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  1. She succeeded in finishing her story, but all through the telling there flashed into her mind the picture of her dory and the only chicken halibut she had ever caught, drifting out to sea.

  2. A broad spot of white appeared in the dark waters beneath her, and a moment later she was landing a halibut weighing perhaps twenty-five pounds.

  3. That a halibut weighing fifty pounds had once been caught there she knew also.

  4. The halibut and most of the flat fish, such as flounders, are plentiful in that vicinity.

  5. In Iceland the halibut is called the sacred fish.

  6. Mr. Halibut shall be there, too, and it shall be done under his very eyes.

  7. Mrs. Riddel smiled over at Mr. Halibut and nodded toward the Major.

  8. Halibut rose with a sigh of relief, and the Major, mechanically sweeping up the pieces, dropped them one by one into the box.

  9. Halibut took it, and, his thoughts being at the moment far away, gave it a tender, respectful squeeze.

  10. Until that time came the Major sat at home carefully rehearsing his part, and it was with an air of complacent virtue that he met the somewhat astonished gaze of the persistent Halibut next day.

  11. It was a bright afternoon, but they sat indoors, and Mrs. Riddel, after an animated description of a game at cribbage with Miss Philpotts the night before, got the cards out and challenged Halibut to a game.

  12. Halibut washed himself delicately, carefully trimming his hair and beard, and anxiously consulting the Major as to the set of his coat in the back, after he had donned it again.

  13. The Major stopped and waited for his friend; Halibut eyed the tie uneasily--it was fearfully and wonderfully made--but said nothing.

  14. Halibut assented, and walking slowly on, wondered vaguely what gaudy color it was that had attracted his eye.

  15. Before Miss Philpotts could lay down her work, before Mr. Halibut could interpose, the Major took possession of Mrs. Riddel's small white hand and raised it gallantly to his lips.

  16. Halibut started, and Miss Philpotts nearly had an accident with her crochet hook.

  17. At the second glass Halibut took an empty tumbler and helped himself.

  18. This halibut came from the Grand Banks," said Mrs. Smith.

  19. James, who seemed to be quite familiar with the Gloucester fisheries, said: "The fishermen brought their load of halibut to the Gloucester wharves last night and immediately loaded it upon the Boston steamer.

  20. Sprinkle a small fillet of halibut with salt and pepper, brush over with melted butter, place in pan and bake twelve minutes.

  21. Wipe a small fillet of halibut and fasten with a skewer.

  22. Halibut and mackerel are especially fine when prepared in these wood cookery dishes as it holds them intact in process of cooking and serving.

  23. One pint of boiled halibut or other delicate fish, freed from bones and skin and mashed to a pulp.

  24. The cod and halibut on this coast, up near Sitka, are fully equal to the largest taken in the Eastern waters.

  25. The larger fish are sometimes coarse and far from delicate, but they furnish a substantial meal, while the smaller halibut is much liked.

  26. June 4, “A few Indians came alongside, bringing some halibut and cod.

  27. Then he told him of the goblin he had wounded in the back with the halibut pike, and how it had revenged itself upon him, and would not give up "until they were quits.

  28. One day as he was walking along with a halibut pike [A long wooden pole with a barbed iron point to spear halibut with.

  29. Elias saw nothing more of it; but the same afternoon the halibut pike, with the iron point broken off, was washed up at the landing-stage in Kval creek where the house stood.

  30. Of these fish, many salmon, halibut and cod are caught in Alaskan waters and brought into this state to be cured and prepared for the market.

  31. Great quantities of salmon and halibut are shipped in ice-packed boxes, fresh from the waters, to all parts of the nation.

  32. Cod, hake, and halibut heads are quite generally used as bait.

  33. Halibut heads are said to be the best, as they are tougher than the cod or hake heads, and thus last much longer.

  34. I asked, and I received one of Amelia's halibut looks.

  35. Basic elements of the biology of the Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus stenolepis Schmidt) in the Bering Sea.

  36. The papers have lately contained accounts of a halibut which swallowed a cormorant and survived the exploit only to fall a victim to the wiles of a North Sea fisherman.

  37. DEAR SIR,--There is nothing surprising in the story of a halibut devouring a cormorant.

  38. But the triumph of the halibut is not altogether unprecedented.

  39. Moran had been a Nova Scotian lobster catcher before he came to British Columbia to engage in the new halibut fishery, which had proved disappointing.

  40. Halibut boiled and halibut fried begins to pall on one; but this is far better than our quarters in Vancouver, and they were a big improvement on those I had in Victoria.

  41. I'll let him tell the tale; but I'll premise by saying that when he found the halibut fishing much less remunerative than it was cracked up to be, he sailed up the northwest coast with another fellow to trade with the Indians for furs.

  42. Place fat in a frying pan, allow it to become hot, and sauté the halibut in this until well browned.

  43. Because of its size, halibut is cut into slices and sold in the form of steaks.

  44. Halibut slices are often sautéd, but they make a delicious dish when baked with tomatoes and flavored with onion, lemon, and bay leaf, as described in the accompanying recipe.

  45. Some fish, such as halibut and salmon, are so large that they must usually be cut into slices or steaks to permit the housewife to purchase the quantity she requires for immediate use.

  46. Deep-sea fish like cod and halibut have a long season, and may be bought at any time.

  47. Place the dish in a slow oven, and let the halibut cook till thoroughly done, basting it very frequently with the liquid.

  48. Cold halibut is sometimes drest as salad for the tea-table.

  49. Cooked in this manner, the halibut will be sufficiently flavored and is a profitable fish.

  50. Instead of frying, the halibut steaks may be broiled over a clear fire, on a grooved gridiron.

  51. Halibut is a very insipid fish; but this mode of cooking will give it taste.

  52. Halibut requires a much larger portion of seasoning, and a little more pork.

  53. Cutlets of halibut may be fried in this manner with tomatos: also, any other pan-fish.

  54. Devilfish was the usual bait in halibut fishing.

  55. Halibut at once went and lay down flat just outside of the door.

  56. They also dry the halibut and cod, but these, instead of curing whole, they cut up into small pieces for that purpose, and expose to the sun.

  57. Therefore the halibut is black on one side.

  58. Pitch came out and ran over the halibut in the boat.

  59. Amongst the Thlinket of Alaska the first halibut of the season is carefully handled, addressed as a chief, and a festival is given in his honour, after which the fishing goes on.

  60. Thlinket of Alaska, festival to the halibut by the, ii.

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