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Example sentences for "hugged"

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hugely; hugeness; hugenesse; hugeous; hugest; huggin; hugging; hugs; huia; huic
  1. Well, if you had only been there you would have laughed with joy, for she was so happy that she hugged him again and again.

  2. And it ran to Tom, and Tom ran to it, and they hugged and kissed each other for ever so long, they did not know why.

  3. She came to him, and was hugged in arms that almost set her gasping.

  4. It loved and hugged to itself its belief in forebodings and portents.

  5. Her tears were falling fast as she bent over the pale upturned face, even more beautiful still since Death had hugged him to its harsh bosom.

  6. Eve made a move to take the wretched animal away, but the boy promptly hugged it to his misshapen breast.

  7. Flinging Jim aside as though he were a baby, he hugged the drunken Will Henderson in his two great arms, and carried him bodily out of the saloon.

  8. And the next moment she would have clasped him in her arms, and hugged him to her bosom.

  9. The oldest of the party carried a great machete, and one of them closely hugged a bottle full of spirits.

  10. The professor promised to do what he could, and he was hugged and blessed and patted by the simple people.

  11. Mr. Dangerfield almost smiled one of his grim disconcerting smiles, and a cynical light played over his face; and the black monkey behind him grinned and hugged himself like his familiar.

  12. She came to herself very quickly, and hugged her Charlie with such a torrent of incoherent endearments, welcomes, and benedictions as I cannot at all undertake to describe.

  13. She hugged me and we sat in brooding silence.

  14. I knew that when I hugged him, his heart nearly burst, his was no cold, indifferent demeanor.

  15. She picked him up in her arms, and hugged and kissed him, then she encircled Garibaldi's neck and kissed her too.

  16. Lucia smiled in the dark and hugged him tight.

  17. Lucia's strong young arms lifted his little body out, and hugged and kissed him.

  18. And the brothers were much pleased; and they hugged their glittering treasures, and thanked Siegfried for his kindness, and for the fairness with which he had given to each his own.

  19. Even Matty was terrified, and hugged the great dog round the neck as she gazed on that awful-looking and repulsive creature.

  20. The Turks hugged the land, dropped anchor at night, and kept a sharp look-out.

  21. The "sultan's wives" hugged the chimney in her excitement and Captain Jane promptly deserted the battlements and slid down to reinforce the sultan who certainly looked lonesome.

  22. Chicken Little hugged her doll tighter and ignored these remarks.

  23. No card was enclosed, but evidently none was needed for Alice blushed rosy red at sight of the brown glove and hugged the package close as she carried it upstairs.

  24. Marian hugged her up tight and Jane found courage to whisper, "You haven't got anything blue on.

  25. She kissed the kitten, squeezed the cat, hugged the dog, and hugged the little goat, tied to his post in the clover yard and trying so hard to get free.

  26. But she hugged the soft, stuffed body of the Scarecrow in her arms instead of kissing his painted face, and found she was crying herself at this sorrowful parting from her loving comrades.

  27. Go on where false-promising friends hugged safety?

  28. Alexander sat on a stone bench, hugged his knees, and felt true love for the sight.

  29. They were not so old but that there was yet the young boy in them; he hugged himself over this cave of Robin Hood and swart magician.

  30. The friend hugged his knees and enjoyed it like a well-done play.

  31. Again the men hugged the ground, the rebels doing the same.

  32. The men hugged the ground closely, firing as rapidly as possible.

  33. Owen drew a big breath, as though he had to nerve himself to speak of these things to strangers; for he had hugged his troubles to his own breast these many years, and they had evidently become sensitive subjects with him.

  34. And I laughed and sniffed and patted and hugged the women in return, and nodded and called broken Belgian-English greeting to the men--to all but Sam.

  35. I exclaimed, as I hugged his arm against my breast.

  36. And as he hugged me close Peter reached out and grasped Sam's big hand that rested on his arm.

  37. Jim said nothing, but put his arm half round me and hugged me.

  38. Najib, in a frenzy of gratitude, as he hugged the treasured gift to his breast.

  39. Of course Pinky laughed then, and kissed her mother and hugged her hard.

  40. Three blurs hugged the sod walls around to the north-east corner.

  41. But Jim hugged the dog closer to him, as the small boy drew various treasures from his pockets.

  42. If there had been we should have heard the groan of a wounded man or seen the wheat stir as the Germans hugged closer to the earth for cover.

  43. The despised Belgian, that small boy who had tripped the giant and then hugged the giant's knees, delaying him on the road to Paris, was having a rest.

  44. It would interfere with, and perhaps defeat plans, which in blind passion he hugged to his heart.

  45. Hew him down, though he hugged the arms of the altar.

  46. In spite of herself Ann shivered and was glad when her mother hugged her reassuringly.

  47. She hugged Helen tight and patted her back as though her little sister were a kitten, but her own anxiety looked toward the sturdy, resourceful Jo.

  48. Home where the white magnolias bloom, Sweet with the bayberry's chaste perfume, Hugged by the woods and kissed by the sea!

  49. In trooped the whole family, and everyone was hugged and kissed all over again, and after several vain attempts, the three wanderers were set down to be looked at and exulted over.

  50. And Amy, the dignified, tumbled over a stool, and never stopping to get up, hugged and cried over her father's boots in the most touching manner.

  51. I felt a little low in my mind as I sat up in my room after tea, and when the big, muddy, battered-looking bundle was brought to me, I just hugged it and pranced.

  52. Neither said a word, but they hugged one another close, in spite of the blankets, and everything was forgiven and forgotten in one hearty kiss.

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