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Example sentences for "grounding"

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  1. To define shortly, Gothic architecture is the art of erecting buildings with vaults whose ribs intersect (concentration of load) and whose thrusts are stopped by buttresses (the grounding of the thrusts).

  2. A seraphic sentry adorned each buttress and at the same time increased its counterbutting force, and were agents toward the swifter grounding of the load.

  3. To make a really satisfactory grounding of this kind, you should be careful always to carry your thread over the bars of the netting and under the threads that are stretched diagonally across.

  4. This grounding was copied from a beautiful old cushion-cover and will be found particularly useful in the confection of small embroidered articles, because the pattern will always form a centre point in itself.

  5. The process of dyeing cotton with a naphthol colour takes place in two stages, the first being the grounding or preparing with the naphthol, the second the developing with the diazotised base.

  6. Ironrust and its Formation--Protection from Rusting by Paint--Grounding the Iron with Linseed Oil, etc.

  7. The grounding or preparing bath for 100 lb.

  8. The grounding on which these spots are worked consists of double crochet.

  9. When the pattern has been embroidered cut away the muslin round the outlines with sharp scissors, so that the net forms the grounding (see No.

  10. Work a row of double overcast stitch between the darned netting and the tatted lace; work this row over the cotton tracing, marking the outline of the collar on the grounding and over the cotton between the tatted scallops.

  11. The grounding consists of 2 rows of vandykes placed opposite each other, which are formed of long straight stitches of different lengths.

  12. Illustration 260 shows an insertion which imitates darned netting; it is worked on a grounding imitating netting with raised figures.

  13. Collar in Tatting and Darned Netting] The pattern is worked with very fine cotton; the netted grounding over a mesh measuring two-fifths of an inch round.

  14. Trace the outline of the collar on the grounding with thick cotton, and begin to darn it from illustration.

  15. Continue going over and over it until the grounding is even and of a uniform tint.

  16. The dabber is a ball of raw cotton tied in a piece of fine cotton-cloth, and the manner of tinting or grounding is exactly the same as in china-painting; lac-varnish will be needed as a wash after the painting has dried.

  17. Use the scraper to take the grounding off of minute spaces.

  18. All tinted grounds and borders are made in this way, the capavia oil and turpentine being mixed with any of the grounding colors you may wish to use.

  19. These relays are used~ to protect dynamos, storage batteries, or main station busses from damage on reversal of current due to short circuit, or from the grounding of machines or connection.

  20. A simple and satisfactory method of keeping account of the condition of the earth connections is to divide the grounding pipes into two groups and connect each group to the 110 volt lighting circuit with an ammeter in series.

  21. The Underwriters recommend the grounding of the neutral point of low tension circuits when the conditions are such that the maximum normal voltage between the point connected and ground will not exceed 250 volts.

  22. Long ground wires in a station cannot be depended upon unless a lead is carried to the parallel grounding pipes installed as described above.

  23. Avoid dust as much as possible while grounding and smoking the plate.

  24. To prevent this paint the back, and the corner by which you held the plate while grounding it, and the edges with stopping-out varnish.

  25. A practised etcher thinks nothing of handling his acid, grounding and smoking his plate, and all the other little tricks of the craft which, to a beginner, are quite worrying and exciting.

  26. A State grounding itself on the veracities, not on the semblances and the injustices: every citizen a soldier for it.

  27. Had his own life been pure, had his own daily conduct been grounding itself on the clear pavements or actual beliefs and veracities, would he have let his Home Offices come to such a pass?

  28. To the feet of the animals he attached another Wire sufficiently long to reach down to the bottom of a well, thus grounding the circuit.

  29. And the soldiers, grounding their arms, said to the chiefs: We are likewise the people; show us the enemy!

  30. In producing the gilt-edge in the way above mentioned, rubbing off with paste and grounding with bole must of course not be employed.

  31. When the grounding of bole is entirely dry, and all the parts clinging to the edge have been carefully brushed off, we begin the most difficult part in the production of gilt-edges, the laying on of the gold.

  32. It is still better to use the grounding substance manufactured by William Leo, of Stuttgart.

  33. Grounding twenty feet apart the boats disgorged their loads, the seamen leaping ashore in spite of the weight of arms and accoutrements.

  34. Unfortunately for the Germans their plans had gone awry, for on grounding on the outer bar the ship had strained several of her plates, with the result that the space between the inner and the outer skin was flooded.

  35. The Pauline grounding of the Gentile mission is not to be limited, however, to his specific answer to the question, "What then is the law?

  36. Almost more dramatic was the grounding of the Discovery off the shoal at Hut Point owing to the rise of a blizzard immediately after her release from the ice.

  37. The whole story of the release from the ice and subsequent grounding of the Discovery is wonderfully told by Scott in his book.

  38. Thence by a judicious use of his coal, and by hugging the shore as close as possible without risk of grounding on the outlying shoals, Captain Ramshaw hoped to bring his command safely into Gibraltar.

  39. The general proposition is called the Major Premiss, or Grounding Proposition, or Sumption: the other premiss the Minor, or Applying Proposition, or Subsumption.

  40. The grounding of the whole is run with flat gold thread, making a "cloth of gold" ground, strings made of similarly worked canvas, with gold thread and silk tassels complete a bag fit for the Princess Golden Locks of our fairy tales.

  41. The wind preventing any sound along the shore, nothing could be heard even of the grounding of the boat's keel upon the beach.

  42. We are perpetually grounding on those which by next month will be above water.

  43. The private loyalties which a man must have toward his own people, grounding as they alone can his morality and genius, need nevertheless to be seldom paraded.

  44. Yet this self-grounding of consciousness is a suspicious circumstance: it renders it in one sense the typical reality and in another sense perhaps the sorriest illusion.

  45. Friedrich, grounding partly on those Rhine aspects, has his own scheme laid for Campaign 1758.

  46. When nearing the northern end the voyage nearly came to a premature conclusion by the ship grounding on a coral reef, twenty miles from the land.

  47. And Rabbi Eliezer in his chapters sets down, that the heavens were created with the light of the Creators vestment, grounding himself upon the Psalmist, 204.

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