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Example sentences for "hits"

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hith; hithe; hither; hitherto; hitherward; hitte; hitter; hitters; hitting; hiues
  1. If the first taw is within range, he can shoot at that, and if he hits it, then number one must hand number two all the ducks he has knocked from the ring.

  2. The ball is then thrown at the Outs, and if it hits one he is out of the game; and if it misses, the thrower is out of the game.

  3. If he hits and fails to send the cat outside the circle, he is out, or if the cat is caught, he is out.

  4. If number two hits number one, and so kills him, he wins the game, but if there are more than two in the game, number one is put out.

  5. Each time a player hits another, he scores one point, and the hit loses one.

  6. Lofting means shooting through the air, so that your taw does not touch the earth till it hits the object aimed at or a point near it.

  7. If he strikes the tops with the big end of his plugger, it is a miss, and he must replace any top knocked out; but if the peg of the plugger hits a top and knocks it out of the center ring, he pockets it and has another whack.

  8. That's as near as he often hits it, I fancy.

  9. So I sends to Fort Worth and has a forty dollar suit of clothes made, and hits the trail for the big village.

  10. We rides to Encinal and catches the International, and hits San Antone in the morning.

  11. So the next day I rolls up my blankets and hits the trail away from New York City.

  12. Mike opens it, and when he sees who it is he hits her with his fist and knocks her down and shuts the door.

  13. But he--' "The judge hits his table with a wooden hammer and asks who I am.

  14. So, the next day, Luke packs a blanket and some collars and his mileage book in a haversack, and him and me hits the breeze for New York.

  15. But when we hits the ranch we finds our decree of court obviated, nolle prossed, and remanded for trial.

  16. You don't need to look around any more when anybody gallops up behind you in this state, unless something hits you in the back; and even then it's liable to be only a bunch of tracts or a petition to sign against the trusts.

  17. Physical pain doesn't hurt--at least not what I call hurt--if a man hits you by accident or play.

  18. We got ready, an' dropped down them pines so fast that we both hits groun' before the bear knows what's doin'.

  19. An' when that ugly brute hauls off an' hits me agen, I decides then an' there that there's no occasion to sham it.

  20. Both noble and proletarian are equally unjust, but the rich emotion restores a thousand times what may be missing in justice, and perhaps in many cases hits better upon what is absolutely right than the bare masculine sense of justice.

  21. If, then, a peasant lad hits his neighbor with the leg of a chair or destroys fences, or perhaps a whole village, he may still be the most honorable of youths, and later grow up into a universally respected man.

  22. So long as they refrain from practising direct hits on our front-line parapet, and disturbing our brief and hardly-earned repose, they may fire where they please.

  23. I want to hear it smash when it hits that rock.

  24. Some of the cleverest arguments, and especially some of the cleverest sarcastic hits in M.

  25. Took a couple of hits from ground batteries getting off, and from ships around Moonbase getting in.

  26. We found the car at the shipyard; it had taken a couple of hits from the guns at Karvall House, but you know what these press cars are built to stand.

  27. They can't help it, any more than you can help scrappin' when a feller hits your wad on the crook.

  28. If chance hits you, why, don't go to hit back.

  29. Stung to madness by the successful hits I planted in his face, he lost his temper, while I was cool; he fought wildly, I stopped all his blows, and paid them with interest.

  30. These hits afforded a good deal of mirth among the crowd, and even the admiral himself honoured me with a smile.

  31. The head hits the ground slantwise, and the body slides and wriggles after it much like a fleeing snake.

  32. I guarded myself against Fraser's blows, and succeeded in twice giving him straight hits in the face without receiving a touch from him in return.

  33. Her many sarcastic and humorous hits elicited great applause.

  34. If a bullet hits it straight point-blank it will, of course, penetrate and carry a piece of the steel helmet into the wearer's head with it.

  35. While if the bullet is spent, or if it hits at an angle, the helmet will deflect it.

  36. The goat hits that author in the tail of his coat, an' over he goes; but he keeps on slammin' away with the '45 jest the same.

  37. Of course, in a second or so, he hits the ground, an' them Red Dog folks goes over to get the rights of this yere phenomenon.

  38. The hits were not heavy hits to the spectator, but they must have been harder than they looked, because Rice, who has black hair and a very pale skin by nature, was now getting a mottled sort of skin.

  39. From the barge A strange invisible perfume hits the sense Of the adjacent wharfs.

  40. If I do, hang me in a bottle like a cat and shoot at me; and he that hits me, let him be clapp'd on the shoulder and call'd Adam.

  41. Oft expectation fails, and most oft there Where most it promises; and oft it hits Where hope is coldest, and despair most fits.

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