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  1. Heat the solution to boiling, and allow the precipitated ferric hydroxide to settle.

  2. This bottle should preferably have a rubber stopper, as the hydroxide solution attacks the glass of the ground joint of a glass stopper, and may cement the stopper to the bottle.

  3. Dissolve the hydroxide in water in a beaker.

  4. A sodium hydroxide solution (made from solid NaOH which has been exposed to the air) was titrated against a standard acid using methyl orange as an indicator, and was found to be exactly 0.

  5. Owing to the carelessness of the analyst's assistant, the sodium hydroxide solution was used with phenolphthalein as an indicator in cold solution in making the analyses.

  6. After the potassium hydroxide is approximately half consumed in the first bulb of the absorption apparatus, potassium bicarbonate is formed, and as it is much less soluble than the carbonate, it often precipitates.

  7. Note 5: The washings from the ferric hydroxide are acidified with nitric acid, before testing with silver nitrate, to destroy the ammonia which is a solvent of silver chloride.

  8. Add to the combined filtrates from the ferric hydroxide about 0.

  9. If the smell of ammonia has disappeared, again add ammonium hydroxide in slight excess, and 3 cc.

  10. The radical KO, derived from, and supposed to exist in, potassium hydroxide and other compounds.

  11. Sodium hydroxide solution can be instantly neutralized with any acid and for this reason is preferable.

  12. The chemical agents that are employed for the removal of verruca are notably nitric acid, acetic acid, monochloracetic acid, trichloracetic acid, nitrate of silver, sodium hydroxide and salicylic acid.

  13. Sodium hydroxide is used in these cases in a saturated solution.

  14. In the older process, still in extensive use, sodium carbonate is treated with calcium hydroxide suspended in water.

  15. After a short time the sodium carbonate is added to precipitate the other soluble salts of calcium and magnesium, together with any excess of calcium hydroxide which may have been added.

  16. This substance is prepared by dissolving the hydroxide in hydrochloric acid and evaporating to crystallization.

  17. When solutions of ferric salts are treated with ammonium hydroxide, ferric hydroxide is formed as a rusty-red precipitate, insoluble in water.

  18. The most important of the chromic series are the following: Chromic hydroxide Cr(OH){3}.

  19. A number of the salts of chromium are also used in the dyeing industry, for they hydrolyze like aluminium salts and the hydroxide forms a good mordant.

  20. The hydroxide prepared by treating a solution of a copper salt with sodium hydroxide is a light blue insoluble substance which easily loses water and changes into the oxide.

  21. This is due to the fact that chromic sulphide, like aluminium sulphide, hydrolyzes in the presence of water, forming chromic hydroxide and hydrosulphuric acid.

  22. Such waters may also be softened by the addition of sufficient lime or calcium hydroxide to convert the acid carbonate of calcium into the normal carbonate.

  23. This substance is obtained by neutralizing ammonium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid.

  24. Write the equations for the reactions between sodium hydroxide and bromine; between potassium hydroxide and iodine.

  25. The excess of the sodium hydroxide reverses the reaction of hydrolysis and the normal salt crystallizes out.

  26. After being weighed, it can be dissolved in a little sodium hydroxide and poured into the bottle.

  27. Caesium chloride, CsCl, is obtained by the direct action of chlorine on caesium, or by solution of the hydroxide in hydrochloric acid.

  28. Cadmium hydroxide, Cd(OH)2, is obtained as a white precipitate by adding potassium hydroxide to a solution of any soluble cadmium salt.

  29. Caesium sulphate, Cs2SO4, may be prepared by dissolving the hydroxide or carbonate in sulphuric acid.

  30. All experiments with potassium hydroxide in the form of sticks or in solution failed to give the desired results and the use of soda-lime has supplemented all other forms of carbon dioxide absorption.

  31. Aqueous alcohol becomes turbid when mixed with benzene, carbon disulphide or paraffin oil; when added to a solution of barium oxide in absolute alcohol, a white precipitate of barium hydroxide is formed.

  32. On standing with concentrated potassium hydroxide solution it gives potassium allantoate C4H7N4O4K.

  33. The chief natural compounds of aluminium are four in number: oxide, hydroxide (hydrated oxide), silicate and fluoride.

  34. A tenth normal solution of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), with phenol-phthalein as indicator, will be found the most convenient method of determining the total acid present.

  35. The solution is then titrated with potassium hydroxide (KOH), as well as another quantity of hydrochloric acid, equal to that used with the fulminate.

