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Example sentences for "hornpipe"

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  1. Before she was four, she was dancing a hornpipe in a sailor's jumper, a rakish little hat, and a diminutive pair of white ducks!

  2. I was so proud and pleased and delighted that I danced a hornpipe for joy!

  3. He still retained his cheerfulness, and may probably have been the original composer of the celebrated "hornpipe in fetters," which is occasionally danced by dramatic prisoners.

  4. I could dance a hornpipe with any man on board; and as for singing a rollicking sea-song, there were few who could match me.

  5. His spirits rose higher by far than they had done since the death of his wife; and that evening, when Sam Smatch struck up a hornpipe on the forecastle, no one footed it more merrily than did he.

  6. Howsomdever, my lady, if you and the young ladies and Sir Henry please, and Miss Julia will just strike up a bit of a tune, I'll shuffle my feet about and show you what we call a hornpipe at sea.

  7. True Blue did go off indeed, and with the greatest spirit performed a hornpipe which deservedly elicited the admiration of all the spectators.

  8. There's nothing I wouldn't do to please you and the young ladies; and I think that you would like to see a right real sailor's hornpipe danced.

  9. Horne some two years before his death, he danced the hornpipe before him, to show how sound and strong and active he still was.

  10. Pantomime is to be her line, and she is coming out to-night, in a hornpipe after the tragedy.

  11. Pickles, beginning to dance a hornpipe round them both.

  12. Pickles was so delighted with his own success that he danced a kind of hornpipe all the way home.

  13. X-Ray; "if I didn't have my breakfast in my lap I'd feel like jumping up and dancing a hornpipe for joy.

  14. In fact all of them seemed to be of the one mind; and to think that it served the bossy millionaire about right to be ordered around a little, and made to dance a hornpipe at the dictation of the terror of the pine woods.

  15. Then came the most enthusiastic hornpipe that ever was seen, and Horatio was in the seventh Heaven of delight, when the door suddenly opened, and Mr. Prigg entered!

  16. The next step which Horatio took was what is called “The double shuffle,” which, I may inform my readers, is the step usually practised by the gentleman who imitates the sailor in the hornpipe on the stage.

  17. He intimated also to Jack that he must get up and go through his hornpipe again.

  18. Yet his must be a mind of no common order, or he would not dare to teach my dear father to dance a hornpipe on the cabin table.

  19. He's as nimble as a pony, and his hornpipe is the talk of the fleet!

  20. A deft musician does the breeze become Whenever an Æolian harp it finds; Hornpipe and hurdy-gurdy both are dumb Unto the most musicianly of winds.

  21. Withal he meant, by another part of his discourse, that she should be of a jovial country-like humour, as gay and pleasing as a harmonious hornpipe of Saulieau or Buzansay.

  22. Having finished this delicate little morsel the two bears rose on their hind legs and danced a hornpipe together--Tom Singleton playing the tune for them on a flute behind the scenes.

  23. That gentleman sprang from his desk to the middle of the room, turned a somersault, and began dancing a hornpipe on his head.

  24. Roland stood for a few moments, profound surprise on his face, and then began to execute a triumphant hornpipe amidst the desks and stools of the office.

  25. The last time the lot came to the station, the two young ones got upon the line to dance a hornpipe on the rails; so she has kept them by her, and is making Gerald and Tod look after them.

  26. To see them move their mouths and fingers, and peep from the corners of their eyes, was as good as almost any play without a hornpipe in it.

  27. I could dance a hornpipe with anybody, and forward I came to listen.

  28. A fine hornpipe he'll have to prove it," said Mr. Traquair.

  29. Heavy though the look of him might be, his feet were light; they flipped a bar of a hornpipe at a touch of the ground.

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