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Example sentences for "hornets"

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  1. My uncle has made the place a nest of hornets for me, and all through no fault of my own.

  2. His uncle, he said, had made the place a nest of hornets to him.

  3. Hornets and wasps, a great swarm of them, sprang thick as seeds from the hand of a sower.

  4. Wasps and hornets were the special study of this remarkable woman.

  5. Then once more the Saxon peasants swarmed from their huts like hornets from their hives and assailed the fugitives as they had before assailed those from Stephen's army.

  6. Now when the peasant again came to the old woman, he told her he had a swarm of hornets who obeyed his commands.

  7. The peasant did not object to this; but ordered his hornets to leave the old woman alone, and fly back into their house.

  8. If only June did not suddenly bring her hornets about his ears!

  9. When asked how that was to be brought about, he would answer with his dry, slightly malicious, suavity, that if you stirred hornets' nests with sticks the hornets would come forth.

  10. Moreover the Lord thy God will send also hornets among them, until he destroy and consume all that have escaped thee, and could hide themselves.

  11. Sending out hornets before, that shall drive away the Hevite, and the Chanaanite, and the Hethite, before thou come in.

  12. Having a dread of hornets he glanced about nervously, and imagined at first they were denizens of his cave.

  13. As he approached the low opening in the hillside a lot of hornets darted past his ears.

  14. He could hear the furious buzzing which instantly arose as the hornets swarmed forth to resent the disturbance.

  15. The hornets were taking no notice of him whatever, being intent on business of their own.

  16. My Grandfather Henderson owed his life to a nest of hornets at a time when he, a young man of twenty-two, was the sole representative of his line.

  17. In that same instant the exasperated hornets were upon the dogs.

  18. Must we believe that God said to the Jews that he would send hornets before them to drive out the Canaanites, as related in the twenty-third chapter of Exodus, and the seventh chapter of Deuteronomy?

  19. After the Canaanites were driven out, could he not have employed the hornets to drive out the wild beasts?

  20. He could just as easily have spoken the Canaanites out of existence as to have spoken the hornets in.

  21. Did God create hornets for that especial purpose, implanting an instinct to attack a Canaanite, but not a Hebrew?

  22. Must we believe that God made an arrangement with hornets for the purpose of securing their services in driving the Canaanites from the land of promise?

  23. The hornets alwus fites at short range and never argy a case.

  24. There were now two or three "mad" hornets making themselves generally promiscuous among the guests.

  25. Hornets bild their nest wherever they take a noshun to, an' seldum are asked to move; for what good is it tew murder 99 hornets an' have the one hundred one hit you with his javelin!

  26. The warlike horse if buried underground Shortly a brood of hornets will be found.

  27. Two hornets will kill a man, and three a carriage-horse sixteen hands high.

  28. A place divided never thrives, 'Tis bad when hornets dwell in hives, But worse when children play with knives.

  29. But the hornets flew only in daylight, and made no trouble for the nocturnal race of beetles.

  30. No time to wait for the gathering of more distant peoples; no time to send word to the wasps or the hornets and gain aerial support.

  31. A piece of honey-comb, one day, Discover'd as a waif and stray, The hornets treated as their own.

  32. At any chosen moment, preferably at night or during misty days, these hornets could emanate from Ostende or Zeebrugge on their deadly missions.

  33. Let us consider for a few moments to what extent these hornets could trouble us.

  34. The most satisfactory, of course, would have been the recapture of the Flanders coast and of Bruges, with all the hornets in their nests, by means of military operations.

  35. And although he innocently stirred up a few hornets' nests, he became a good judge of both birds and hornets through personal experience.

  36. If you mistake hornets for birds, you pay the penalty for your error, as you pay for all mistakes.

  37. But, as I said before, the dogs took the lead—Brindle and I next, and the hornets dre’kly arter.

  38. I am willing to admit that nothing in the world would be better calculated to make a man leave his native country than a few hornets attending strictly to business.

  39. God said to the Jews "I will send hornets before you, to drive out the Canaanites.

  40. Stuyvesant pitied them, but as he did not see what he could do to help them, he told them that he thought they had better go and find some more hornets and build another nest somewhere.

  41. I don't think the hornets will sting them.

  42. But before we plow any more, we must destroy that hornet's nest, or else when we come to plow by that stump, the hornets will sting the oxen.

  43. By G--, here be brave farted men and fisgued women; let them be married together; they will beget fine hornets and dorflies.

  44. Pliny the Elder, Nicander, and Varro state that bees and hornets are produced from the carcase of the horse.

  45. You are not perhaps accustomed to regard wasps and hornets as of any use to us; but they certainly destroy an infinite number of flies and other annoying insects.

  46. Phil had insisted on taking a snap shot of the victim of the hornets before he had his face bound up.

  47. If I could stand jumping into the lake with my clothes on, when the hornets tackled me, I ought to be able to take a little sprinkling, hadn't I?

  48. And try rather to take liberties with hornets than with those five women!

  49. Safer the she-bear with her suckling young, Kinder the hooked shark from a yardarm hung, More rational a tiger by the hornets stung Than perfidy outcozened.

  50. Lastly, with a great noise, came a regiment of hornets and took their places on the branch directly in front of Weeng.

  51. But the hornets were ready for them, and as they advanced the sharp swords of the defenders pricked their noses, eyes, and bodies.

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