  36. N/2, N/4 or N/10 sodium hydroxide depending on the fatty acid content, using phenolphthalein as indicator.

  37. By deducting the amount of free alkali present as carbonate or hydroxide previously found the amount of combined alkali in the soap may be calculated.

  38. First--Determine the strength of the N/10 alcoholic sodium hydroxide in terms of N/10 hydrochloric acid and calculate the factor, e.

  39. The solution must be clear and the potassium hydroxide free from carbonates.

  40. This can be readily made by dissolving pure sodium hydroxide in its own weight of water (preferably water free from carbon dioxide) and allowing to settle until clear, or filtering through an asbestos or paper filter.

  41. In the filtrate remaining after having washed the fatty acids in the determination of total fatty and resin acids all the alkali present as soap, as carbonate and as hydroxide remains in solution as sulfate.

  42. Approximately N/10 alcoholic sodium hydroxide to fix and control the N/40 stearic acid.

  43. The alcohol should be redistilled from potassium hydroxide over which it has been standing for some time, or with which it has been boiled for some time, using a reflux condenser.

  44. The metal may be obtained by heating dry lithium hydroxide with magnesium (H.

  45. It forms a white caustic mass, resembling sodium hydroxide in appearance.

  46. Since hydrogen chloride and sodium hydroxide show practically the same tendency to ionize (tables, pp.

  47. In the hydroxide of glycocoll we have, consequently, both a moderately strong acid, and a moderately strong basic, group.

  48. The so-called "salt-effect" on the ionization of ammonium hydroxide may be illustrated in a similar way.

  49. If aluminium hydroxide were as strong an acid as it is a base, ‹i.

  50. In this solution we can best identify it, by converting the aluminate into an aluminium salt, by means of an excess of acid, [p196] and by a final precipitation of aluminium hydroxide with ammonium hydroxide.

  51. The co-enzyme is partially removed from yeast-juice by means of a colloidal solution of ferric hydroxide (Resenscheck).

  52. Thus calcium carbide and water give calcium hydroxide and acetylene, a hydro-carbon.

  53. Magnesium hydroxide is a white amorphous solid which is only slightly soluble in water; the solubility is, however, greatly increased by ammonium salts.

  54. Magnesium Oxide, magnesia, MgO, occurs native as the mineral periclase, and is formed when magnesium burns in air; it may also be prepared by the gentle ignition of the hydroxide or carbonate.

  55. ATACA'MITE, a combination of the hydroxide and chloride of copper, occurring abundantly in some parts of South America, as at Atacama, whence it has its name.

  56. N/10 sodium hydroxide to 50 cubic centimetres of sea-water).

  57. These tests were the following: (1) Boiling with an excess of potassium hydroxide gave a black substance (tauromelanic acid).

  58. Potassium hydroxide added to an alcoholic solution gave at first a deep red color accompanied by a green fluorescence which disappeared, leaving a yellow liquid.

  59. An ammoniacal solution of copper hydroxide (Schweizer's reagent), has comparatively little action in the cold, but when hot it dissolves wool fairly readily.

  60. The caustic alkalies; sodium hydroxide, NaOH, or potassium hydroxide KOH, have a most deleterious action on wool.

  61. The caustic alkalies are strong alkalies which have a powerful corrosive action on the skin, and the common ones are potassic hydroxide or caustic potash, sodic hydroxide or caustic soda, and lithic hydroxide.

  62. Other alkalies are calcic hydroxide or slaked lime, a solution of which in water is known as lime-water; baric hydroxide and strontic hydroxide, derived from the metals barium and strontium.

  63. The lead takes up water and oxygen and forms a basic hydroxide of lead.

  64. Carbon dioxide gas is next pumped slowly through the cylinders which contain the basic hydroxide of lead.

  65. Salzberger[527] isolated it from powdered hellebore roots by treating the powder with barium hydroxide and water, and extracting with ether.

  66. The lead hydroxide is dried and tested direct for picrotoxin; if it does contain picrotoxin then on adding to it concentrated H{2}SO{4} a beautiful saffron yellow is produced as bright as if the substance was pure picrotoxin.

  67. These results point to the conclusion that the iso-diazo hydroxide is a tautomeric substance.

  68. H On adding the alkaline hydroxide to the solution, this hydrate is supposed to lose water, yielding the syn-diazo hydroxide, which then gives rise to a certain amount of the sodium salt (A.

  69. This behaviour is explained by considering the non-ionized part of the diazonium hydroxide to exist in solution in a hydrated form, the equation of equilibrium being: C6H5.

  70. The potassium salt of the iso-diazo hydroxide yields on methylation a nitrogen ether, R.

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