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Example sentences for "haggling"

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  1. It was with France, therefore, that the haggling had to be done, and it was prosecuted with all the eagerness of the auction mart.

  2. The fact was that the time was already past for haggling about terms.

  3. Passengers were bartering and haggling with the natives over the price of karosses, and others were ambitious to sell their souvenirs.

  4. Though all wanted $3 a day, a little haggling brought the price down a yen.

  5. Their bazaars bustled with haggling brokers and an air of commerce triumphant.

  6. Women jostled in the streets, haggling with the merchants for clay jars of oil, while grooms moved among them leading prancing horses, each wearing a gold-fringed saddle blanket that glowed like ancient coin in the waning sun.

  7. There was no haggling over prices, no loss of time in seeking competitive bids; and because George always knew precisely what he wanted, their task of selection became comparatively easy.

  8. It fitted me pretty well, and in the natural order of things we began haggling again.

  9. Buying civilian clothes is the first chapter of a legionnaire's flight, the first part of his preparations for which the would-be deserter needs not only money but also a finely developed talent for haggling and bargaining.

  10. Two holiday shoppers are even now haggling with the coppersmith over the price of a pair of curiously wrought brass candlesticks.

  11. A slovenly woman was haggling with the pawnbroker about the money for a skirt she had brought to pledge.

  12. That he will not have to make sick his soul haggling for his bread!

  13. All the morning in another quarter men were trying on old hats and overcoats, and having the most amazing haggling over articles which are sold in London streets for a pot of ferns or a china butter-dish.

  14. After half an hour's haggling we struck a very bad bargain.

  15. Nancy, wishing that Alma would do the haggling sometimes.

  16. She was frankly terrified by the sordid strangeness of her environment, by the dirty, sodden loafers that shuffled past her, and by the thought of haggling for money over the counter of that dingy and even sinister-looking little shop.

  17. After days of haggling and lying and shuffling and paltering we have, as a firm, expired.

  18. For though the business of books is to me the one nearest akin to pleasure, it is nevertheless a chaffering and a haggling in the market-place--the reverse of all my tastes and aptitudes.

  19. He talked in this strain for some while, and then fell to haggling over a gift.

  20. After my usual custom, I had engaged rooms in the little Hotel de Bard, which is almost the neighbor of the Grand Hotel, and had passed the week in the haggling and disputation which are the salt of life to a jeweler.

  21. We blundered into the fish-market, as we were exploring the streets, and watched for some time the haggling between the dealers and the women who had come to market--a haggling so vigorous that it often threatened to end in blows.

  22. After haggling with him a long time I was quite disappointed, as he had at first assured me he did not want anything for showing me the way.

  23. To-day we began buying donkeys, and a more disagreeable task I had never had to do; such haggling and bargaining as had to be undergone was enough to drive one mad.

  24. The haggling and bargaining over these important mercantile transactions was very amusing, but Petros seemed up to everything; in fact, his usual occupation was that of a merchant in the bazaar at Suez.

  25. As he sauntered back to renew his haggling for the trinket, the white-bearded and turbaned old Arab was saying to himself, "He must be Ingleesi.

  26. During the forenoon they saw in the market-place, haggling over the price of a cabbage as if his only thought was to sell his wares to the best advantage, their acquaintance of the previous day.

  27. Muzada heard the whisper, and that determined him; after haggling for some time about the price he came to terms with Jack.

  28. After a little haggling Mr Gideon consented to give Nat Lane a thou, if Kildare was made a dead 'un and The Pirate won.

  29. There was no help for it; Ahmed had to display his wares, and was immediately engaged in a haggling bout.

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