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  1. Unfortunately, Wilbur Cowan never in the least cared to know what day in the month it was, and whole weeks of these homilies went unread.

  2. Of Origen’s homilies on the Pentateuch only a few fragments of the Greek text remain.

  3. The twenty-eight homilies on Numbers were written after A.

  4. And we cannot doubt that a boy of his lively temper must have preferred passing his days in the open fields, to confinement in the house and listening to the homilies of his teacher.

  5. In point of fact, the homilies of the one had as little effect as the jests of the other.

  6. Homilies and other religious works of the end of the 12th century[13] show us the change still further advanced, and the language passing into Early Middle English in its southern form.

  7. The same idea is frequent in Epiphany homilies of Chrysostom and other 4th-century fathers.

  8. The homilies of the 12th century are partly modernized transcripts from Aelfric and other older writers, partly translations from French and Latin; the remainder is mostly commonplace in substance and clumsy in expression.

  9. Many selected homilies have been edited or translated by Overbeck, Zingerle and others (cf.

  10. These homilies mostly belong to an age (?

  11. Old English Homilies of Twelfth Century, first and second series, ed.

  12. The idea frequently meets us in Hilary; it occurs in the Epiphany hymn of the orthodox Greek church, and in the Epiphany hymns and homilies of the Armenians.

  13. Neither the Articles nor the authoritative Homilies of the Church of England speak of episcopacy as essential to the constitution of a church.

  14. Fortune has preserved to us among the Spuria of several Latin fathers, Ambrose, Augustine, Jerome and Maximus of Turin, various homilies for Sundays of the Advent fast and for Epiphany.

  15. Within three generations after the Conquest, faithful pens were at work transliterating the old homilies of Aelfric, and other lights of the Anglo-Saxon Church, into the current idiom of their posterity.

  16. A similar collection was written in the north of England, as well as a large body of homilies showing considerable poetic skill, and abounding in exempla or illustrative stories.

  17. Homilies also exist in large numbers, both original and translated, sometimes after the Arabic fashion in rhymed prose.

  18. Sometimes the study of early literature has been instigated by religious or controversial motives, as when the Anglo-Saxon homilies were taken up and edited and interpreted in support of the Reformation.

  19. In fact, Middle English prose at first is the continuation of the English Chronicle, and the transcription of the homilies of AElfric into the later grammar and spelling.

  20. The official proclamation of a universal apostasy was made prominently current, for the Homilies were "appointed to be read in churches" in lieu of sermons under certain conditions.

  21. The original publication of these homilies in Greek and Latin is comparatively of a late date.

  22. The passage is found in the second of three homilies on the "Sleep of the Virgin," a term generally used by the Greeks as an equivalent for the Latin word "Assumptio.

  23. Le Quien, who published them in 1712, refers to earlier homilies on the Dormitio Virginis.

  24. Catholic Homilies on the Sacred Secrets of the Mother of God, and Joseph, p.

  25. No one seriously pretends that the Clementine Homilies afford any evidence of the use or existence of the Acts; and few, if any, claim the Epistle to Diognetus as testimony for it.

  26. Even in the {509} second century, the Clementine Homilies deny him the honour, and make light of his visions and revelations.

  27. The Homilies tell us: the Homilies are the best comment upon the Articles.

  28. Here the doctrine of the Homilies is recognized as godly and wholesome, and concurrence in that recognition is imposed on all subscribers of the Articles.

  29. The eloquent declamation of the Homilies finds its matter almost exclusively in the dominant errors.

  30. Purgatory of St. Patrick the theme of one of his homilies to his flock; and since that time this devotion has been ever cherished and encouraged by the sovereign pontiffs.

  31. And the 25th Article declares the second book of Homilies to contain "a godly and wholesome doctrine and necessary for these times"!

  32. St. Chrysostom in commenting on this passage in his Homilies on the Pastoral Epistles points out how it illustrates St. Paul's humility, a virtue which is more often praised than practised.

  33. The writers in the Middle Ages are full of such narrations; see especially the first English book of homilies called The Festival.

  34. The homilies read in the Church of England prior to the Reformation, called 'The Festival,' contains the pith of these lying legends and pretended miracles.

  35. It is sometimes called by the name of Origen, who adopts it in his Homilies on Exodus.

  36. This article is received in this Church, so far as it declares the Books of Homilies to be an explication of Christian doctrine, and instructive in piety and morals.

  37. Where, then, is the remedy if homilies fail to convert the sinner, as, indeed, it is the misfortune of homilies to fail?

  38. It may be said that the lessons of morality inculcated in these homilies are too exaggerated to be of any practical usefulness.

  39. It would be more correct, I believe, to look upon these Birth-stories as homilies used for educational purposes and for inculcating the moral lessons of Buddhism.

  40. Homilies of the Jews in Divine Worship," by Zunz, 620.

  41. But these two movements, emancipation and reform, were not much advanced, and whatever was accomplished in these two directions, is in no way due to the "Homilies of the Jews.

  42. Homilies of the Jews" and the high-minded Michael Sachs, to whom, however much they differed in their conception of Judaism, Jewish science is deeply indebted for rich increase.

  43. The "Homilies of the Jews" was devoted also to the furtherance of two side issues--the emancipation of the Jews and the promotion of reform.

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