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Example sentences for "imaginings"

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imagines; imagineth; imaging; imaginibus; imagining; imago; imagos; imamate; imams; imaum
  1. It may seem absurd to some in this cool and calculating twentieth century that any one should indulge in such vain imaginings as I have described--and yet, why not?

  2. Were a man to ponder in his heart he would, free of all attachment to the world, hasten unto the Most Great Light and would purge and purify himself from the dust of vain imaginings and the smoke of idle fancy.

  3. By holding fast unto names they deprive themselves of the inner reality and by clinging to vain imaginings they are kept back from the Dayspring of heavenly signs.

  4. They worship vain imaginings but know it not.

  5. Blessed art thou inasmuch as the darkness of vain imaginings hath been powerless to hinder thee from the light of certitude, and the onslaught of the people hath failed to deter thee from the Lord of mankind.

  6. He knoweth the reality of victory and hath taught it to you with an utterance that the vain imaginings of them that rove distraught in the wilderness of doubt can never corrupt.

  7. I earnestly beseech God that He may protect and purge the people of Bahá from the idle fancies and corrupt imaginings of the followers of the former Faith.

  8. Fear ye God and abandon vain imaginings to the begetters thereof and leave superstitions to the devisers thereof and misgivings to the breeders thereof.

  9. Vain imaginings have withheld them from Him Who is the Self-Subsisting.

  10. Cast away that which ye have put together with the hands of idle fancy and vain imaginings and take fast hold of the Book of God which hath been sent down by virtue of His all-compelling and inviolable authority.

  11. They are clinging to and have enmeshed themselves in the vain imaginings of the foolish.

  12. Well is it with thee inasmuch as thou hast forsaken idle imaginings and taken fast hold of the Cord of God that no man can sever.

  13. We are quit of those ignorant ones who fondly imagine that Wisdom is to give vent to one’s idle imaginings and to repudiate God, the Lord of all men; even as We hear some of the heedless voicing such assertions today.

  14. The foundations of idle fancies have trembled, and the heaven of vain imaginings hath been cleft asunder, and yet the people are in doubt and in contention with Him.

  15. The Manticora is one of the strange imaginings of our forefathers.

  16. The Vampyre was another of the strange imaginings of our forefathers.

  17. Thus aimlessly wandering, the remembrance of his young Utopian imaginings came back to him to mock him.

  18. For the myth, as fable only, has no place for the crude fancies and grotesque imaginings of barbarous races of the present day, and of races at low levels of culture in the remote past.

  19. In her mind things that were different from the routine of her life and that belonged to the secret imaginings that had once filled her days were immoral.

  20. They seek refuge and consolation within their own states of mind, their own imaginings and wishes, which they compliment by calling both more real and more ideal than the despised outer world.

  21. He worked so well that he could afford to dream too; and his excursions and his imaginings alike took wide and wider sweeps; while for both, ever in the near or far distance, lay the harbour, the nest of his home.

  22. Such imaginings may be--nay must be unhealthy for those who will not attempt the right in the face of loss and pain and shame; but to those who labour in the direction of their own ideal, dreams will do no hurt, but foster rather the ideal.

  23. Yet in his wildest dreams—in his most fanciful imaginings of what he would like to do to Jacob Gray, he had fallen short of the scene of horror and blood he had that night gone through.

  24. It is not hypocrisy to conceal the desires or imaginings which one would never act upon.

  25. Seated on the floor of his cell, he rapidly fell into a state of semi-stupor as these sombre imaginings coursed through his brain, sometimes slowly and with saddest procession, at other times with almost delirious haste.

  26. To him all men were valiant and all women fair and good, and the wife and child of Runjeet Singh, the Lion of the Punjaub, were invested in his fond imaginings with ideal excellence.

  27. Such too were the joyful surmisings of a restoration, such the imaginings of "That bright eternal day Of which we priests and poets say Such truths as we expect for happy men.

  28. Intoxication steeps you in fantastic imaginings every whit as strange as those of ecstatics.

  29. Yet he watched, doubting still, though his reason rebelled at the monstrous imaginings of his heart.

  30. In the middle of the twelfth century Peter the Venerable contented himself with studying the Talmud and holding up to contempt some of the wild imaginings which abound in that curious compound of the sublime and the ridiculous.

  31. What days of rich imaginings these were that now came for Gaveston in this Lenten term!

  32. What a day of rich and original imaginings it had been!

  33. He has a good grasp of the subject of hysterical double personality, giving some excellent examples, but postulates a transition from the imaginings of the hysteric to the revelations of the spirit world.

  34. Unmoving, the young man stood and gazed at her; and so vivid had his imaginings become that his stare was touched with no greeting, no recognition even.

  35. Yet so real were his imaginings to the young man, so reactionary seemed even the thought of a Novel of Warning, that an unmistakable defiance had tinged his voice as he spoke.

  36. These imaginings always took the same form, and on this night at Paradise she began the old childish-womanly game again when she saw sleep would not come.

  37. He would plan that too, till sometimes his vivid imaginings would for a few moments almost deceive himself, and he would realise, with a pang whose sharpness turned him sick and banished sleep, that it was all only the pretence of a child.

  38. A subsequent revival of these imaginings was brought about by Britten's luck in getting, through a friend of his father's, admission for us both to the spectacle of volunteer officers fighting the war game in Caxton Hall.

  39. He never thought, but only followed imaginings in his heart.

  40. In all my earlier imaginings of statecraft I had tacitly assumed either that the relations of the sexes were all right or that anyhow they didn't concern the state.

  41. What the Reader looked to throughout, was the human element in his imaginings when they were to be impersonated.

  42. Charles Dickens certainly spared none to his Readings in his conscientious endeavour to give his own imaginings visible and audible embodiment.

  43. She reveled in those imaginings which clustered in the dim shades of the cloister, in an ecstasy of luxurious enjoyment.

  44. Why," said he, "does my brother the Duke of Burgundy give way to evil imaginings against me?

  45. But also dark imaginings And mornings Bleak and gray Are strewn among The misty hoard Which time Has struggled to displace And bury 'Neath a tranquil sea.

  46. The inclusion of an idol in one's imaginings could result in nothing short of disappointment, and is therefore a cruel waste of time.

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