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Example sentences for "hitters"

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  1. A little later he was in the box, facing Roger Barns, one of the best hitters on the Fairview team.

  2. Seldom had the devotees of the diamond witnessed such pitching as the exhibition which Tom gave after he had allowed the heavy hitters to walk.

  3. It was very good work, and the fact that the men were not extraordinary good hitters did not detract from it.

  4. There were a bunch of heavy hitters to come to the bat, and Tom's arm was in poor shape.

  5. You want to remember that there’s all kinds of hitters in the world: hitters that want them high and hitters that like ’em low and hitters that will reach for ’em and hitters that won’t.

  6. Sam Craig was the slugging kind of a batter and wanted, as all free hitters do, a ball on the end of his bat.

  7. He wasn’t forced to extend himself any to dispose of the Minturn hitters that faced him.

  8. That's it, if you make these next three hitters look like monkeys.

  9. Ken saw that the coach was sending up the weaker hitters first.

  10. In the fourth inning of yesterday's game he extended himself, probably on orders from Coach Arthurs, and struck out Herne's three best hitters on eleven pitched balls.

  11. He placed one player to pitch to the hitters, another to catch, and as soon as the hitters had their turn they took to fielding.

  12. I'm a liar if I didn't see 'em Place hitters turnin' gray-headed!

  13. Of all the Place hitters Ken feared him the least.

  14. You'll watch Place's hard hitters with hawk eyes, my boy, and a pitcher's memory.

  15. An irritable, nervous young player often will fall for the conversation, but most seasoned hitters will not answer back.

  16. If a man can just touch that hump on the way to the plate, he is sure to get a hit, and any observant spectator will notice the Athletics' hitters rubbing the hunchback boy before leaving the bench.

  17. The best hitters steal signs," said the "Chief.

  18. If an athlete can just pass a flock of them on the way to the park, he is sure to step right along stride for stride with the three-hundred hitters that afternoon.

  19. Baker, of the Athletics, is one of the most dangerous hitters I have ever faced, and we were not warned to look out for him before the 1911 world's series, either.

  20. McGraw asked for waivers on the load of empty barrels soon afterwards, but his scheme had stopped a batting slump and put the club's hitters on their feet again.

  21. In the history of baseball there have not been more than fifteen or twenty free swingers altogether, and they are the real natural hitters of the game, the men with eyes nice enough and accurate enough to take a long wallop at the ball.

  22. He was one of the best natural hitters who ever wormed his way into baseball, but when he got on, the bases were blocked.

  23. The brain of McGraw is behind each game the Giants play, and he plans every move, most of the hitters going to the plate with definite instructions from him as to what to try to do.

  24. Why didn't he wait for the hitters to bat him around?

  25. I consider Baker one of the hardest, cleanest hitters I have ever faced, and he drives the ball on a line to any field.

  26. They are moving about restlessly, and the next two hitters are swinging their bats in anticipation with a vigor which augurs ill for the pitcher.

  27. Why does Boston beat Marquard when he can make the hard Philadelphia hitters look like blind men with bats in their hands?

  28. The hitters had all waited for the high fast ones in those days, as they can be hit easier if a man knows that they are coming, and can also be hit farther.

  29. That somewhat silenced the jubilant cries and when Joe managed to retire one of the Resolute's heaviest hitters without even a bunt a big crowd rose up and cheered him.

  30. Wait until you see what kind of hitters the Blues have," cautioned Rodney.

  31. Trafford, the present captain, Leicestershire possesses one of the hardest hitters and fastest scorers in England, and in Woodcock one of the fastest bowlers.

  32. Almost before the gasping, excited spectators could realize it, Wyndham had made one run and the bases were all occupied, with one of the strongest hitters of the home team at bat.

  33. The third inning gave neither side the advantage, but Grant seemed to be swinging into shape; for, of the four hitters to face him, he retired three with an ease that made them look foolish.

  34. Hooker again pitched very well, indeed, but poor support gave the regulars a score, and they would have obtained more had not Roy risen to the occasion, with one down and the bases full, and struck two hitters out.

  35. All good hitters make their hits just at the moment when the ball is opposite the middle of their body.

  36. Such is the definition of Mr. Bradshaw, whom a ten years’ retirement has not prevented from being known as one of the best hitters of the day.

  37. Do you ignore the Pilches and the Parrs, who have proved famous hitters from their own sense alone?

  38. One day, at Lord’s, just before the match bell rung after dinner, I saw one of the hardest hitters in the M.

  39. The Spoilers were supported by four Front Hitters (Datori innanzi); and these again by three Back Hitters (Datori indietro).

  40. Lately he's seemed to be doing finely, and Mr. Saunders declares he could mow down a lot of heavy hitters in the college league.

  41. We must not hook either, for rough country awaits the ball hit unduly far to the left, and, indeed, the shot is such a narrow one that there are some strong hitters who advocate the taking of a cleek from the tee.

  42. Nowadays, comparatively modest hitters often get home with iron clubs, and it would need a very stiff wind to deter Vardon from attacking that big bunker with his second.

  43. That lad has the measure of your hard hitters already taken.

  44. And also tell Alec from me that Chester expects him to fool those heavy hitters of Harmony to the top of his bent, when he faces Hutchings, Clifford, Oldsmith, O'Leary and the rest.

  45. Some fellows, once they manage to reach first base, are almost certain to get around, if one or two sure pinch hitters follow.

  46. There were two Quakers on base, one out, and two of the best hitters in the league on deck, with a chance of Lane getting up.

  47. Three of the best hitters in the Eastern retired on nine strikes!

  48. It was his encouragement that steadied Dalgren; his judgment of hitters that carried the young pitcher through dangerous places; his lightning swift grasp of points that directed the machine-like work of his team.

  49. A team, to win, must have hitters as well as fielders, and it is therefore usual to fill up the outfield with good batters, even at the expense of a slight weakness in fielding.

  50. For left-hand hitters he will generally have to play nearer the bat, because these players always get to first quicker than right-hand batters.

  51. Secretly, it pleased my shoulder-hitters to see their captain so garbed; and since I could defend my feathers, they made of themselves another reason of leadership.

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