate of lime, and a little oxide of iron and magnesia.

  53. A lump of soft, ochrey red-brown ironstone, coated with a thin layer of greyish white substance.

  54. His color is a pale greyish brown with a metallic flush.

  55. The moonlight cast a greyish tinge over his figure, hunched against the staircase wall.

  56. Madame Lamotte was in black with touches of lilac colour, Annette in greyish lilac linen, with cream coloured gloves and hat.

  57. He was too pale, a greyish tinge all over his face; he poured out water, and began feverishly washing.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "greyish" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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