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Example sentences for "greyness"

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  1. The day had been fair, with a fresh and constantly changing beauty, but as the afternoon wore on, the greyness so often to be seen in late autumn came over sky and land.

  2. For a soft greyness had veiled all colour in the distant moors, a line of cloud as soft and as grey resting at a little height above them.

  3. In its greyness it resembled a huge toad squatting amongst the heather.

  4. There was no greyness about the bright-faced woman: no stolid endurance of a dismal life about the genial man.

  5. But he could colour the greyness of his sermon: he could speak in parables as the Master did.

  6. She gazed at him with an almost breaking heart, for her instinct told her that the greyness of his face and the sudden paling of his lips were the forerunners of death.

  7. And, suddenly, all the moving greyness resolved into hundreds of strange men.

  8. And even now looking back, I know that the shadow was only like a faint-seen greyness in the daylight, against the whiteness of the decks, clinging against Tammy.

  9. The sun went beneath the sea, and the thing I had seen became merged, as it were, into the monotonous greyness of the coming night.

  10. The greyness of the short afternoon had become more and more pronounced during their conversation, and as neither had risen to switch on the electric light the room was in semi-darkness.

  11. He had taken off his hat, and stood bare-headed as he handed her out of the cab, exposing that fascinating greyness above the temples which Daisy had spoken of.

  12. The fascinating greyness was accompanied by a tendency to high forehead, due probably to incipient baldness rather than to abnormal intellectual development.

  13. I was leaning against a pillar, looking into the greyness of the great arches, when the organ suddenly burst out into a series of chords, rolling through the echoes of the church: it seemed to be the conclusion of some service.

  14. It was dusk, and the yellow light of the candles mingled charmingly with the greyness of the evening.

  15. He leaned forward over the saddle peak, and rode away in the luminous greyness towards the desert.

  16. An unusual sense of the greyness of a teacher's life, of the greyness indeed of the life of all studious souls came, and went in his mind.

  17. He sat, his head bent, his hair falling disordered, its greyness showing, oh!

  18. Miss Valery made no further remark, but sat a long time, absently gazing over the low-lying sweep of country which gradually melted into a greyness that looked like sea.

  19. And mixed up with the twilight and silence is a profound melancholy that rises out of the landscape itself, or is read into it by the greyness of one's own experience.

  20. A duck splashes, and flaps dripping into the greyness overhead.

  21. I took a cooling draft, and counted in feverish agony forty-four, and fifteen, till the daylight came creeping in at the windows, filling with sepulchral greyness the room.

  22. The greyness of twilight came stealing over the water, and grew into darkness in the beautiful valley where that lake lay sleeping.

  23. As we sat, in the greyness of twilight, in front of our tents, a curious sound came over the lake from the opposite shore, so like civilization that it startled us for a moment.

  24. It was a grey day, the third day of greyness and stillness.

  25. But Birkin felt a slight sickness, looking at him, and feeling the slight greyness as an ash or a corruption, in the aristocratic inscrutability of expression a nauseating, bestial stupidity.

  26. Grey hairs with sorrow to the grave," was the Scriptural quotation which had come into her mind; but even to make a rhetorical point, she felt that she could not afford to attribute greyness to her carefully tended braids.

  27. The rivers about Earlston were shallow, and ran dry in summer, though it was not because of any want of rain; and the greyness of the hills made a kind of mist in the air to unaccustomed eyes.

  28. The broad park lay stretched before the children in growing greyness and a stillness that deepened.

  29. A faint greyness on the brown walls of the cave, and a brighter greyness cut off sharply by a dark line, showed that round a turning or angle of the cave there was daylight.

  30. Then a faint greyness touches the top of that round hole, creeps up the side.

  31. The sky was brilliant in contrast with the greyness of the world beneath it, and the sun shone high in the blue vault.

  32. The sky returned to its greyness as the night shades rose, and a bitter breeze shuddered through the woods and along the valleys.

  33. As the thick dark shrank down the steep like a receding tide, and the greyness reached the ragged heap of branches forming the nest, the young eagles stirred uneasily under the loose droop of the mother's wings.

  34. Guest clutched the mahogany sideboard and, his fingers were so hot that a greyness like that of damp breath on frosted glass glowed out upon the wood--it seemed as if the man's very touch brought mildew and blight.

  35. He saw himself in the glass, a handsome, tired face, the hair too light to show the greyness at the temples, but hinting at that and growing a little thin upon the top.

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