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Example sentences for "hilts"

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hillys; hilp; hils; hilt; hilted; hilum; hily; him; himation; hime
  1. And two young pages were shooting the hilts of their daggers, of the bone of the sea-horse.

  2. And they had daggers with blades of gold, and with hilts of the bone of the whale.

  3. Then Beowulf strikes upward, taking with him the head of Grendel and the hilts of the sword.

  4. They come to Hrothgar, and Beowulf gives him the hilts and tells him what he has done.

  5. Each the other seeks; horses are out of mind, But with those swords whose hilts with gold are lined Upon those helms of steel they beat and strike: Great are the blows, those helmets to divide.

  6. My own eyes saw four hundred thousand there, In hauberks dressed, closed helms that gleamed in the air, And golden hilts upon their swords they bare.

  7. The hilts of these weapons are always in the form of a Latin cross, and are adorned with five nails of copper arranged to represent a cross.

  8. A curious point was the extraordinary number of old European blades, often graven with letters and symbols of Christian meaning, attached to hilts and handles most distinctly Hindu, adorned with figures of gods and idolatrous emblems.

  9. Company Commanders are sweating into their sword-hilts and shouting: "Front rank, fix bayonets.

  10. For what he'd done wid the others he was sorry, but he did not care; but this wan woman that I've tould of, by the Hilts av God she made him pay for all the others twice over!

  11. They opened the second, which they found filled with sabres, the hilts and sheaths of which were covered with the most precious stones.

  12. The second bore nine sabres, the hilts and scabbards of which were of gold adorned with diamonds.

  13. The hilts of the talibones now are not of gold or ivory, nor are their scabbards of horn, nor are they admirably wrought.

  14. He always wears his campilan, dagger, and kris, both with hilts in the form of gilded serpents' heads.

  15. This small size in the bracelets coincides with the diminutiveness of the sword-hilts which have been found in the lacustrine habitations of Switzerland.

  16. In the collection of Colonel Schwab, there are two daggers of an extraordinary character, having hilts enriched with silver.

  17. The Marquess and his cousin gave their words, holding up the hilts of their swords before their faces.

  18. But that night after supper he and King Philip kissed each other, and swore brotherhood on their sword-hilts before all the peers.

  19. And as a yawning he did fall, He thrust his sword in, hilts and all.

  20. At times throughout the vast saloon flashes a splendour great; It flashes from the shields that hang in rows against the wall; The silver hilts and the steel blades a dazzling ray let fall.

  21. Bucklers and swords with silver hilts around these columns shone.

  22. So the youngling stretched himself and took the sword by the hilts and shook it and waved it about, and tossed it in the air and caught it again, and said: "Seest thou, master?

  23. At last the hilts and the sheath showed naked: the pommel and cross were of gold of beauteous and wonderful fashion, such as no smith may work now, and the grip was wrapped about with golden wire.

  24. The hurried, silver ring of the hilts dismayed him, the dust from the garden path choked him like an acrid smoke.

  25. There was a shout at this, and hands struck sword-hilts with a loud clang.

  26. And the good Castilians--a dozen little scamps with long capes and ancient swords whose hilts reached up to their mouths--would hasten to group themselves around their chief, who was imitating the heroic gestures of the conqueror.

  27. Arise O Volsung Children, Earls of the Goths arise, And set your hands to the hilts as mighty men and wise!

  28. I have felt the hilts aforetime; I have felt how the letters run On each side of the trench of blood and the point of that glorious one.

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